Wine Events and Wine Festivals around the World

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Discover wine events and festivals around the world

Wine Events and Wine Festivals around the World

Attending wine festivals and events is pure pleasure for wine lovers. What do you drink in Germany, Austria or other countries in the world? Wine is very popular. We got that on our own travels in wine regions in Europe, Australia or South Africa established. We also learned that these wine festivals are very different. At the same time, it made us curious about what wine events look like in other parts of the world. So we asked travel bloggers from all over the world which wine events they attended and what made them special. An interesting collection of events came together. Maybe she will tempt you to celebrate wine with the winegrowers and taste their wines Wine tastings to taste.


But first, let's introduce you to the wine festivals we have visited in recent years.


Wine Princess, Landsknecht and Ratsherr press the first wine of the year
Wine Princess, Landsknecht and Ratsherr press the first wine of the year

Wine Events in Germany

Tradition at the Volkach Wine Festival

The place Volkach im Franconian wine country is right on the Mainschleife in the middle of the wine region. The Volkacher wine festival takes place every year in August. It is one of the wine festivals on the Main. Then the whole old town becomes a festival place. Visitors can taste the wines of participating winemakers and enjoy local specialties. The Volksach councilor, the Landsknecht and the wine princesses squeeze the first grapes of the year. The event is accompanied by brass music and dance performances by local folk groups.


Experience the wine festival in Volkach

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The Schoppenstecher
The Schoppenstecher

Savor Wine at the Mainz Wine Market

The Mainzer wine market is completely different. This is one of the wine festivals that take place every year in the Rhine cities. Mainz we got to know as a city for wine lovers. Wine can be enjoyed there not only during the wine market. Numerous wine bars invite you to cozy hours in hospitable company all year round. There are also Mainz specialties such as Spunde Käs' or liver sausage. The Mainz wine market takes place on the last weekend in August and the first weekend in September. It is one of the wine festivals where the entire population of the city meets for a drink in the Volkspark. You listen to the music groups, stroll past the stands that offer Mainz delicacies or enjoy the evening with friends in the rose garden.


Experience the wine market in Mainz

  • Book an overnight stay in Mainz * and enjoy the evening on the wine market with the Mainzers.
  • Discover Mainz and the surrounding area on your own with these Mainz travel guides *.

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Assmannshausen at the Rhine in Flames Wine Events in Germany
Assmannshausen near the Rhine in flames

Wine Picnic in Assmannshausen

I wouldn't rank it among the wine festivals, but it's definitely a wine event: that Wine Picnic in Assmannshausen on the Rhine. We experienced it at the festival where the Rhine celebrates itself - by the Rhine in flames. Then the cities along the Rhine celebrate their river, but also the very special way of life that can be enjoyed in the wine regions along the river. While the festively illuminated ships pass below us on the Rhine, we experience one Picnic in the vineyard that we will not soon forget.


Enjoy the wine region around Assmannshausen

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Wines for wine festivals


Wine Festivals in Austria

Austria has many wine regionsthat are worth a visit. We visited wine and gourmet festivals in some of them.

The Genussmeile in Gumpoldskirchen

A wine festival in Austriathat we like very much is the Gourmet mile in Gumpoldskirchen on the edge of the Wienerwald. Gumpoldskirchen is a municipality in the middle of the Thermenregion wine region. The 1 offers the luxury mile that takes place every year on the first two weekends in September. Vienna's water pipe hiking trail from Bad Vöslau via Gumpoldskirchen to Mödling is a pleasure experience that is second to none. Then wine lovers can wander through the vineyards and taste wine, storm and cider along the way. There are numerous stalls to taste regional specialties.


Experience the Genussmeile in Gumpoldskirchen

  • Book an overnight stay in Gumpoldskirchen * and stroll along the Genussmeile with leisure.
  • Explore the Vienna area and the Vienna Woods on your own with these Guidebooks *.

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Long blackboard in Graz
Long blackboard in Graz


The Lange Meile in Graz - a Food & Wine Event

The Lange Meile in Graz is not a pure wine festival. It is an internationally known event, that attracts gourmets and wine lovers from all over the world to Graz. In the second half of August, the entire city center of Graz is transformed into a restaurant for connoisseurs. Then the best chefs in town boil up and serve Styrian specialties paired with excellent wines from Styria for guests from all over the world.


Experience the Lange Tafel in Graz

  • Stay in Graz * and enjoy a gourmet experience in a class of its own.
  • Explore Graz and surroundings on your own with these Guidebooks *.

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Wine Festival in Hungary

We asked travel and food bloggers from all over the world which wine festivals and events they have experienced and can recommend. One of them takes place in Hungary.


Buda Castle - Photo by Sage Scott, the Everyday Walker
Buda Castle - Photo by Sage Scott, the Everyday Wanderer


The Budapest Wine Festival

Perched high above the Danube River, on grounds where kings and queens once strolled, sits the Buda Castle. Today the royal palace is a World Heritage site that contains the National Gallery and Budapest History Museum. But one weekend in early September, the lush grounds of Buda Castle are transformed into one of the best wine festivals in the world.

Under crisp tents, festival attendees can taste an amazing array of Hungarian wines. There are internationally known wines, like Egri Bikaver (better known as Bull’s Blood) and sweet dessert wines from Tokaj. But there are also new wines to discover, like my new favorite, Sauska wines, made from grapes grown in Villány. From the historical setting to the sweeping views to the delicious wines, the Budapest Wine Festival is definitely one wine festival you won’t want to miss!

Pro Tip: While you can meander through a beautiful, parklike setting to climb the hill to Buda Castle, the funicular is a fun way to ascend the hillside. (And you can always walk down after enjoying the Budapest Wine Festival.)


Wine Glass Holders at the Budapest Wine Festival - Photo by Sage Scott, the Everyday Wanderer
Wine Glass Holders at the Budapest Wine Festival - Photo by Sage Scott, the Everyday Wanderer


A tip from Everyday Wanderer

Sage Scott grew up in the United States and Europe and writes about America's heartland from the perspective of a middle-aged traveler on her travel blog. From Kansas City, known as the Paris of the Plains (and the BBQ Capital of the World), Sage shares her experiences and offers travel tips on her blog Everyday hikers.


Experience wine and cuisine in Budapest

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Wine festivals in Franciacorta - Copyright Untold Morsels
Franciacorta - Copyright Untold Morsels


Wine Event in Italy

The Franciacorta Summer Festival

If you love sparkling wine, the Franciacorta Summer Festival is a celebration that should not be missed. The festival takes place over four months in the Franciacorta region of Lombardy, Italy, not far from the banks of beautiful Lake Iseo.

As befits a wine with DOCG status, the festival celebrates not only the wine but the terroir that produces it. Visitors can enjoy guided walks through the vineyards, photography workshops, tours of local historic landmarks and concerts as part of the festival. But of course the main attraction is the wine tasting and food pairing.

Franciacorta sparkling wine is produced from Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc grapes, similar to two fermentation processes in the bottle Champagne. It goes well with aperitif snacks and fish from Lake Iseo. You can try pairings at one of the many on-site restaurants that offer special menus throughout the festival.

Of course don’t miss visiting at least a few of the 117 family run wineries in the region. Guido Berlucchi is a great place to start. This is the vineyard credited with creating the first vintages of Franciacorta.


Franciacorta - Copyright Untold Morsels
Franciacorta - Copyright Untold Morsels


A Tip from Untold Morsels

Untold Morsels is a travel blog that deals with food, family and culture. Katy Clarke has been traveling since she was a teenager. She likes to discover new and exciting experiences in classic and lesser known destinations. She is constantly dreaming of Italy, its history, its food and wine and has just released a new blog - Untold Italy - where everything revolves around your favorite country.


Discover wine and cuisine in Franciacorta

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Vineyard in Spring Wine Festival Copyright Wanderlust on a Budget
Vineyard in Spring Copyright Wanderlust on a Budget


Wine Festivals in the United States

The Cayuga Lake Wine Trail on the Finger Lakes

Located in the heart of New York state, the Finger Lakes are home to the oldest wine trail in the United States. While small, the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail has some amazing wineries along with its history - and even better festivals to accompany them!

My favorite is the Wine & Herb Fest. Held over two separate weekends every spring, the Wine & Herb Fest is a mixture of wine, food, and plants! At each participating winery, you get to sample wine along with a signature dish created for the event. Each dish features a different herb or vegetable; after you sample,you get to take home a seedling of that plant to grow in your own garden.

With your ticket purchase, you’ll receive a festival wine glass along with a recipe book, so you can recreate the dishes once your plants have grown.

If you have more time to spend in the region, make the drive over to Seneca Lake, where you’ll find over 100 more wineries and breweries!


Sycamore White Wine Festival Copyright Wanderlust on a Budget
Sycamore White Copyright Wanderlust on a Budget


A tip from Wanderlust on a Budget

I'm lucky to live just an hour's drive from one of the top wine regions in America: the Finger Lakes. In Wanderlust on a budget she tells about her travel experiences.


Experience the wine region at the Finger Lakes

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The Bottlerock Wine Event in Napa Valley

BottleRock in Napa Valley is one of the most unique wine festivals because in the world it pairs delightful local pours with live music. Held annually over Memorial Day weekend, you can purchase a daily or weekend pass to peruse the performances, which have ranged from major pop headliners to 90’s throwback bands from your childhood.

But being that it’s held in California’s wine mecca, it’s the viticulture that steals the show. The wine garden has sips from 20 local vineyards with summertime favorites like Butter Chardonnay, Candy Dry Rosé, and Candy Frosé designed to beat the heat and keep you cool. On-site sommeliers are on-hand to help you find your new favorite sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir, or cabernet to pair with sweet treats and chef-driven creations (seriously, what music festival has sushi?).

Sip and swirl as you watch culinary demos from powerhouse chefs like Gail Simmons and Padma Lakshmi and take in the sweet sound of the start of summer.


Lauren in Napa at the Wine Festival — Copyright The Down Lo
Lauren in Napa - Copyright The Down Lo


A Tip from The Down Lo

Whether it's becoming a certified Viking in Iceland or whitewater rafting in New Zealand, Lo introduces you to the strangest and wildest things you've never imagined before. She wants to see all 50 states and 50 countries before she's 50 and seeks out the most extraordinary adventures wherever she goes. Be it close to home or on the other side of the world. You can find out more about this at The Down Lo.


Discover the wine region in the Napa Valley

  • Experience the Napa Valley Wine Region * on one of these wine tastings or tours through the Napa Valley.
  • For example, book a hotel here Napa Valley * and take your time for the wineries of this wine region.
  • Explore the Napa Valley on your own with these Guidebooks *.

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CarpeTravel presents more Wine Festivals in the United States .

Do you know other Wine Festivals and Wine Events?

There are many more wine festivals and wine events in Europe and the rest of the world. Which did you visit? Tell us about your wine festivals and wine experiences in the comments. We want to discover more.

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Wine festivals and events
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Wine Events and Wine Festivals around the World

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  5. I am also a great lover of wine, so I have been to some wine festivals. The festivals of the European wine knighthood in Burgenland are really great (there are several at different locations). Southern Styria always turns into a vintage festival Eldorado in autumn - they are particularly large in Ehrenhausen and Gamlitz. And in Apulia I was once at Vini del Sud, where you can taste southern Italian wines. Oh yes, and in Graz the presentation of the Junker is always a very big spectacle! LG Barbara

    1. Dear Barbara,

      these are great tips. Thanks for that We have been to Burgenland many times, but never to a wine festival. In southern Styria we know and love the wine route. We have been there twice and also in Ehrenhausen and Gamlitz. I have never heard of the Junker in Graz. We have always missed the wine festivals in these regions. Have you ever reported about it in your blog? I also imagine the wine festival in Puglia to be very exciting.

  6. Dear Monika, dear Petar,
    you went through a lot of wine festivals! I have been living in Breisgau for a while now, very close to the Kaiserstuhl. A wine festival takes place here in practically every small or large town in late summer.
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    1. Hello Gabriela,

      are there any reports on your blog? We are very interested in the wine festivals.

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  7. Dear Monika, your contribution really makes you want to visit one or the other event. The wine picnic at Assmannshausen is really super nice. Here in Baden Württemberg there are also a number of events, for example the Ortenau Wine Festival in Offenburg. This takes several days and takes place in the old town of the beautiful city in the Black Forest.
    Kind regards, Dagmar

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      we also really enjoyed the wine picnic. The wine festival in Ortenau sounds interesting. We'll remember that.

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