Wachau Austria

Krems in the Wachau

The Wachau Austria landmarks

You can enjoy the Wachau Austria sights well with the Travel Tips by TravelWorldOnline. Discover vineyards on the Danube. Cities like Krems, Spitz or Dürnstein are worth a visit. Where can you spend the night in a winery in the Wachau? You can find out here. The Wachau is a pleasure region that is second to none. Wine Regions like these, there are good restaurants and hotels where you can feel good. These tips will make your Wachau vacation a real one Enjoyment experience.

Dürnstein from Hotel Pfeffel Wachau

Enjoy Hotel Pfeffel in Dürnstein in the Wachau

The Hotel Pfeffel in the Wachau We stay overnight in the Hotel Pfeffel in the Wachau on the Danube. On our wine tour through Austria, a day of indulgence for wine and wellness lovers awaits us. We almost missed the entrance to the wellness hotel in the Wachau. From the street it looks like a gateway...
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House in the Wachau vineyards in autumn

Experience the Wachau in autumn

Experience the Wachau in autumn We are fascinated by this section of the Danube valley with its steep slopes that rise above the Danube. Experiencing the Wachau in autumn is an experience. On the southern slopes in the western part of the Wachau, the sun shines on stone terraces, on which wine varieties such as Riesling, Grüner Veltliner or Neuburger ...
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Wine-growing regions Austria vacation - excursion tip Austria and Bavaria

Wachau Hotels on the Danube for your wine journey through the Wachau

Wine tour Wachau an der Donau On a wine tour through Lower Austria you can experience the Wachau and Danube most intensely in Wachau hotels that offer wine experiences. Holidays in Austria's wine-growing regions are guaranteed to be a journey full of pleasure. That works in these accommodations. Not all are pure wineries. Some are hotels with attached vineyards ...
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Strandcafe Spitz on the Danube

Wachau attractions for connoisseurs discover

Wachau sights for connoisseurs We present three Wachau sights for connoisseurs here. The Wachau in Austria is certainly one of the most famous travel regions in Lower Austria. The region is very popular not only because of the hit people around the "Mariandl from the Wachauer Landl". You don't even hear the song today ...
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Wachau Austria
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Wachau Austria
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