Thought of everything? What shouldn't be missing in the case


I pack mine suitcase ... And pack an electronic entry permit, a tri-band cell phone and a wound disinfectant. The popular memory game looks like this or something like that when the trip goes to America. Because in the land of unlimited possibilities there are unfortunately also many opportunities to make mistakes. And then end up with unusable cell phones, insufficient papers or an inadequate first-aid kit. Our tips will help you pack your suitcase properly.

Entry: passports and visas

Not all USA travelers require one Visa. If you have a return ticket, a passport and an electronic entry permit with you, you are on the safe side as long as you do not intend to stay longer than 90 days in the USA. However, you should make sure that the passport does not expire before the end of the trip.
However, anyone who not only wants to go to America to meet people and land, but also wants to do unpaid volunteer work, attend a work-and-travel program or attend a language school, will need a visa.

Cash, credit cards and travel checks

America is considered the land of credit cards. Here even small amounts are paid by credit card - for a good reason. For those who do not want to count their coins together can save time and change with the credit card. In some places, only credit cards are accepted as a form of payment, such as car rentals. Hotels like to use the credit card as well, as it is considered a security deposit.

Therefore, the credit card on the trip to the USA must not be missing. Of course, you should also have some cash with you and have thought of travel checks. Travel checks are always reliable, because they are considered a safe means of payment.

Electronic equipment

Most people do not go out without a mobile phone these days. Anyone who does not want to give up their mobile device in the US, wants to protect themselves against emergencies or wants to stay in touch with friends on the spot needs a special device. Since the German GSM networks spark in other frequency ranges, the German mobile phone must be a triband or quartet model, so that it also works overseas.

If you want to take electronic devices such as a laptop or a hair dryer with you, keep in mind that the voltage in the US is 110 Volt / 60 Hz AC. This means that they need to downshift their electrical appliances to half the voltage, if that does not happen automatically. Attention: You will not get very far with European plugs as they do not fit. So think of the adapter.

Medicines for the first-aid kit

It quickly happened: over-adjusted air conditioning systems, unfamiliar food and pathogens are causing problems for the immune system. If so, you should therefore have a first-aid kit with all the medicines you need to avoid the usual suspects. These include medicines for fever, diarrhea, pain, travel sickness and also wound disinfectants, insect repellent, bandages and suntan lotion. In addition, think about a sufficient supply of the medications that you need to take regularly.

Suitcases or hand luggage? Which items of luggage belong where

Since the terrorist attacks, the security conditions at American airports have worsened. So if you do not want to get in trouble when entering the country, you should pay attention to what is not allowed in your hand luggage. Of course sharp objects such as scissors, but also lighters and individual batteries must be stowed in the suitcase. But liquids, medicines and fragile items must not be carried in your hand luggage.

But there are also things that should be explicitly included in hand luggage. These include, for example, photos and films, as they could otherwise be damaged during the fluoroscopy of the suitcase. Also, be careful not to close the case as it could otherwise break open during inspection.

If you want baby food on board, you can bring it with you, but you have to show it separately. The same applies to medicines that must be taken during the flight. In general, you should make sure that you only stow the bare essentials in your hand luggage in order to avoid long waiting times.

Guest author Jeannette Stowasser lives and works in Munich. As an online editor, she takes care of the blog and gives tips on the subject of travel.

Text: © Copyright Jeannette Stowasser

Thought of everything? What shouldn't be missing in the case
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