USA travel tips for connoisseurs

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USA travel and travel tips


USA travel tips
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USA travel tips for connoisseurs

With these USA travel tips you can make your trip through the USA a pleasure experience. This will make your Miami and Florida trip a pleasure. You will also experience New York from its beautiful side. You will also discover the beaches in California. Or do you prefer the beaches in New England? In any case, there is a lot to discover and enjoy.


Shells on Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island, Florida - This island is all about shells

Florida Sanibel Island is the island of shells Anyone visiting Sanibel Island in Florida cannot avoid the subject of shells. The Sanibel Island Florida Beaches are a treasure trove for shell collectors. You can find mussels everywhere: on the beach, in the souvenir shop, in the restaurant and even in the museum. Mussels are that ...
Villa in Miami Beach

Experience Miami attractions by boat

See Miami Sights by Boat There are many ways to see Miami sights. One of them is to do this by boat. This Miami boat tour, however, is different! 25 degrees Celsius in early January, a bright blue sky and a gentle breeze. This is the weather that we have in December...
Chocolate crinkle cookies

Chocolate crinkle cookies

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies This year we are introducing you to a few simple recipes for American Christmas cookies. The cookies go perfectly with our regional cuisine around the world. They are also easy to make. But they taste even better. The fact that Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are attributed to Betty Crocker is actually not correct...
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Canva

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Best Cookies ever

American Chocolate Chip Cookies For me, Best Chocolate Chip Cookies are the best Christmas cookies I know. Why? They bring back fond memories of my research year spent in Canada. I had a research grant that allowed me to stay there. The money I received monthly was enough to live on...
Family hotels in Miami Beach

The family hotels in Miami Beach, Florida - they still exist

Hotels in Miami Beach on Collins Avenue in South Beach The hotels in Miami Beach on Collins Avenue are usually outside the party region of South Beach. They were once the kind of hotels that were typical of Miami Beach - back thirty years ago when it was mostly...
Crow Wildlife Center on Sanibel Island

The turtle sanctuary on Sanibel Island, Florida

The turtle sanctuary on Sanibel Island Animal Welfare in the USA is an individual matter! They take this very seriously on Sanibel Island. Not only that the bird sanctuary - the "Ding" Darling Wildlife Refuge goes back to the initiative of a man, namely the cartoonist "Ding" Darling. No, near ...
The Pewter Shop

Rockport, fishing village in Massachusetts

Why We Like Massachusetts Rockport! I've wanted to introduce you to this fishing village in Massachusetts for a long time. After all, we were often out and about in and around Boston. We are fascinated by New England with its pretty little towns with the white church spiers, but also with the cute houses in Queen Anne style. Join in ...
On the Merced River

On tour through California's cities

Discover California's cities A variety of places make a tour through California's cities an experience. These include megacities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego as well as small towns. In them life takes place around the marketplace. However, if you are looking for vibrant life with restaurants and nightclubs, California’s ...
The Flume

Covered Bridges: romantic New England

New England covered bridges have a touch of the past. They spread charm that brings back memories. One almost expects that instead of the cars and bicycles that pass them, horse-drawn carriages bump over their wooden planks. The covered bridges of New England. Covered Bridges are one of the attractions New England ...
The Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline

Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont

Breakfast with Sam von Trapp in the von Trapp Restaurant "Fresh chicken eggs from our farm", with these words Sam von Trapp welcomes us to our breakfast in the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont. Sam is a member of the real von Trapp family and one of the heirs of the Sound of Music Hotels...


USA travel tips
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USA travel tips for connoisseurs

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