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Where can I rent a motorhome in Germany?

Where can you rent a motorhome
Travelers ask: Where can I rent a motorhome?

Where can you rent a motorhome in Germany?

Where can I rent an RV? We are often asked this question at the moment. Renting a motorhome is the trend. Motorhome vacation the nimbus depends on freedom. If you want to rent a motorhome, you want to be independent. You are free to decide how long you want to stay somewhere. Spontaneously go somewhere else. Enjoy the nature. Breathe fresh air. Discover outdoor life. Many associate all this and more with traveling with a motorhome. But where can you rent a camper nearby? These tips will help you find the perfect RV rental for you.

Not everyone can buy a motorhome or expand it themselves. After all, it's not exactly cheap. In addition, you do not always know whether the type of motorhome vacation appeals to you. Therefore, it is definitely worth renting a motorhome before starting and testing whether this form of travel also suits you. In addition, not everyone wants to use this type of travel every year. Finally, there are other travel options that are just as exciting and interesting. Renting a motorhome makes sense if you want to use this form of travel from time to time, but not on every trip.

Motorhome rental in metropolitan areas and large cities

This year we have once again considered the idea of ​​renting a motorhome. It struck me for the first time that you can get these not only in the big cities or at airports. On the contrary, you get a motorhome even in small places. Of course, renting a camper near metropolitan areas and big cities makes sense. Most motorhome rental companies can be found there. Guests arriving from overseas land at the country's major airports. Millions of people and a large number of potential customers live in the metropolitan areas. The transfer stations vary from distributor to distributor. It is therefore worth comparing. Renting a caravan nearby is also possible.

You can rent a TUI motorhome at these transfer stations

You get TUI campers 29 transfer stations in Germany *.

DERTOUR offers motorhomes from these German cities:

Berlin, Bremen, Dettingen near Stuttgart, Dortmund (Unna), Erfurt, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Isny, Konstanz (Stockach), Cologne, Leipzig, Limburg, Malsch, Mannheim, Mühlheim an der Ruhr, Munich, Munich Airport, Nuremberg, Potsdam, Regensburg, Rheinfelden and Stuttgart. For Motorhome search * at DERTOUR you can use this link.

RV rentals nearby

At first glance, that sounds like many transfer stations in Germany. These include those in southern Germany, as well as in the center of the country and in northern Germany. We live in the country ourselves. The closest TUI camper station is still almost an hour and a half away. That is too far for us.

However, it is even better. If you do not live near one of these stations, we recommend you search for a motorhome rental Campanda *. With this company you can even find a camper rental close to you. This is because Campanda also works with private landlords and small landlords. We discovered a transfer station via Campanda, which is only a kilometer away from us. Although we live in the country and not in the catchment area of ​​a big city. Renting a caravan nearby is hardly easier. So we can only use a camper or camper for a weekend or a few days culinary voyage of discovery go.

To do this, enter the location in the search where you live. Most of the time you will not find a transfer station there immediately. Campanda, however, proposes motorhomes that you can rent in the area. If the length of the journey is important to you, as is the case with us, you can limit the radius in which the station should be from your home. The motorhome of your desired size is not always available there. If this is the case, simply expand the radius until one of the motorhome rental companies in your area has a motorhome available that meets your requirements.

Then you only need your motorhome for the duration of your vacation equip and off we go Motorhome parking spaces in Germany, a weekend holiday in the Alps, a detour to the Mediterranean for several days or even a long tour to more distant regions in Europe.

Where can you rent a motorhome in Germany
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