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What do you drink in the countries of the world

Here we are concerned with the question: "What do you drink in the world?" Wine tourism offers numerous opportunities to experience wines. When traveling, you can usually find drinks in bars. But there is a lot more that can be learned about it. Where do they come from? Who is producing them? What's the best way to drink them? How do you make them? If you get to the bottom of these questions, you experience the world of beverages much more intensely.

Travel tips and information about wine and drinks from all over the world

Music band at the Gumpoldskirchen pleasure mile - What to drink in Gumpoldskirchen

Hiking and wine on the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen

Hiking in the Vienna Woods at the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen Hiking along the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen in the Vienna Woods We are invited to the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen and want to hike in the Vienna Woods. Going on holiday in the wine-growing regions of Austria also means experiencing tradition. What do you drink in Gumpoldskirchen? Wine, of course. The Genussmeile is a wine festival that takes place every year in the Thermenregion wine region. It is said ...
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In the Franconian wine country hike through Sulzfeld

Franconian wine country to savor and pleasure hikes

Franconian wine country - perfect for a romantic weekend The Franconian wine country is a perfect destination for connoisseurs and slow travelers. Hiking in the Franconian wine country is fun. There are romantic wine locations that are worth discovering. We got a taste for it! Franconia has a lot to offer romantics like Petar and me. Franconian wine country, that means lovingly cared for half-timbered architecture, whose ...
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Amazing architecture in the winery brain

Architecture in the Hirn winery Winemakers definitely place great value on beautiful architecture in the winery. This allows you to present your wines in a special way. They usually do this in old manors, whose courtyards are adorned with vines. They run hedgerows there. Wine lovers can enjoy a fourth of wine there in the shade of grapevines. Or they choose for it ...
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The vineyard above Ipsheim near Hoheneck Castle

Hike through the vineyard at Burg Hoheneck

Hiking through the vineyard Wine was already being grown in Franconia in the 8th century. This is evidenced by deeds of gift that Emperor Charlemagne issued to Hammelburg in 777 and to Würzburg in 779. The main growing area for Franconian wine is the Main Valley. But wines that taste fresh and fruity also grow on the slopes of the Steigerwald with their Keuperböden. There is the market ...
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Lighting in the wine cellar in Sommerach

Experience wine in Winzerkeller Sommerach

Experience wine is fun in the Sommerach wine cellar! It offers its visitors numerous opportunities to enjoy, taste and experience the wine. We visited the wine cellar on our trip through the Franconian wine country and were impressed. The summer bar in the Sommerach wine cellar The small wine village of Sommerach is located between Volkach and the Benedictine Abbey of Münsterschwarzach am Main. If you drive directly on ...
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Wine from the Main valley

Wine from the Main in the Häckerwirtschaft

It's going to be hearty! As soon as we enter the Häckerwirtschaft of the Waigand winery in Erlenbach, the young winemaker Verena Waigand holds out her hand in greeting, while one of her little sons looks at us curiously from her shoulder. Together with his twin brother, he learns from an early age what it means to live and to ...
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What do you drink in ...?

When we travel we ask ourselves again and again: “What do you drink in the country we are traveling to?” Europe alone shows how diverse the range of drinks is in the countries of the world. But what do you drink in the USA or in Canada. What do you drink in Africa? Or Asia? This is where it gets more difficult, but also more interesting. In these articles we introduce drinks to the world and take a look behind the scenes.


Wine Tourism and Wine Experiences

Take a look behind the scenes on your travels and discover how wines and drinks are made. There is much to discover about the world's drinks. This works best, if you do it at locations, where they are produced. You can also do it at festivals, where people celebrate them. But take a look for yourself. In our travel tips for wines and drinks you will find numerous possibilities, where you can experience the wines and drinks of the world. Wine regions and place to experience drinks exist in many regions of Europe and the world.

Where and How can you Experience Wine?

Here you will find articles on wineries, winemakers, wine regions, wine tastings, wine tours and other experiences that we have tested ourselves on our trips through wine regions. Use our experiences and practical tips to inform yourself about wine experiences in the countries we visited. Get to know the wine regions of the world with us.

Austria wine regions

Germany wine regions

Italy wine regions

Slovenia wine regions

Luxembourg wine regions

Canada wine regions

South Africa wine regions

Portugal wine regions

Wine Knowledge for Beginners

To help you get started on your journey into the fascinating world of wine, we collect information that we receive on our travels through the wine regions of the world. We are not wine specialists, but wine lovers. We learn something new in every winery, from every winemaker and in every vineyard. We share this knowledge here. Check it out! There are interesting things to discover for wine lovers.

Everything about wine


Here you can drink beers, spirits and liqueurs

It's not just wine and wine regions that promise a special treat. Just think of the ancient whiskey distilleries of Ireland or Scotland. Discover the smell that lingers in the air from the old barrels, which is pure pleasure. Have you seen how and where to make perry? There even is a museum for beer mugs. Do you know Iceberg Beer from Newfoundland? There is much to discover for those who want to find out more about their travel destination.

Click here for the beers, spirits and liqueurs from all over the world


Tea, Coffee and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Drinks do not always have to include alcohol. Tea can be an interesting topic for travelers. Just think about the tea ceremonies. In Japan, such a ceremony certainly differs from one in England. Do you know the specialty coffees from Austria? Have you tasted the difference between highland and lowland coffee? Must and cider also offer interesting destinations for bon vivants. Did you know, that in Austria pear must is made from wild pears? In Ireland you can taste delicious ciders made from local apples. Have you ever made smoothies from local herbs? There is much to discover in the world of non-alcoholic drinks.

Discover where you can get to the bottom of non-alcoholic beverages


What do you drink in - drinks from all over the world
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