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Franconian wine country: The Gasthaus Zum Stern advertises with the wine glass - Wine trip Franconia with pleasure

Wine tour Franconia through the Franconian wine country

Make your wine tour through Franconia varied by visiting some of these excursion destinations in Franconia. The region along the Main offers numerous possibilities for your tour through the wine region Franken to experience full of pleasure. For example, you can travel culinaryby trying local specialties. You can also explore the region on hikes and enjoy breathtaking views. If you take part in wine festivals, you can taste the wines of the region and let yourself be carried away by the Franconian joie de vivre. Alternatively, you can also visit winemakers and choose the wines that you like best.


Go on vacation in the wine region of Germany - Wipfeld in the wine region of Franconia

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Iphofen - one of the destinations in Franconia

Excursion destinations Franconia

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Miltenberg on the Main

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Ochsenfurt Top Attraction Germany

City of Ochsenfurt and its sights

Ochsenfurt Discover sights in Franconia The medieval town of Ochsenfurt is one of the most beautiful half-timbered towns in the Main triangle. Here you can go on vacation in a wine region of Germany. The city is located between Würzburg and Kitzingen directly on the banks of the Main and was first mentioned in 725. Many Ochsenfurt sights go back ...
Citizens Hospital of the City of Würzburg

Ways to wine in the city of Würzburg

Wine tour Würzburg Tips for Würzburg connoisseurs: This Würzburg wine tour is definitely part of a pleasure trip in Franconia like a Schäufele with dumplings or a Franconian sauerbraten. Franconia is a Bavarian region of indulgence and, in addition to Franconian specialties, offers various types of beer and excellent wines. So what could be more obvious than...
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Schlosshotel Steinburg - the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg A Würzburg tip for connoisseurs! This Weinberg Hotel in Würzburg is an experience in itself. Nothing lets us guess what a grandiose view of Würzburg and the vineyards of the Würzburger Stein awaits us. In the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg in Bavaria we start our journey on the ...
Henneburg in Stadtprozelten - Take a vacation in the wine region of Germany

Fancy a Roadtrip on the Route of Delights?

On the way on the route of pleasure Do you feel like traveling for pleasure? Then you should take a look at the route of delights in the border triangle of Franconia, Hesse and Baden. We were there and discovered something pleasurable for all the senses. Among other things, you will be vacationing there in a wine region in Germany. The ...
The vineyard above Ipsheim near Hoheneck Castle

Hike through the vineyard at Burg Hoheneck

Hiking through the vineyard. Wine was already being grown in Franconia in the 8th century. This is evidenced by deeds of gift that Emperor Charlemagne gave to Hammelburg in 777 and to Würzburg in 779. The main growing area for Franconian wine is the Main Valley. But wines also grow on the slopes of the Steigerwald with their Keuper soils, ...


Tips for a trip through the Franconian wine region

Dear wine lover! Are you looking for a new destination to explore with a good glass of wine in hand? Then you should definitely go on a wine trip to Franconia! This wine region is known for its characterful wines and picturesque landscapes along the Main.

Start in Würzburg

Start your wine journey through Franconia with a visit to Würzburg. Here you can visit the famous Würzburg Residence and then stroll through the historic old town. Don't forget to stop off at one of the numerous wine taverns and taste the Franconian wines.

Wine journey through Franconia along the Main

Next you should make a detour to Volkach, which is considered the gateway to the Franconian wine region. Here you can at one wine tasting take part and be enchanted by the delicious wines. If you have more time, you should also take a hike through the surrounding vineyards to experience the landscape from a different perspective.

Another highlight of your wine tour through Franconia is the town of Kitzingen. Visit the Faltertor, one of the city's most famous landmarks, and taste the region's wines in one of the local wine taverns.

Your wine tour through Franconia will be rounded off with a visit to the city of Schweinfurt. Here you will not only find a variety of wine bars, but also the Weinhaus am Markt, the oldest wine house in the city.

In Franconia there are so many ways to explore the wine region and taste the delicious wines. So pack your bags, let yourself be inspired by the Franconian hospitality and enjoy an unforgettable wine journey through Franconia!


Wine trip Franconia
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Discover Franconian wine country

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