Experience Würzburg with these tips

Germany travel destinations for connoisseurs - Würzburg

Würzburg is the largest city on the Franconian Wine Route. It is the seat of the government of Lower Franconia and has its own university. Würzburg has been the seat of the diocese since 742. The prince bishops shaped events in Würzburg for a long time. The Marienberg Fortress, which sits enthroned on a hill above the town, bears witness to this to this day. The city is located in the Main triangle and is surrounded by the Spessart, Rhön and Steigerwald. Vineyards are just outside the city gates. Therefore, three of the largest wineries in Germany name Würzburg as their headquarters. If you want to experience Würzburg, the wine, good food, the wonderful location on the Main and the history of the city play a major role. Here we collect tips on how you can make your stay in the city varied and interesting.

Experience Würzburg with these tips

Take a vacation on the Main in Miltenberg

5 wine places for a wine weekend in the Main Valley

 Franconian Wine Weekend Excursions and tips for Würzburg visitors. Five wine villages in Franconia for a holiday with a winegrower in Franconia or for a wine weekend in Franconia? Holidays in a wine region of Germany are possible in these places. A Franconian Wine Route that...
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Breakfast terrace overlooking Würzburg

Weinberg Hotel in Wurzburg

Schlosshotel Steinburg - the Weinberg Hotel Würzburg A Würzburg tip for connoisseurs! This Weinberg Hotel in Würzburg is an experience in itself. Nothing lets you guess what a magnificent view of Würzburg and the vineyards of the Würzburger Stein awaits us. In the vineyard...
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Elegant lady of sandstone

Garden splendor in Veitshöchheim in Franconia

How the prince-bishops of Würzburg passed the time - enjoy garden splendor Garden splendor impresses us in Veitshöchheim. There are many excursion destinations in Franconia that are worthwhile. No wonder! The prince bishops from Würzburg were present along the Main. Be ...
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Citizens Hospital of the City of Würzburg

Ways to wine in the city of Würzburg

Wine tour Würzburg Tips for Würzburg connoisseurs: This wine tour Würzburg is part of a pleasure trip in Franconia like a Schäufele with dumplings or a Franconian sauerbraten. Franconia is a Bavarian pleasure region and, in addition to Franconian specialties, offers various types of beer as well as excellent ...
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Experience Würzburg with these tips
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