Monschauer mustard from the historic mustard mill in Monschau


Monschauer mustard in the treasure chest
Monschauer mustard in the treasure chest


We had no idea how many different types of mustard there are before visiting the historic mustard mill in Monschau. What we have known so far has been hot, medium-hot and sweet mustard, and mustards that are named after their place of origin, such as Dijon mustard. We only learned that there can be mustard that tastes of apple horseradish, English curry, orange, tomato, honey poppy, currant, fig or ginger when we got to know the Monschau mustard. The Monschauer Senfmüller family Breuer has developed a true treasure chest of Monschau mustard in a wide variety of flavors in its more than one hundred years of tradition as a mustard manufacturer, which is not limited to the usual side dish of meat or fish or the ingredient in soups and sauces. In the mustard shop of the mustard mill we also discover mustard chocolates, mustard fruits, Eifel "mustard château", mustard mojo and mustardaioli. This is where mustard lovers can get ideas for wonderful recipes that we can taste in the neighboring Schnabuleum restaurant, which is also run by the Breuer family. Monschau mustard can be found in every dish there: in the starter, the main course and even in the dessert we find mustard or mustard seeds. And it tastes delicious!


Mustard pralines with Monschauer mustard
Mustard pralines with Monschauer mustard


The 21 mustard varieties from Monschauer mustard and what they fit

  1. Monschauer Ur-Mustard fits all meals - a classic.
  2. Garlic mustard can be used for salad dressings, but also for beef, lamb and mutton.
  3. Estragon mustard Perfect for rubbing meat, fish or chicken. Even a sauce Béarnaise can be fine with it.
  4. Chili mustard is spicy, as you would expect, and goes well with meat, poultry and sausages from the pan or on the grill or to taste salads, sauces and soups.
  5. Green pepper mustard Fits as a dressing basis for spicy meat and vegetable salads. Mustard butter can also be seasoned with it.
  6. Mustard Old German Art is ground with white and red wine and seasoned with cinnamon, anise and coriander. It goes well with game and Sauerbraten or spicy cheese.
  7. Apple-horseradish mustard mixed with cream goes well with Tafelspitz or fish.
  8. English curry mustard Suitable for mustard butter or a cream sauce to light meats, poultry, eggs, cheese and vegetables.
  9. Mustard Silesian species is seasoned with caraway and goes well with sausage, cheese, stews, cabbage, sauerkraut and potato salad.
  10. Lime mustard is refreshing and goes well with sauces, eg as Hollandaise over cauliflower, asparagus or as mustard butter to fish.
  11. Orange Mustard is wonderfully fruity and is suitable for fine poultry or in a salad.
  12. Tomatoes and mustard is a great taste additive in soups, stews, pasta, pies or meat fillings.
  13. Honey and poppy seed mustard is a sweet-and-sour mustard and goes well with salmon, white sausage and smoked pork but also with salads.
  14. Currant mustard It is spicy and goes well with game and meat dishes, matjes and fish salads, duck breast, pheasant and grilled Camembert.
  15. FIG mustard - our favorite food - is ideal for poultry, pork and lamb, fondue sauces and especially for cheese.
  16. Riesling mustard is noble and fiery and goes well with cream sauces for light meat, fish or poultry.
  17. Wild herb mustard with wild garlic It's coarse, rustic and spicy, and great for a mustard crust for meat, fish and poultry dishes. It goes well with dishes from the Römertopf as well as with cheese, sausage or ham.
  18. Ginger mustard with pineapple and banana is slightly spicy and spicy-fresh. It fits best with soups, sauces and dips and with lamb, poultry and beef. Also for vegetables, fish and seafood or for dessert, this mustard variety.
  19. Kaiser mustard is a coarsely cut rotisseur mustard that is good for marinades and seasoning grilled meats.
  20. Organic herbal mustard is strong in taste and goes well with hearty and fine cuisine.
  21. Best Beer Mustard is the latest creation of the historic mustard mill and fits with its malty sweet taste to hearty, as Saucensenf, but is also delicious to cheese.

If you need even more suggestions on what you can cook with these great types of mustard, you can find them in the cookbook of the historic mustard mill: "Delicious cooking with mustard" (ISBN: 978-3-923632-05-3).


Monschau mustard
Monschau mustard


A typical recipe from this is the

Eifel potato soup with Monschauer mustard

Ingredients for 6 persons

2,5 kg of potatoes
200 g lean, smoked bacon
two onions
1 EL butter lard
1 l meat broth (also instant)
0,5 l milk
Salt, pepper from the mill,
grated nutmeg, marjoram
1 rod leek
2 bay leaves
two gloves of garlic
1 bunch of parsley
3 EL Moutarde de Montjoie
6 sausage or a wreath Lyoner sausage diced


Mustard cream soup - pure enjoyment
Mustard cream soup - pure enjoyment



Sweat the bacon cubes into buttered lard, briefly chop the chopped onions, leek slices and finely chopped garlic, add the coarsely diced potatoes, fill with hot broth and milk, salt, pepper and cook for approx. 30 min. Cook until soft. Tasting with Moutarde de Montjoie GARLIC, nutmeg and marjoram. This soup can also be whisked and passed. Maybe make some more creamy with some liquid. In the pan and garlic butter, roasted bread croutons, sausages or cubed Lyon sausage serve as an insert.

Source: "Delicious cooking with mustard", we thank for the permission to publish.

A visit to the historic mustard mill is an experience for every connoisseur: in the mill you can learn about the production of mustard, taste the right wines in the Weinkontor and then enjoy delicious dishes with mustard in the restaurant Schnabuleum.

Here is our collected tips on how to enjoy the Eifel can.

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