Where can I get a vaccination book or a vaccination certificate?

International vaccination book and vaccination certificate

You need the vaccination certificate for the Covid vaccination

The first people are already vaccinated against Covid. Shortly after Christmas 2020, the big vaccination campaign against the virus began, which has been keeping the whole world in suspense for several months. In Germany, three groups initially receive the vaccinations. Among them are the elders of our society and everyone who is particularly threatened by Covid. Detailed information Is there ... here. We are not yet on the vaccination, but we are already finding out how the vaccination will take place. We find out that in addition to the identity card and our health insurance card, we also need a vaccination book or a vaccination certificate. Only: Where can I get a vaccination book or a vaccination certificate?

I could still vaguely remember that I needed one like this once when I wanted to travel to an African country. Then he disappeared into the depths of our records. Two moves later, I had no idea where to look for it. Petar did have written confirmations from his doctor for vaccinations he had received years ago. However, these were not a vaccination certificate. So we did some research first. Your doctor will fill out a vaccination pass or a vaccination book when you get vaccinated. I had to get the form for such a passport myself.

Where can I get a vaccination book?

You can order the international vaccination book or the vaccination certificate from the World Health Organization here. The family doctor will enter the vaccinations that he has given you. If you have changed your family doctor, you can ask your previous family doctor to send their details to your current doctor. This is then added to the vaccination certificate.

We recommend the International Vaccination Book of the World Health Organization because it is written in three languages. So you can use it as a vaccination card for all your international trips. You can take it with you every time you visit a doctor and have it checked to see if your vaccinations need a boost. So you are always sufficiently vaccinated and have proof of this that is internationally recognized.

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According to the federal government, there will be no compulsory vaccination against Covid. Everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated. However, that does not mean that a vaccination book will not be needed anytime soon. Because there are already the first companies that require proof of vaccination if you want to use their services. The Australian Qantas airline make the beginning. More airlines may follow soon. There may soon also be companies that will only offer their customers access to their premises with a vaccination card.

You need more than a vaccination book


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Where can I get a vaccination book or a vaccination certificate?
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