USA travel tips to enjoy

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New York city skyline

USA travel tips to enjoy

With these USA travel tips to savor you can make your trip through the USA a trip to enjoy. This will make your Miami and Florida trip a pleasure. You will experience New York from its beautiful side. You will also discover the beaches in California. Or do you prefer the beaches in New England? In any case, there is a lot to discover and enjoy.


New York City Pass

Why a New York City Pass is useful

The New York City Pass is a convenient ticket. You can buy a New York City Pass as a tourist if you want to explore the sights in New York City. This pass gives you access to a variety of attractions, museums, observation decks and even city tours. You pay for...
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Luxury lodge on a lake in New Hampshire, New England

A luxury lodge in New Hampshire Meredith, New Hampshire is where the Harley meet takes place. However, as soon as we turn onto the town's main street, we find ourselves immediately in the middle of a line of Harley Davidson drivers. Their motorbikes surround us with their dull hum that you surely know. It is the ...
Cowboy beans from the Dutch oven

Cowboy beans like in the USA

There is hardly any other dish that is so associated with the life of the cowboys as the cowboy beans from the Dutch Oven. They didn't even know the dish that is named after them today in this form. They usually had a covered wagon with them, in which the ...
Fleeing moose

When do you see moose in New England?

When do you see moose in New England? Anyone who has ever been to the USA or Canada knows that. You've heard a lot about the fact that you can always see moose when driving through the country. Only when driving through the moose regions of North America do the animals want to ...
American flag

American flag - symbol and part of American life

What the American Flag Means in the USA The American flag has a very different meaning for "the American" than the German flag for "the German" or the French flag for "the Frenchman". Different meaning of the flag for Europeans and Americans In Germany, the flag was first used in football ...
fear of flying

Overcome fear of flying - Here's how

Fear of flying as an obstacle to travel experiences Do you also have family members who would never board a plane simply because they are too afraid of flying? My father was one of them. He was fascinated by flying and everything that had to do with it. I can still remember how he used to...
The perfect steak from the gas grill

A perfect steak from the gas grill

A perfect steak from the gas grill like in the Wild West - grill recipe for the gas grill What would a barbecue be without a perfect steak from the gas grill? And yes, this is also one of our gas grill recipes for beginners. For your grilled steak to turn out well, all you need is good meat, salt and pepper. This meat gets...
New York city skyline

New York Sights that are different

Latest New York Sights Experience New York City Sights! With the latest the city has to offer. The capital of New York has some wonderful sights that you shouldn't miss. A Tour of the City There are countless ways to enjoy the cityscapes of New York. This ...
Popcorn like in the US

Make popcorn yourself like in the USA

Make popcorn yourself like in the USA We made many friends on our travels through the USA and Canada. During our visits we learned that popcorn plays an important role in their everyday life. If acquaintances are guests, you sit down together in the living room. In addition, one likes to put nibbles on the ...
Horse-drawn carriages at Central Park in New York © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline

Activities in New York for children

What to do with kids in New York Visiting a big city is no easy feat when you have kids with you. The trick is to entertain the offspring on the one hand and make them tired on the other. New York City has plenty to offer its willing visitors ...


USA Travel Tips: Means of Transport for an Unforgettable Trip

The United States offers a wealth of attractions for connoisseurs to explore on their trip. Whether it's exploring the cultural highlights of New York or enjoying the gastronomic delicacies of San Francisco, choosing the right mode of transportation can make all the difference to the travel experience. Here are some USA travel tips on how best to travel between cities:


The USA has an extensive rail network operated by Amtrak. The east coast in particular is an excellent place to travel by train. This is one of the USA travel tips that I tried myself: Trains like the Acela Express connect cities like Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York and Boston quickly and comfortably. Connoisseurs have the opportunity to drive relaxed through picturesque landscapes and enjoy comfortable seating and dining cars.


USA travel tips for everyone who wants to save money: Long-distance buses are also a cost-effective alternative. Companies like Greyhound and Megabus offer numerous routes across the country. Bus journeys can take longer but often provide a direct connection between large centers and smaller towns.

Domestic flights:

For longer distances, domestic flights are the fastest option. The USA has numerous airlines covering a wide range of destinations. For example, flights are ideal for connoisseurs who want to save time and visit several cities.

A well-planned trip with the right means of transport makes it possible to discover the culinary and cultural highlights of the USA without stress. Each mode of transport offers its own advantages and makes the journey part of the adventure.

Is the USA a safe travel destination?

The USA is generally considered safe for travelers. There are many USA travel tips for this. Find extensive Safety tips for USA travelers in this blog post, for example. It is definitely advisable to find out about local conditions and safety measures. In big cities, travelers should take care of their valuables and avoid crowded places. Nature reserves and rural regions are generally very safe, but here too it is important to adhere to common safety instructions. Good preparation and obtaining up-to-date information from local authorities or travel guides will go a long way toward ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip in the United States. 


USA travel tips
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USA travel tips to enjoy

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