Holidays in Austria with hiking for slow travelers


Holidays in Austria with hiking for slow travelers

Anyone who knows us knows that we don't like hikes that go uphill. The hikes shouldn't be strenuous. Instead, we are looking for hiking trails that anyone can do. The hikes should promise enjoyment. Offer beautiful prospects. They should be interesting. For us, hiking on holiday in Austria means hiking with enjoyment in landscapes that we like. These can be hikes along rivers or lakes. We like hiking through the moor. We also like walks to mountain meadows when the spring blooms. Or herbal hikes, during which we learn something about the flora of the mountains.



Hike through the Pesenbachtal

Summer hike through the Pesenbachtal You should know this before a hike through the Pesenbachtal: The hike is partly alpine in character. Therefore, surefootedness, footwear for mountain trails and fitness are necessary. Starting point: Bad Mühllacken. Parking spaces are available at the Waldbad. Refreshments: the Schlagerwirt (behind the Schlagerhütte - a shelter - a path branches off to ...
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Why hiking socks

Why wear hiking socks?

Why hiking socks? Hiking is trendy. Exercising in nature is popular. However, there are a few things to consider for beginners. "Why wear hiking socks?" you will ask yourself. "Don't socks that I knitted myself also do it?" If you wear socks for hikers, you will quickly notice that these are one ...
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The autumn sun shines through the birches

Blockheide Gmünd - a hike in the Waldviertel

Hiking in the Waldviertel I am almost waiting to see trolls behind the next block of granite, the mysterious region of the heath. The landscape of the Blockheide Gmünd in the Waldviertel in Lower Austria with its lakes and ponds, the stacked Granti blocks and the forest that we saw on our way ...
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What you need for a hike

  • What do you need for your hike? In our Packing list hiking you can check what you need for your tour.
  • Good hiking boots are a must with every hike. Only then can you enjoy your hike.
  • What you need for a day of hiking, you can do in one backpack pack. You can also use one in it Brotzeit, Yours Lunch box and accommodate everything you need for your day trip.

    Holidays in Austria hiking
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    Holidays in Austria with hiking for slow travelers
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