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Ways to wine in the city of Würzburg

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Citizens Hospital of the City of Würzburg

Wine tour Wuerzburg

Tips for WürzburgConnoisseurs: This Wine tour Wuerzburgdefinitely belongs to one Enjoyment trip in Frankenlike a scoop with dumplings or a Franconian sauerbraten. Franconia is one BavarianEnjoyment region and offers next to Franconian specialtiesVarious types of beer and excellent wines. So what could be more obvious than us on our journey through the Franconian wine countryto show the way to wine in Würzburg? We let Dorothea Eberlein guide us to the wine places in Würzburg. She is from Würzburg, wine connoisseur and tour guide in her hometown.


Thüngersheimer Johannisberg on our wine tour Würzburg
Thüngersheimer Johannisberg in the Staatliche Hofkeller on our wine tour Würzburg


Hidden paths to wine in the city of Würzburg

We meet Dorothea Eberlein at the Franconia fountain in front of the residence in the city center. Only a few steps away is the Staatliche Hofkeller. In it we taste the first wine on our wine tour. A sip Thüngersheimer Johannisberg, a location that is edited by the Würzburger Hof cellar. We learn a lot about winegrowing in and around Würzburg. We hear from the first layers as well as from the four types of soil on which the Würzburg wines thrive.


Franconia fountain in front of the residence in the city of Würzburg
Franconia fountain in front of the residence on our wine tour through Würzburg


Accommodation in Würzburg *

These hotels are particularly popular with connoisseurs and wine lovers:

Hotel Melchior Park*:

The Hotel Melchior Park offers a view over the city of Würzburg and the Main Valley. Each room is modern and stylishly furnished and offers all the amenities one would expect from a four star hotel. The highlight of the hotel, however, is the rooftop terrace, which offers views over the city and vineyards.

Maritim Hotel Wuerzburg*:

The Maritim Hotel Würzburg offers a wonderful view of Würzburg and the surrounding countryside. The hotel is particularly interesting for wine lovers, who are invited to the Franconian wine bar. The hotel also offers a wide range of wines from the region.

Hotel Wuerzburger Hof*:

The Hotel Würzburger Hof is a historical building in the heart of the city and offers a mixture of modern comfort and traditional charm. The rooms are elegantly furnished and offer a cozy ambience.

Hotel Greifensteinerhof*:

The Hotel Greifensteiner Hof is located in a quiet area on the outskirts of the city and offers an oasis of peace and relaxation. The rooms are spacious and comfortably furnished and offer all the amenities you would expect from a four-star hotel. The hotel also has an idyllic garden where you can sit back and relax.

Schlosshotel Steinburg Würzburg*:

The Schlosshotel Steinburg in Würzburg is a hotel that is suitable for both business travelers and holidaymakers. It lies on a hill above the Main and offers a magnificent view of Würzburg and the river. The hotel also has an in-house restaurant that is known for its excellent cuisine. We stayed at the Schlosshotel Steinburg itself. We describe our experiences in this article.

Wuerzburg hotels with spawe recommend here. Or search for your accommodation in Würzburg using this map:



The wines that grow on the primary rock on the Lower Main are lively and delicate. On the other hand, they taste earthy and elegant when they thrive on the shell limestone in and around Würzburg. After all, the wines from the Steigerwald's Gipskeuper have a fruity taste. The red wines from the red sandstone soils of the Mainviereck taste both sumptuous and full-bodied. Meanwhile, we learn how the prince bishops of Würzburg made money from the wine trade. They used the wealth to build their city. In the vinotheque of the Staatliche Hofkeller we can guess how great the influence of these church princes was. Because the ecclesiastical lords were not popular, they preferred instead to live in the Marien Fortress, which lies outside the city walls on the hill above the city. There they were safe from the people of their city.


On a glass of wine in the hockerle
For a glass of wine in the Hockerle - insider tips for your Würzburg wine tour


For a drink in the "Hockerle"

The wine bars in the city of Würzburg are as diverse as the vineyards. On our walk we leave the Bürgerspital Weinstube on the right. Instead, we go a few steps further to the "Hockerle", a small wine bar that has cult status in Würzburg. "This is where the people of Würzburg come when they are in town to go shopping," explains Dorothea. "Then you get a pint of wine at the bar. You sit down in the chamber and meet friends for a chat.” There are no fine wines here, but you always meet people you know. We sit down on green painted wooden benches and try a sip of the house wine. You can get a glass of it - depending on the variety - for between 2,70 and 3,20 euros per pint at the counter.



Enjoyment in the citizen hospital of the city of Würzburg
Enjoyment in the Würzburg City Hospital on the Würzburg Wine Tour


Wine bar for the benefit of the poor in the citizen hospital

Right next door is the vinotheque of the Bürgerspital, which has existed since 1316. It was initiated as a charitable foundation for the poor by Johannes and Mergardis von Steren. She should provide help to the starving and sick residents of the city. However, in order to get your daily portion of wine in the city of Würzburg, you had to follow strict rules. If one did not behave according to the rules, water was mixed with the wine or the wine ration was canceled. Nevertheless, the Bürgerspital is now a place for seniors, where the strictness of the authorities has given way to enjoyment and well-being. Old and young like to meet in the inner courtyard of the Bürgerspital to spend a day in pleasant surroundings.


A glass of wine at Maulaffenbäck
A glass of wine at Maulaffenbäck on the Würzburg wine tour


Bring your own at Maulaffenbäck on the Würzburg wine tour

The sign "Weinstube Maulaffenbäck" tells a story of a Würzburg tradition that is slowly dying out. In the past, the bakers in the city of Würzburg were also allowed to sell wine, which the name on the sign says. There were numerous baker's wine taverns in the city where customers could buy their snackbrought wine with them to their pint, similar to what happens in beer gardens today. However, the rental and lease prices in the city have become expensive, which is why the bakery-wine taverns can no longer afford if their guests consume nothing but a glass of wine. So they are slowly disappearing. The Maulaffenbäck is therefore one of the last of its kind.


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What you need for a Würzburg wine tour

  • You will definitely be walking a lot in Würzburg. Therefore are comfortable shoesimportant.
  • If you are planning an elegant evening, then you should comfortable pumps.
  • Also suitable in summer Sandalsgood for a walk through Würzburg.
  • Würzburg wines are the best souvenirs. In one City backpack For example, one or two bottles can be easily transported.
  • There are also many photo opportunities in the city. Your Camera so you shouldn't forget.
  • In summer it can also be hot in Würzburg and the sun often shines. A sun hat then does good service.


Waiting for a kinked on the market square of the city of Würzburg
Queuing for a kinked at the market square of the city of Würzburg - Würzburg wine tour


Queuing for a kink on the Würzburg wine tour

On the market square we see a long line of people waiting in front of a sausage stand, and Dorothea Eberlein explains to us that the famous "Knickte" is here. This sausage is Würzburg's answer to the Regensburg, Nuremberg and Viennese sausages. It was invented by the master butcher Karl Knüpfling, who mainly offered it for sale at his stand on the Würzburg market square. Until he fell victim to the sausage. In 2006, the inventor of the nods choked to death trying to fix a fat cutter used in making his sausage. Nevertheless, his invention is still very popular today, as the long queue proves.


Wild boar ham and mountain cheese for Würzburg wine
Wild boar ham and mountain cheese with Würzburg wine on the Würzburg wine tour


We reserve the taste of this Würzburg sausage specialty for another visit to Würzburg and let us instead taste wild boar ham, spicy salami and mountain cheese to the Würzburg wine.


Townhouses in the city of Würzburg
Town houses in the city of Würzburg on the Würzburg wine tour


Exquisite Würzburg wines from the Juliusspital on the Würzburg wine tour

Our paths to wine lead past rococo buildings and town houses in the Balthasar Neumann style to the Juliusspital. Similar to the Bürgerspital, which we visited at the beginning of our wine tour through Würzburg, the Juliusspital was also founded as a foundation for the poor and sick. The initiator of this foundation was the Würzburg Prince-Bishop Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn (1545 – 1617). He simply bought the Jewish garden in front of the city and declared it a building site. To this day, the proceeds from the winery belonging to the foundation contribute to the financing of the clinic and the senior citizens' foundation.


Bring Your Own in the Weinstube Juliusspital
Bring Your Own in the Weinstube Juliusspital - Würzburg Wine Tour


We owe the splendor of this hospital to the quality of these wines, which far overshadows the idyllic ambience of the Bürgerspital. The winery of the Juliusspital Foundation is also Germany's second largest winery with a cultivation area of ​​177 hectares. In addition, its vineyards are among the most renowned in Franconia. In addition, the winery is one of the VDP.Prädikat wineries in Germany and is therefore one of the best wineries in the country. In the wine tavern of the Juliusspital opposite the hospital we can taste one of the wines – with some sausage pieces and white bread we brought with us. This is typical Würzburg!


View from the Alte Mainbrücke to the Marienfestung
View from the Old Main Bridge to the Marienfestung - Würzburg Wine Tour


With the view from the Old Main Bridge to the Marienberg Fortress on the hill on the other HairWe finally say goodbye to Dorothea Eberlein after an enjoyable guided tour through the city of Würzburg. If you want to experience the Würzburg wine yourself, you can join one of Dorothea's guided tours.

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Travel Tips to Savor for Franconia


Questions and answers about the Würzburg wine tour and more

Which type of wine is particularly recommended on the wine tour in Würzburg?

The Thüngersheimer Johannisberg, a site cultivated by the Würzburger Hofkeller, is recommended on the wine tour.

What kind of souvenirs are particularly recommended in Würzburg?

Würzburg wines are recommended as the best souvenirs.

What are the main attractions in Würzburg?

The most important sights in Würzburg include the Würzburg Residence, Marienberg Fortress, the Old Main Bridge and the Marienkapelle.

What wine tours can you do in Würzburg?

There are several wine tours in Würzburg that go to different wineries and Wine tastingsinclude.

What is the best way to get to Würzburg?

Würzburg is easily accessible by train and has a train station in the city centre. Würzburg can also be easily reached by car or bus. The nearest airport is Nuremberg Airport. Also Frankfurt is not far away.

Which restaurants in Würzburg are recommended?

There are many restaurants in Würzburg that offer Franconian specialties. We recommend the restaurant "Alte Mainmühle" and the restaurant "Kuno 1408".

What is there to do in Wuerzburg?

There are many activities to do in Würzburg, such as a guided tour of the old town, a boat trip on the Main, a visit to the Würzburg Residence or a ride on the historic tram through the city. Hiking and cycling tours through the surrounding vineyards are also popular.

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Car Rentals:

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Accommodation in Wurzburg

Hotels and Accommodations in Wurzburg *you can, for example, easily book via our partner booking.com.

Wuerzburg travel guide

Order your travel guide for Würzburg here*.

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Würzburg tips
Click on the photo and then remember “Würzburg Tips” on Pinterest – Würzburg Wine Tour



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Source Würzburg wine tour: research on site. We would definitely like to thank you Franconian wine countryfor supporting this trip and the Company Knausfor the mobile home. However, as always, our opinion remains our own.

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Ways to wine in the city of Würzburg

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