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Here you can book your vacation with a motorhome. When it comes to motorhome trips to other countries, you are usually looking for motorhome rental companies who are not far from the airport. Many offer a shuttle to their stations. Alternatively, it is also an option to rent a room at the place of arrival before starting the motorhome trip. Then you can look at the city in peace. Public transportation is mostly good in these places. This also gives you enough time to buy groceries and whatever else you need for the motorhome trip. The motorhome trip can then start well planned. V>

Rent campers in Germany

It looks different when you want to rent a motorhome in Germany. Getting to one of the stations near airports and large cities is often quite a hassle. Therefore, one is more likely to look for mobile home rental companies who offer their vehicles in the vicinity of the place of residence. The Campanda offer is well suited for this. There you can book motorhomes in your area. Just enter your place of residence in the search. Then the system suggests the places in your area where campers are currently available.

You will find the best offers if you book early. Many providers are private individuals who rent out their motorhomes when they are not traveling themselves. Therefore the choice is limited. So if you want to take over a motorhome as close as possible to your place of residence, it pays to be quick when booking.



Travel by motorhome

Motorhome trips are trendy. You are out and about in nature. You can enjoy outdoor life. You always have your accommodation with you and spend a lot of time in the fresh air. Experience the mountains, forests, the sea or lake and river landscapes up close. Enjoy the feeling of freedom that a vacation with the motorhome offers you. At Campanda you can rent motorhomes in the big cities near airports as well as in places very close to you.

You should know that for motorhome trips

However, there are also a few things you should know. There are a few things to consider, especially if you have never taken a vacation with your motorhome. You are not allowed to spend the night with the motorhome everywhere. There are also regulations as to where and for how long you can park in the city. Spending the night in the great outdoors with the motorhome is also not allowed. Even if you rent a large motorhome, the space in it is limited.

Therefore, what food you pack plays a big role. You only have a few hotplates available for cooking. It is therefore worth planning your meal before you travel. The weight of the motorhome is also important. The permissible total weight must not be exceeded. Here, too, it pays to think carefully about what to take with you on your trip. Our packing list (see below) helps you to pack the right things and not forget anything.

Here you will find our tips what you should know as a newcomer to motorhome travel:


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