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Kaiserschmarrn Recipes - that's how they cook in Austria

There are various Kaiserschmarrn recipes. Each cook has his own ingredient that makes it special. In addition, the pastry with its side dishes can be served in a variety of ways. In Austria there are mostly plum roasters. This is plum compote, which goes particularly well with cinnamon and sugar seasoning. It is often served with applesauce.

Flädle soup recipe with a kick

Flädle soup is popular in Swabia. We also like it very much and cook it every now and then, when we come back from our trips to savor. Here we present you a Flädlesuppe recipe, which we refine with a few ingredients. This gives the soup a completely different taste.

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Pepper recipe from southern Italy - Peperonata

With this paprika recipe for peperonata you can prepare the paprika vegetables like a housewife from Puglia, Calabria or Sicily. Everyone has their recipe that they swear by. It is not clear where the recipe originally came from. Some say it comes from Sicily. The others consider Calabria or Puglia to be the place of origin. One thing is certain: it tastes delicious and is easy to cook.

Baking bread without yeast is easy - how it works

With homemade yeast water you can bake bread without yeast. We tried baking bread on our pleasure trip to Texel. Since then we have been making bread ourselves at home. You don't always have yeast on hand. This method helps. Baking with yeast water requires a little more patience, but it helps if yeast is not available.

Wellness hotel in the Bavarian Forest - the peak of deceleration

Advertisement - Bavarian Forest in the Wellness Hotel, in the Yoga Hotel or Bavarian Forest Wellness with Child Bavarian Forest in the Wellness Hotel In the wellness hotels in the Bavarian Forest you experience pure deceleration. There are many offers that guarantee inner peace in Bavaria for the whole family. No matter whether you spend your vacation in a yoga hotel or ... go to Article

Potato Casserole from the Mühlviertel - Austrian Specialties

Mühlviertler Potato Casserole - Cooking with Potatoes in Austria You can easily cook this recipe with potatoes. This Mühlviertler potato casserole is one of the specialties that we brought with us from our trips through Austria. The Mühlviertel Wasp Nests combine potatoes with apples. An unusual recipe that uses potatoes, but very tasty nonetheless. The ... go to Article

Pasteis de Nata Recipe - Delicious Portugal

Make pasteis de nata yourself A pasteis de nata recipe to make yourself! The Portuguese pudding tarts are often there for breakfast. They tasted so good to us that we have been baking them at home ever since. We brought the recipe with us from our Genuss Reisen. This is how we experience the culinary delights of Portugal ... go to Article

Cep ravioli with garlic butter sauce

Mushroom ravioli recipes for Italian cooking at home Porcini ravioli with garlic butter sauce is one of the mushroom ravioli recipes that we enjoy cooking as a quick lunch since our enjoyment trips to Italy. We don't usually make the ravioli ourselves, but buy ready-made boletus ravioli in the supermarket. If it should go quickly, it takes ... go to Article

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