What to do in the theft of ID card, driver's license and bank cards?

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As the loyal readers of you know, we went this spring guest at St. Patrick's Festival in Dublin, The Irish president had Travel bloggers from all over the world are invited to an event that would bring Irish and Irish friends from around the world to the Green Island, and we were part of it all. It was a week of superlatives that we were allowed to spend in Dublin. And we were very impressed by the extraordinary hospitality, friendliness and helpfulness of the Irish. However, she also had a less enjoyable experience when Petar's wallet was stolen in the hustle and bustle of the celebrations during St. Patrick's Festival.

How did the theft happen?

As you can imagine, such festivities are a colorful hustle and bustle. This is no different at St. Patrick's Festival. People from all over the world arrive in Dublin on the plane and want only one thing: to have fun. But among them are certainly some who have other intentions. There was a boisterous mood in the city, which was full of visitors. Everywhere there were stages on which Irish music groups performed their great songs, and enthusiastic spectators dressed in the Irish national colors, painted or costumed cheered them.

We were on the road with a group of travel bloggers and followed our guide, who was in a hurry because the next appointment was coming. Nevertheless, we wanted to take pictures of the events on site to tell you about it here. Petar filmed the hustle and bustle outside the Shelburne Hotel while trying to keep up with the hurrying guide. He had to pass through dense crowds, and it happened unnoticed. After we had caught up with the group, he suddenly noticed that his photo bag was lighter - and after a brief look into it there was the shock: the wallet with ID card, driver's license and bank cards was gone. Loud in the turmoil of the closed bag.

Now you may say: "If only he had paid more attention!" But think honestly about it: when you travel, do you keep an eye on your bags and your luggage? Certainly not. Neither do we. Nobody is immune to the criminal activities of crooks, crooks and thieves. There is no such thing as absolute security.

What do you do first, when ID card, driver's license and bank cards are stolen?

After we realized that the wallet was really stolen, we rushed to the hotel immediately to have our bank cards and credit cards blocked. For this you must necessarily have the appropriate telephone numbers of the output companies at hand. As soon as the blockage is over, no more money will be issued. From a bank, we learned that an attempt had already been made, but failed due to incorrect pin input. Therefore: never keep the pin number together with the card! A credit card company offered us an instant replacement card that would have been delivered to the hotel the next morning - if I had not owned my card. A very practical and in such a situation extremely helpful service, which is worth thinking about when signing up for a credit card contract.

Petar was fortunate that he had deposited his passport, his plane ticket and most of his money in the hotel safe. The identity card, 20 Euro, driver's license and bank cards were penned. So the rest of the trip and the return flight to Germany were secured, and we were able to save ourselves the passage to the German consulate and to the airline. However, what is absolutely necessary in such a case is to report this theft to the relevant police department. And we did that in the morning.

The report to the Irish police was written in minutes and copied, so we were a bit shocked the rest of our stay in Dublin but still enjoying it relatively carefree.

What happens after the return?

We have taken out all-in-one travel insurance for all of our trips, which we pay once a year and which applies to all trips that take place during the year that are shorter than six weeks. After our return, we immediately reported the incident to our insurance company, which then requested further confirmation of the incident from the German police authorities. Obtaining this was easy by showing our theft certificate from the Irish police.

We submitted these documents to our travel insurance company, along with a concrete description of the incident and a fully completed damage report on which we listed all the stolen items - an inventory list of the valuables taken during a trip is extremely helpful here. And then it was time to wait. The processing process took a few months, but we have now been reimbursed for all costs incurred for the stolen items and their replacement.

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What to do in the theft of ID card, driver's license and bank cards?
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