What can you do in Aachen?

Hof in Aachen - what to do in Aachen

What do connoisseurs do in Aachen?

We asked ourselves this question during our visits - What do connoisseurs do in Aachen? We discovered a number of ways you can make your visit to the city a pleasure. What do you think of a walk through the old town? Or would you prefer to discover the city's cuisine and restaurants? We have some tips for restaurants that are worthwhile. However, there is also pleasure for the eyes. The best way to do this is to take a look at the tips for sights in the city.


Points of interest in Aachen - Dom

Discover Aachen sights in one day

Aachen sights for one day 3 museums for a Aachen old town tour Aachen in one day - Which sights in Aachen do you have to see as a museum lover in the city of Charlemagne? That was the question we asked ourselves during this visit to the city in North Rhine-Westphalia. During our tour of the old town we visited three of them. They are all located in the city center and can easily be visited in one day. The footpaths between the museums are short. In order to ...
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Cake selection in the old Aachen coffee shops

Aachen specialties and culinary tips

Aachen specialties For pleasure travelers there are some Aachen specialties to discover in Aachen. Of course, this includes the Aachener Printen. How could it be otherwise? They are even named after the city. But there is more culinary that the city has to offer. And these are not just Aachen gingerbread. The city's restaurants and culinary offerings are diverse. Have you heard of Dresse Nougat? The city in North Rhine-Westphalia has a lot to offer that ...
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We recommend three good restaurants in Aachen near the city hall here

Two good restaurants in Aachen near the town hall

Good restaurants in Aachen near the town hall We got to know two good restaurants in Aachen near the town hall on our last visit to the city. We went there to see museums. The Cathedral Treasury, the Center Charlemagne and the Couven Museum are all close to the town hall. So we combined our stay in the city with testing good restaurants near the town hall. We present you here what we discovered. All restaurants tested are easily ...
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Magnificent ceiling mosaics in the cathedral of Aachen

Aachen - a walk through the old town

A stroll through the old town of Aachen Discover the old town during Aachen sightseeing in the city center. Aachen is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia that invites you to take a stroll through the old town. Regardless of whether you start this stroll through the city at the Elisenbrunnen or at the town hall, the cathedral is always in the center. This with its high tower can be seen from many locations and can be used as a guide, because the city center is not very big. We start our old town sightseeing at Elisenbrunnen ...
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The city in Nordrhein-Westfalen offers a lot that promises enjoyment. Take the time to get to know this. It's fun to stroll through the city streets. Immerse yourself in the history of the city. There is a lot to discover there. Not only Charlemagne left traces. It is also worth taking a closer look at the development of the city. Be it in the cathedral. Or in the Couven Museum. The city's culinary delights are also worth a tour. Stroll through the streets and try the specialties of the city. Visit the stores that we recommend in our articles. Enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants. Or try gingerbread or the rice cake that is typical of the city.


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What can you do in Aachen?
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