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Wachau Hotels on the Danube for your wine journey Wachau

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Wine trip Wachau on the Danube

On a wine journey Wachau and Danube experience you can most intensively in Wachau hotels, which offer wine experiences. This is possible in these accommodations. Not all are pure wineries. Some are hotels with attached vineyard. Others are inns surrounded by vineyards. Still others are inns that offer a special wine experience in the Wachau Offer. Here we introduce wineries, inns, rural hotels and other accommodations, where you can experience wine in the Wachau.

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A typical grape variety of the Wachau is the Green Veltliner *, On the sunny cliffs on the south bank of the Danube grow as well

Experience vineyards and wine in the Wachau hotels on the Danube?

In these selected wineries, inns and rural hotels, a special wine experience awaits you.

Krems in the Wachau - places in the Wachau that offer Wachau hotels on the Danube
Krems in the Wachau

Wachau hotels on the Danube

Krems on the Danube - Hotel in Wachau vineyards and Wachau wine vacation at the winegrower

The city of Krems is located at the southern end of the Wachau. It is the largest city in the Wachau. Krems is located about 70 km from Vienna. These hotels and wineries in the surroundings of Krems let you experience the wine region:

  • Steigenberger Hotel & Spa * - The 4 star hotel is located two kilometers outside the city. Above the Stein district, it is surrounded by vineyards. In the restaurant Weinberg and the wine bars there are specialties from the Wachau. The panoramic terrace offers beautiful views of the surroundings.
  • Winery Hutter * - This winery is located about 20 minutes walk outside the old town of Krems surrounded by vineyards. From the restaurant and the terrace you have a good view of Stift Göttweig and the Wachau. The restaurant also serves its own wines.
  • MALAT Winery and Hotel * - Not directly in Krems, but on the other side of the Danube below Stift Göttweig in Furth lies the winery Malat. The hotel is surrounded by the hotel's vineyards. Wine tastings and a restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows provide a great wine experience.


Dürnstein in the Wachau - elegant Wachau, which you can experience in Wachau hotels on the Danube

Dürnstein - one of the Wachau hotels on the Danube and Weingut Hotel Wachau

The city of Dürnstein with its eye-catching church is one of the most attractive places in the Wachau. A walk through the place is worthwhile on a wine journey through the village Wachau, This hotel offers a special wine experience:


Weissenkirchen in the Wachau

Weissenkirchen - Guesthouse and Heuriger Wachau with overnight stay

The small town of Weissenkirchen is one of the most important wine-growing villages in the Wachau. Especially Riesling and Grüner Veltliner are grown. Worth seeing are the vineyards in the area and the fortified church of St. Michael a few kilometers outside the village. This stands on the site of a Celtic sanctuary. Charlemagne had a Michael shrine built there around 800. For the first time, the church was mentioned around 987. You can experience wine in Weissenkirchen in:


Spitz in front of the vineyards of Wachau
Spitz in front of the vineyards

Spitz - Wachau holiday with the winegrower and holiday apartment Wachau Austria

In Spitz, there are several accommodations that thematise the wine in their décor. Above all, we present here hotels and wineries, where you can experience the wine directly. This is possible in these wineries:

  • Donabaum Winery "In der Spitz" * - Here you spend the night in the vineyard, about 300 m from the Danube. The focus is on "wine". Enjoy the view of the vineyards of Setzberg. The private accommodation also offers its own winery, where you can taste the wines.
  • Apartments in the winery Gritsch * - This property is for holiday apartments. This is suitable for self-catering. Or those who like to eat in restaurants or wine taverns. There are wine tastings in the winery.


Wine experience in the Wachau
Experience wine

You can experience wine in these wineries, wine hotels and holiday apartments. At a wine tasting. Due to the location in the vineyard. In the wine cellar. At the Heuriger. Or a guided tour through the vineyard. Wine plays a major role in these accommodations. Are you looking for other accommodations in the Wachau, you can find them in the section Travel Organization / Accommodation.

Travel Arrangements:

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The nearest airport is Vienna Schwechat. From there you can travel by rental car or public transport. Railway stations are in Krems and in Melk.



and from April to October the Wachau railway

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Experience the Wachau Austria
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