Publishing Principles

Publishing Principles - Publishing Guidelines

We work on the basis of the Travel Blogger Code. This represents the publication guidelines that we rely on in our work.

These are the ethical principles to which we are committed.

1.0 content

1.1. Credibility and individuality is our greatest asset.

1.1.1. We write about experiences and thoughts that we actually had.

1.1.2. Blog posts live from the subjective point of view of the authors, one's own opinion is essential.

1.1.3. Advertising, advertorials, sponsorships, sweepstakes, product tests and articles based on press releases must be clearly identified as such in the article and any clients must be named.

1.1.4. We respect the applicable copyright and personal rights.

2.0 Cooperations & Advertising

2.1. Cooperation with business, PR measures and advertising are tried and tested means of earning money with blogs.

2.1.1. Our journalistic freedom remains untouched by any cooperation.

2.1.2. We clearly and unequivocally agree on the goals and limits of cooperation with partners.

2.1.3. In the case of advertising cooperation, services must be remunerated appropriately.

3.0 Invitations and support for trips/events/restaurant visits, etc.

3.1. Invitations such as press trips, blogger trips, food invitations and events as well as support for individual trips are tried and tested means of contributing to research work.

3.1.1. Our journalistic freedom remains untouched by any support/invitation.

3.1.2. A support/invitation is not a payment. It is the basis for us to be able to do our work.

3.1.3. We clearly mark content that came about as a result of a support/invitation.

3.1.4. In the case of research work, we clarify mutual expectations with the supporter in advance.

3.1.5. If discrepancies or complications arise in the course of a cooperation, we first seek personal contact with the cooperation partner to clarify and solve the situation.

3.1.6. In exceptional cases, we reserve the right not to report and inform the inviter of the reasons.