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Monika and Petar on the Magnifique

What is Travel World Online?

Anyone who does not travel to a country as a tourist describes themselves as a traveler - even if they are, of course, still. A traveler is interested in the country and its people and wants to get to know and understand them. “Slow Travel” means choosing a specific region and researching it in detail, including its regional customs and customs, its culture, its culinary specialties, its festivals and its people. That is exactly what TravelWorldOnline Traveler provides assistance for. We provide travel tips for pleasure and slow travelers.

Monika and Petar Fuchs in Graz
Monika and Petar Fuchs in Graz


Who is TravelWorldOnline aimed at?

This travel blog gives travel tips for those travelers who want to explore Europe and the world intensively and take their time to look behind the scenes. It is aimed at those who want to discover their destination in all its facets, and are ready to leave their everyday life at home and looking for a break with pleasure. This is not about getting to know as many highlights as possible. Rather, there are tips in this blog, where and how to get in touch with the locals and get to know the country and people intensively. Anyone who wants to travel a country like this is right with this blog.

What does TravelWorldOnline offer its readers?

TravelWorldOnline Traveler presents enjoyment travel destinations and slow travel tips in articles, photos and videos. There are tips on how, where and when you can find them and experience them yourself. And we suggest activities that will diversify your travels, but which will not require you to perform at their highest physical and mental standards.

The holiday we recommend is restful and full of special impressions and great experiences. TravelWorldOnline Traveler addresses those travelers who have the time and leisure to enjoy a country for their journey through Europe and the world. This blog offers information about different countries and their people and their lifestyle as well as tips for a special boat trip, an easy hike, an atmospheric picnic or an interesting museum.

Who are Monika and Petar Fuchs?

You are probably wondering who this couple is, who is behind “TravelWorldOnline Traveler”, who produces videos about them and who is constantly exploring new enjoyment and slow travel regions?

Moniks and Petar Fuchs have been traveling since they were young and have traveled to almost every continent. For many years they traveled the world with tents and caravans. While camping, they made their first trips through the USA, Canada, Central America, Australia and southern Africa. On their honeymoon, they spent six weeks exploring western Canada and the USA in a tent and rental car. Travels with enjoyment and wellness experiences in luxury hotels followed, which took her back to these countries. During her studies, Monika spent some time in North America, where she – partly together with Petar – traveled to the USA and Canada and spent a research year in British Columbia. This intensified her thirst for knowledge, which she tried to quench for 17 years as a study tour guide around the world. She was constantly expanding her travel regions, but curiosity still gnawed at her: "What's over the horizon? What else is there to discover in this city? Which people are interesting here?” As a travel journalist, travel author and travel blogger, she is now looking for answers to these questions in many countries around the world.

That was 2001. Meanwhile, she publishes this blog and several websites, of which you will find the most important listed below. She also writes for travel magazines and publishes travel guides. Since 2005, she has been traveling with her husband Petar, who has re-created his previous experience as a cameraman and contributed videos to their blogs and websites. Together they explore North America, Europe and the world on their own and are constantly looking for new experiences and attractions for gourmets and Slow Traveler, who introduce them here.

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In addition to her blog, Monika publishes articles in DIE ZEIT ONLINE and the print magazines 360 ° Canada, 360 ° USA, tourism aktuell, MySpotlight Canada and MySpotlight USA, writes guest postings for other blogs and websites such as Travianet, Neckermann Reisen, Expedia or Travador and writes travel guides. Petar's videos also appear on other sites like Traveldudes and on our own video channel on YouTube.

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