Where you can go on vacation in the wine-growing regions of Austria

Wine-growing regions Austria vacation - enjoy the Sausal wine route

Where you can go on vacation in the wine-growing regions of Austria

Discover where you can go on holiday in the wine-growing regions of Austria. Here you will find suggestions and recommendations for wine-growing regions. One or the other insider tip is also among them. You can go on a journey along the wine routes. What do you think of a vacation with a winemaker in the middle of the wine region? Of course, the food tastes good in the wine regions too. Here you will find tips for taverns. Follow us and you will experience wine journeys full of pleasure.

Travel tips for Austria's wine regions


Delicious Events - Discover Graz in a culinary way, for example in a sidewalk café

Delicious events - experience Graz from a culinary point of view

Delicious events in Graz I can guarantee you one thing - Graz's culinary discovery is worth it. Going on holiday in Austria's wine-growing regions always means enjoying good food. Culinary lovers love Graz in Styria. Not really a miracle. The capital of Styria calls itself the "capital of culinary pleasure in Austria". In addition, the city is surrounded ...
Music band at the Gumpoldskirchen pleasure mile - What to drink in Gumpoldskirchen

Hiking and wine on the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen

Hiking along the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen in the Vienna Woods Hiking in the Vienna Woods on the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen is an experience that goes well with a wine tour through Austria. This is a holiday in Austria with hiking for connoisseurs. We are invited to the pleasure mile in Gumpoldskirchen and want to hike in the Vienna Woods. In the ...
Fish plate in Salzburg

Snack, snack, Marende - this is how it becomes a good snack

What are snacks? Snacks whet your appetite, right? If you go on holiday to Austria's wine-growing regions, these are an essential part of it. My mouth is watering every time I see the wooden boards, slates or porcelain plates and platters on which are meat, ham and sausages, tomato and cucumber slices, pickles, ...
Gottweig Abbey

Göttweig Abbey in the Wachau in Austria

Göttweig Abbey in the Wachau (advertising) A holiday in the Wachau is not complete without a visit to Göttweig Abbey. The Benedictine monastery in the Wachau can be seen from afar. It sits enthroned on a hill above the town of Furth near Krems on the southern foothills of the Dunkelsteinerwald in Lower Austria. The pen is going back...
Krems an der Donau holiday tips

Krems an der Donau – sights and tips for enjoyment

Krems an der Donau - Sights and tips for connoisseurs A holiday in the Wachau usually begins in Krems. The city of Krems an der Donau in Austria is the starting point for the Wachau, the most beautiful stretch of the Danube. As wine lovers, we have often been to the region. This time, however, took...
Dürnstein from Hotel Pfeffel Wachau

Enjoy Hotel Pfeffel in Dürnstein in the Wachau

The Hotel Pfeffel is ideal for a holiday in the Wachau. We stay overnight in the Hotel Pfeffel in the Wachau on the Danube. On our wine tour through Austria, a day of indulgence for wine and wellness lovers awaits us. We almost missed the entrance to the wellness hotel in the Wachau. From the street she looks like...
House in the Wachau vineyards in autumn

Experience the Wachau in autumn

Enjoy the Wachau in autumn A holiday in the Wachau in autumn is an experience for the senses. This section of the Danube valley has impressed us with its steep slopes that rise above the Danube. Experiencing the Wachau in autumn is an experience. The sun is shining on the southern slopes in the western part of the Wachau ...
On the Schilcher Wine Route

Styria Tour on the Schilcher Wine Route

A Styria tour on the Schilcher Weinstrasse This time on our Styria tour we were traveling in three different regions: the volcanic country in the east around Riegersburg, the wine country along the border with Slovenia and in western Styria, where the Schilcher wine on the mountain slopes between Ligist and Eibis forest is growing. One ...
Dürnstein is one of the Wachau attractions for connoisseurs

Discover the Wachau Austria for connoisseurs

The Wachau in Austria is a travel destination for connoisseurs (advertising) We present the Wachau Austria for connoisseurs in this article. It is certainly one of the most famous travel regions in Lower Austria. The region is not only very popular because of the hit about the "Mariandl from the Wachauer Landl". While listening...
Enjoyment and great views

An experience for connoisseurs: the Sausal Wine Route

Enjoy the Sausal Wine Route in Styria We want to enjoy the Sausal Wine Route. Taking a vacation in the wine-growing regions of Austria is particularly beautiful here. The Sausal Wine Route was our destination during our stay in Styria in June. Have you never heard of Sausal? Until a few years ago we went ...


If you are on holiday in Austria's wine-growing regions, you should take these tips to heart. Enjoy the slopes where the wines mature in the sun. Let yourself be inspired by a way of life that celebrates enjoyment.

The wine-growing regions in Austria are located in the hilly landscapes east of the Alps in Lower Austria. However, there are also wine regions in Carinthia, especially along the border with Slovenia. These are often still insider tips. You can find out more about it here.

The wine-growing regions in Austria are characterized by wines that are specially tailored to their terrain. Learn more about how they're grown. What makes it special Which grape varieties are there? What role does the climate play? Where can you find out more about it? Get to know the wine-growing regions of Austria on vacation.

Taste the wines of Austria's wine-growing regions

Try the country's wines in one of the gourmet restaurants. When you are on holiday in the wine-growing regions of Austria, visit local wine taverns and wine taverns and immerse yourself in a world of enjoyment. Explore the vineyards on a hike. Talk to winemakers and get tips from the people who know the wines best. Learn which wine goes with which food. Find out which winemakers are happy to receive you. Do you even like to stay at the winemaker's? You can also find tips for this here.

Expand your knowledge of wine. There is a lot to experience on a road trip through the wine regions. You can experience these regions particularly well at wine festivals. Visit the wine-growing regions of Austria on vacation and enjoy the regions. A tour of the region is always fun. Visit the winemakers and taste their products. In this way you not only get to know the wines, but also the people. This makes a stay in a wine region particularly exciting.


Wine-growing regions Austria vacation
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Where you can go on vacation in the wine-growing regions of Austria

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