Where can you see the cranberry harvest in Canada?


Ever since I first saw the first cranberry fields twenty years ago, I wanted to watch how the bright red berries are harvested. From stories and photos, I knew that water mattered, and in some New England shots, cranberry farmers were shown shoving the cranberries together on flooded fields and finally loading them onto waiting trucks that took them should transport for further processing. Now, on my recent trip to Canada, I had the opportunity to visit the only cranberry farm in Ontario, and I did not have much to think about. I did not want to miss this opportunity to finally satisfy my curiosity. We put Johnston's Cranberry Marsh in Bala in the Muskoka region on our itinerary.


Ripe for the harvest
Ripe for the harvest


Johnston's Cranberry Marsh in Bala

Johnston's Cranberry Farm is located just outside the small town of Bala in the beautiful Muskoka region, which is great for growing cranberries. This requires acid peat soil and proximity to water, which is abundant there. On our journey through Muskoka, the lakes rarely disappeared from our view, and then, at most, when we crossed a small land bridge between two of them. Sometimes it was so narrow that the water was even on both sides of the road. In addition, the area is known for its silted up lakes. There, dense reeds grow on the edge of shallow pools. This reed rots on the bottom of the lake and fills it up slowly from below. This process is repeated until the entire lake disappears under a vegetative blanket, creating a peat bog - the ideal soil for cranberries to feel good.  


Harvester in Ontario
Harvester in Ontario


 Cultivation and use of cranberries

The farmer family Johnston from Bala recognized the potential and cleared several hectares of land on which they planted cranberries. At the same time they created a network of channels, which can be flooded via valves if necessary. End of September - we were at 26. September is harvest time at Cranberry Farm. And then you can watch what happens to the red berries. Guided tours are available, and at the store you can buy freshly picked berries, but also cranberry wine or jams made from cranberries and other berries. Raw cranberries taste very bitter, so the wine and jams are combined with other fruits. Raw berries are suitable for juice production, as an ingredient for cakes or pastries and for sauces or must, where they are used as ours the cranberries as a side dish to game meat.  


Here the cranberries are dried
Here the cranberries are dried


Harvest of cranberries in Ontario

The harvest of cranberries in Ontario is different from what I knew from New England. The berries of Ontario are sometimes sold as raw fruits, unlike in the Cape Cod area, where they are mostly used for juicing. For this reason, the berries must be harvested more carefully than there, and so I came here for the expected pleasure of once seeing the farmers trudging through the bright red water. Although the fields are also flooded with water here, to ensure a careful harvest. Unlike in the south, however, a harvester is used here, which carefully picks the berries from the bushes and collects them in a container. They do not swim in the fields, as in the Cape Cod area, but are immediately collected. From the fields, the berries are transported to a scaffold, where they dry in the sun. Then they are sorted by size and color and packed according to their purpose. The uninjured and deep red berries are sold in the supermarkets of the area. Cracked berries and those that are ripe but have not yet developed their red color are used to make wine or for processing into chutneys, marmalades or sauces.

And my farmers in the flooded ponds full of red cranberries? For that I have to go to New England ...



A visit to Johnston's Cranberry Farm is possible year-round: 1074 Cranberry Road, Bala, Ontario. P0C 1A0 Tel. 705-762-3203 Fax 705-762-3213.

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Getting there

Lufthansa, Air Canada and several other airlines fly to Toronto.


Accommodation in Muskoka Region * You can book through our partner booking.com. We have stayed in Sir Sam's Inn Resort & Spa * in Haliburton.

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Where can you see the cranberry harvest in Canada?

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    1. Was really a nice experience. Above all, I learned there that you can even make wine from cranberries - but, as with jams, always mixed with other fruits, as cranberries are otherwise too bitter.

      We stayed at Johnston's Cranberry Marsh just north of Bala in the Muskoka region.

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