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Four exceptional hotels in the north of Holland

Schlosshotel Duin en Kruidberg - four extraordinary hotels in the north of Holland
Hotels in the north of Holland - Schlosshotel Duin en Kruidberg

Four exceptional hotels in the north of Holland

On our spring trip to the tulips, we met four very different hotels in the north of Holland. Each one of them already promises a very special experience. One thing was common to all of them. They offer an interesting history and an overnight stay that is worth a trip by itself. These four extraordinary hotels in the north of Holland are presented here:

The Landgoed Duin and Kruidberg in Santpoort-Noord

Only a few kilometers from Keukenhof away is the Landgoed Duin en Kruidberg. It is located in a well-kept park area near Santpoort-Noord in the National Park Zuid Kennemerland. On our arrival we pass a large paddock on which noble thoroughbreds enjoy the fresh spring grass.

We sleep as if on clouds in our comfortable bed in the castle hotel

History in the estate

The Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg goes back centuries in its history. It originated when the estates Duin & Berg and Kruidberg were put together. 1682 bought King-governor Willem III the estate Kruidberg, which he used mainly as a hunting good. 1895 bought Jacob Theodor Cremer the estate. He expanded it to the then largest home of his time in the Netherlands. 1909 has been completed. His Irish wife made house and park in the English style. She wanted to quench her homesickness for the green island. To this day it exudes - together with the surrounding park - the charm of an English country house.

In 1961 the Cremers sold the estate to the "Dutch trading company". They used it as a vacation spot for their employees. The Landgut Duin en Kruidberg has been owned by ABN Amro Bank since 1993, which it uses as a conference and training center. The building has also been open to the public since 2002. It is used as a hotel and event center. Gourmets get their money's worth in the De vrienden van Jacob restaurant (one Michelin star) as well as in the DenK brasserie and the trendy lounge bar.

Brasserie DenK
Delicious! The dinner in the Brasserie DenK

We are accommodated in one of the individually and tastefully furnished rooms in the castle part of the hotel. From there we have a wonderful view of the park with its pond. On this we observe waterfowl watching a lonely morning athlete doing his Tai Chi exercises in the dewy grass in the morning silence.

Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg
Duin en Kruidbergerweg 60
2071 LE Santpoort
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Fort Resort Beemster
Hotels in the North of Holland - a bunker from the First World War at Fort Resort Beemster

Fort Resort Beemster in Zuidoostbeemster

Quite different is our next accommodation. This time we sleep in a 100 year old fort that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage of the Netherlands. In the chambers, where once the soldiers were accommodated on bunks, today enjoyable travelers and spa lovers sleep. The architect Osiris Hertman managed in this 2012 opened luxury and spa hotel an impressive balancing act, a depressing-looking military building from the First World War with a lot of flair to miss a feel-good atmosphere.

We approach from the village of Volendam about ten kilometers away over the polder landscape of North Holland. We do not recognize the fort until we are directly in front of it, although we are already orbiting it on the approach. To this day, it is well protected from view in a small grove in the middle of the dry moorland, which are always below sea level in these regions of Holland. The fortress is surrounded by a moat, which gives the gray facade something light. The wide-open, green-painted wooden entrance doors in the reception area and in front of the individual rooms, all of which have access to the outside, contribute to this.

Room at Fort Resort Beemster
Hotels in the North of Holland Rooms at the Fort Resort Beemster

Stay overnight in the bunker

The rooms themselves are equipped with comfortable beds, but rather sparse. In one corner is a small sitting area, in the other a sofa. Our room is so big that the furniture almost gets lost in it. The bathroom is located behind a concrete wall with open access and offers with its modern bathroom facilities a pleasant wellness area in our room.

The entire basement of Fort Resort Beemster is equipped with a large spa area, which is apparently used by the people from the area, because when we wake up after our night in the bunker the next morning, the parking lot in front of the hotel, on The evening before was full to the last place, quite orphaned. Apparently, most of the guests we encountered when we arrived were day and restaurant guests.

Sparkling dinner
So the dinner starts tingling

Eat well in the bunker

Fort Resort Beemster offers its guests two restaurants: one in the upper hotel wing, which serves regional ingredients in international and regional cuisine. The second restaurant is located in the wellness area of ​​the hotel, where small dishes as well as multi-course meals are offered.

View from the room
View from our room door

The quiet location of Fort Resort Beemster amidst green lawns ensures a peaceful night's sleep, which is enhanced by the thick walls of the fort. No sound penetrates from the outside to us. As I wake up in the morning, I look out the little windows at the windblown deciduous trees in front of our room and watch a heron try to pull a fish out of the moat that surrounds the fort. A more peaceful use of a building once built for defense during the war was hard to find.

Fort Resort Beemster
Nekkerweg 24
1461 LC Zuidoostbeemster
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Excursion tips from Fort Resort Beemster

Art Hotel Spaander
Hotels in the North of Holland - Facade of the art Hotel Spaander in Volendam

Art Hotel Spaander in Volendam

In the third hotel, which we want to introduce to you, we did not spend the night, but (only) had lunch. The public spaces of the hotel, with its many paintings, the Delft tiles and the antiques that adorned every nook and cranny, made us curious, and we gladly accepted the landlady's invitation, which showed us some of the hotel's rooms. Incidentally, this was the only hotel on our trip from which we had an unobstructed view of the IJsselmeer. All others were either separated by dunes or a dike from the sea or - like Fort Resort Beemster - in the middle of the polder landscape of the region.

Painting in the style Hotel Spaander
Painting in the style Hotel Spaander in Volendam

Dutch masters in the inn

The Art Hotel Spaander is located in the town of Volendam, which is one of the tourist centers of the region and attracts numerous visitors from all over the world. On the side facing the countryside, the hotel offers access to the pedestrian area that winds its way along the dike, where many visitors to the souvenir shops in the spring can already see what sells the clichés, the circulating over Holland, so have to offer: wooden shoes, blue and white porcelain or tiles and cheap painting copies of old Dutch masters. On the sea-facing side, however, you can look across the expanse of the IJsselmeer to the horizon, and for the first time on our journey, we really realize that we are here near the sea.

Fresh fish
Fresh fish for lunch

This is where you come from because of the design, not because of the food

After a lunch consisting of fish, chips and dry toast, in which we are more concerned with the pictures on the wall and the lavish and overwhelming decor of the bar than with the food on the plate in front of us, we climb the narrow staircase From the hostel up to the old part of the house, where Marjon Kooyman, the landlady, leads us to the oldest room in the hotel. You are looking for a TV in vain. But the guest sleeps here in one of the wooden bunks, which are more reminiscent of a ship's cabin than of a bedroom.

As we discover later in the Zuiderzee Museum, the people of the region have gone far into the 20. Slept in such bunks in the 19th century. Next to the bed, a cauldron hangs from a blue and white (how could it be otherwise) tiles on a metal scaffolding, where the guest could brew his morning tea if he wanted to. She is comfortable, this room - and she certainly offers the guest who sleeps in it a very special experience.

Not afraid of ghosts
Hotels in the North of Holland Do not be afraid of ghosts

Not afraid of ghosts

"One shouldn't be afraid of ghosts," Marjon Kooyman nods to us with a wink and says: "There are actually guests who want to have seen them." So not for the faint of heart, I think to myself. The guest does not have to do without a shower in this room. If you want something a little more modern, you can have a room in one of the more modern hotel sections instead. There you sleep in comfortable beds in bright rooms, the windows of which overlook the sea. Away from the hustle and bustle in the pedestrian zone, you can only hear the sound of the almost constantly blowing wind or the waves hitting the shore. Certainly a pleasant way to spend the night.

Modern rooms
Hotels in the North of Holland How to sleep in modern rooms at art Hotel Spaander

A big advantage of the art Hotel Spaander is that you can quickly reach the prettiest villages in the region - Edam, Monnikendam and, of course, Volendam itself. The perfect location for those who want to explore this area of ​​North Holland.

Art Hotel Spaander
Haven 15-19
1131 EP Volendam
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Restinn Oosterleek
Hotels in the north of Holland - Small and functional: the little houses in Restinn Oosterleek

Sleep behind the dike in Restinn in Oosterleek

The last accommodation we want to introduce to you is not actually a hotel. We spend the night in Oosterleek with a direct view of the dike, which rises several meters above us. Before that, one of the many canals runs past the terrace of our little house where we spend the night. A small sandbar slides out into the canal, where the goats, their chickens, and a pony perform funny and entertaining capers.

Right behind the dike
In Restinn Oosterleek we live directly behind the dike with a view of goats

What are restinns?

There are several Restinns in North Holland. These are simple country cottages, often located on farms, nestled in the countryside of Holland. Here we can - if we go up on the dike - over the expanse of the Markermeer view or, if we turn around, look over the wide fields and tulip growing areas inland. Fine restaurants, bustle or evening entertainment are here in vain. What you find here is peace - and in excess! As soon as the sun sinks behind the dike, the goats, chickens and the pony disappear into their shelter and only come out again when the sun rises over the dike the next morning. A life close to nature.

In Restin Oosterleek
So you sleep in Restinn Oosterleek

Here you go to bed with the chickens

Our cottage, which is framed like an inverted V by two terraces, contains everything we need for an overnight stay. Although the mattresses could be a little more comfortable, we sleep the sleep of the righteous, for we too go to bed with the chickens. Somehow it does not seem fitting that we turn on the TV, even though it is there. Wi-Fi is also available, but so slow that it is not worthwhile to work. And so we enjoy a long and quiet night in our private house until we are awakened the next morning by the rays of the sun rising slowly over the dike.

Bath in Restinn Oosterleek
The bathroom in Restinn Oosterleek

We have a private bathroom with shower and sink, which reminds a bit of bathrooms in RVs, only that it is larger than that. There are all the facilities that we expect from modern accommodation: simple but practical and functional.

Breakfast in Restinn Oosterleek
Our breakfast in Restinn Oosterleek

Breakfast at the bed complacent?

Interesting is the next morning our breakfast. This is brought to us by our landlady in the cool box - complete, with waxy eggs, fresh toast, croissant, Dutch cheese, sausage and jams. Only the coffee we have to brew ourselves in the coffee machine, which is available in our house.

The Markermeer behind the dike

If you are looking for absolute peace and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, for the rest of the night is perhaps an alternative. By the way, for families with children Restinns are not intended, as each of the cottages only two beds and no space for larger families offers. Our conclusion: an unusual but impressive experience, once so close to nature.

Restinn Oosterleek
Zuijderdijk 31
1609 MT Oosterleek
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On our trip through North Holland we tried out the most varied accommodations, which covered everything from the castle hotel to a bunker from the First World War, a kind of hotel (which we were allowed to taste) and simple accommodation in the countryside. Each of them offered their very special experiences and very different impressions, each of which showed us and brought us closer to other sides of Holland. We do not want to miss any of them, but each had its own special charm and left us with a picture of North Holland, which is very sympathetic and lures us to come back to discover more of it.

And if you further accommodations in North Holland * search, you will find this under this link.

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