Wellness at the lake in Hooks Herrgard in Smaland

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Hooks Herrgard in Smaland

Wellness at the lake in Sweden

When we left for our trip to Smaland in Sweden, we already suspected that we were there one or the other great sauna or occasionally get to know a nice spa. The new wellness area at the Gutshof Hooks Herrgard in Smaland (a good hour's drive south of Jönköping) took our breath away. Imagine: several pools with different water temperatures, where you can cool off after the sauna sessions. And the best part of it all: you have a direct view of the lake in front of the hotel. Add to that the tranquility at the lake, from which the hollow call of an ice-diver only sounds from time to time to the shore. Wellness at the lake was never better!


Wellness at the lake in Hooks Herrgard in Smaland
Wellness at the lake in Hooks Herrgard in Smaland
Footbath in the spa of Hooks Herrgard
Wellness on the lake: foot bath in the spa of Hooks Herrgard
Spa Bistro at Hooks Herrgard in Smaland
Wellness at the lake: Spa bistro in Hooks Herrgard in Smaland
Seating area in the spa of Hooks Herrgard
Wellness am See: Sitting area in the spa of Hooks Herrgard


Bring time for the wellness at the lake

The wellness area of ​​the Gutshotels is the reason why we recommend you to stay in this hotel. Bring enough time for that! We took half a day for our visit to the spa area of ​​the hotel, which was too short. We could just enjoy the two saunas and the different pools. There was no time for a spa treatment. There are various treatment options, including for couples, which we would have liked.


Spa treatment room for two in Hooks Herrgard
Wellness at the lake: Spa treatment room for two in Hooks Herrgard
Spa utensils in Hooks Herrgard in Smaland
Wellness am See: Spa utensils in Hooks Herrgard in Smaland


The Gutshotel Hooks Herrgard

Our stay at Gutshotel Hooks Herrgard was more of a love at second glance. The first impression we had of the Hooks Herrgard manor was that of an old manor house. And this is the house too. The hotel wing is located in a manor house from 1778. During our tour of the hotel building, we get an insight into the history of the hotel: crowned heads have already stayed here. Her portraits on the walls show this impressively. There are women's and men's rooms. In the latter, I can well imagine gentlemen of high society in tail coats and frock coats, discussing the political events in the country with a thick cigar and a glass of whiskey. We also hear the story of the "White Lady", of which there are numerous haunted stories. It is said to be a former resident of the house who appears to guests again and again and is in a joke with them. It is said that she likes to play games with young guests at student parties. According to the hotel director, she was only seen again by a hotel guest earlier this year. However, it did not appear to us.


Gutshotel Hooks Herrgard in Smaland
Gutshotel Hooks Herrgard in Smaland


The rooms in the Gutshotel disappointed me first. After our visit to the state of the art Vox Hotel in Jonkoping I had expected a more modern facility. The beds were very comfortable, sheets and pillows promised a good night's sleep. However, a cozy interior of a hotel room looks different. Here I lacked the individual charm that I expect from such a hotel and its rooms. The almost barren furnishing of the room reminded me more of a room in a good country hotel, rather than what I imagine under a mansion in a manor house. The decor of the bathroom also did not meet the expectations I have of a modern four-star hotel of this standard. Since we did not look at the lake from our room, but followed the coming and going in front of the hotel, the view did not immediately reconcile us with the room standard.


Rooms at Gutshotel Hooks Herrgard in Smaland
Rooms at Gutshotel Hooks Herrgard in Smaland


Only when we in the restaurant in the basement had the direct view of the lake, I could make friends with the hotel. This is surrounded by a window front to the lake, so that you have from every table a great view of the lake, the surrounding forest and the islands in the water. Hooks Herrgard finally won my heart the next morning, which we dedicated to the wellness on the lake. In the spa of the hotel I would like to have more time spent. Just for a multi-day stay worthwhile.

The grounds of the hotel also include an extensive conference area and a golf course, which was due to the rainy weather during our stay but not on a tour invited.

Gutshotel Hooks Herrgard
Hooks Herrgård
560 13 Hok

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Wellness at the lake in Hooks Herrgard in Smaland

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