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Motorhome accessories

In the motorhome accessories online shop

Discover tips and equipment for caravans and campers in this motorhome accessories online shop. This means you can supply your motorhome with everything you need for your travels. Here you will find options for purchasing accessories. There are also tips for your motorhome trips that you can use to make your camper or caravan more comfortable. A packing list should not be missing, as should manuals that will help you during the trip. Equip your motorhome with everything you need for your trip.


portable grill for picnic and camping

Portable grill for picnic or camping

Camping grill for picnics and motorhomes Whether camping in a motorhome or a relaxed picnic in the park, a portable grill is essential for perfect outdoor cooking. Discover the best models and practical accessories for your next barbecue adventure. Picnics and camping are trendy. Then what's better than a portable...
Motorhome on the Main

Where can I rent a motorhome in Germany?

Rent a motorhome in Germany? Where can I rent a motorhome? We are often asked this question these days. Renting a motorhome is trendy. Motorhome vacations have a nimbus of freedom. If you want to rent a motorhome, you want to be independent. Free to decide how long to stay somewhere. Spontaneously in the country ...
Parking with a view of the Bavarian Forest

Stay overnight in a mobile home in Germany and Europe

Staying overnight in a motorhome in Germany and Europe "Where can you stay overnight in a motorhome in Germany and Europe?" - that is the question we ask ourselves. Are pitches or campsites better? Can you spend the night in a motorhome on the side of the road? We are thinking about a motorhome trip through Germany. Like that ...
Motorhome holidays on the Main

Packing list motorhome - What should not be missing in a mobile home

Packing list motorhome - your camping checklist for the camper vacation Use the motorhome packing list as a camping checklist before your motorhome trip. Our camping mobile home packing list will help you if you still need equipment. Motorhomes that you rent already have most of them in their equipment. During our motorhome trip, however, we have the experience ...
Gift ideas for gifts for campers and motorhomes

Gifts for campers and motorhomes

Gift ideas for gifts for campers and motorhomes Which gifts for campers and motorhomes are outdoor fans happy? Holidays in camper vans and mobile homes are the trend. Therefore, gifts for RV fans can be needed all year round. Gifts for camping enthusiasts make their recipient happy not only for Christmas or for a birthday. Maybe adopted ...
Winter camping Bavaria

Winter camping Bavaria - what should you watch out for?

Winter camping Bavaria - is that even possible? The cold season is just around the corner. So we asked ourselves whether winter camping in Bavaria is possible. Since we haven't tried it ourselves yet, we get advice from Lena Stoffel, who as a freerider also catches up with her camper van in winter ...
Dutch oven sizes

Dutch Oven Sizes – Which One Fits Me?

Which Dutch oven size suits you best? A Dutch oven is a versatile and essential part of every kitchen. From casseroles to bread baking to outdoor cooking, a Dutch oven offers endless possibilities. However, the right Dutch oven size is crucial to getting the most out of your cooking skills...
roof tent car

Buying a roof tent for the car – how to find the right one

Roof tent (hard shell) Buy a car Ragna GT, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons Buy your camping tent here You can buy your tent for the car roof here Choose the right roof tent for you here You can find a general selection here* A roof tent with an awning you can buy here* your...
Petar cooking and baking in the mobile home

Cooking and baking in the mobile home

Cooking and baking in the camper is different If you are a beginner on the road in a camper, you will soon realize that the cooking equipment differs from the possibilities in the kitchen at home. You have less space. You are limited in your shopping options. Depending on the size of the mobile home, shopping in the ...
campfire accessories

Campfire accessories for camping and garden

Which campfire accessories do I need? That depends on whether you need the campfire accessories for cooking over an open fire when camping or in your own garden. Of course you can make a campfire just to sit by the fire. But it's a lot more fun when you use the campfire to...


Motorhome accessories online shop
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Motorhome accessories online shop

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