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Packing list mobile home - your camping checklist for the camper vacation

Use the RV packing list as a camping checklist before your RV trip. Our camping mobile home packing list will help you if you still need equipment. Motorhomes that you rent already have most of them in their equipment. However, during our motorhome trip, we experienced that certain things were missing. You can use this list to check whether your motorhome has everything you need for a Motorhome trip need If necessary, you can still get the rest. We have linked some of the equipment. You can order these online via the link. You can find the camping checklist here to check everything again: the packing list for the mobile home Ausdrucken you can find here. (Warning: the RV packing list pdf is not complete. We regularly update and expand the online version.) You will find that there is less space in a RV than you might imagine.



How do I load a mobile home correctly?

Basically, heavy objects belong below. Slight upwards. You should also make sure that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the motorhome. So don't pack all the heavy things in the rear loading area. are also helpful storage boxes*, in which you can store small items such as crockery, cutlery and other small utensils. So you can easily find them again.

What do you need for camping?

Motorhome packing list for the camper vacation

When shopping for groceries, it is worth making sure that you have to go shopping as rarely as possible. Most RVs are large. Our experience has shown that shopping opportunities do not always have parking spaces where you can park a motorhome without any problems. Even in the inner cities of larger cities, it is often difficult to get a parking space. We have seen again and again that we had to park the motorhome outside of the city. Far from shopping. That is why we make sure to take food that is as durable as possible with you when traveling with the motorhome. This RV packing list provides suggestions for groceries that are useful on the go.

Basic emergency food list

Camping checklist food - durable food

  • Trinkwasser
  • Drinks
  • UHT milk
  • Tea / coffee / espresso / cocoa
  • Salt / sugar / pepper
  • Spices / With spice mixtures. you can easily cook international dishes.
  • Vinegar oil
  • Muesli / oatmeal
  • Whole grain bread / crispbread
  • Jam / Honey / Nutella
  • Cookies / Chocolate / Chips
  • Flour (in a can)
  • Pasta / rice
  • Tomato sauces in various flavors
  • Fish / sausage in a can. The more diverse, the better.
  • Mustard / ketchup (portions)
  • Bag soups / sauces
  • Mashed potatoes / fried potatoes
  • Canned vegetables
  • Ready meals (maybe the farm shop or the butcher also offers something?)
  • Roasted onions
  • bun
  • Baking mix for cakes

Fresh food - packing list camper

  • milk
  • Butter / margarine
  • Bread (possibly for freezing)
  • Eggs
  • Ham / sausage vacuum packed
  • Sausages a. in the can
  • Salami / pepper biter or similar
  • fresh vegetables / fruit
  • Meat (vacuum packed)


Space is also limited in larger motorhomes. For the kitchen equipment, this means paying close attention to what is used for what. Can you perhaps replace an item with a smaller one? We use a pasta spoon to replace the sieve. We also use it to protect the pipes in the motorhome. We have crockery, glasses, cups and cutlery 2-3 times per person. So we don't have to rinse after every meal. We then do the washing up in a bowl that we use at the campsite.

If you rent a motorhome, you should take into account that you have to transport everything you take with you. Be it in the car or on public transport, if you only rent the vehicle from A to B. This automatically reduces the equipment. The packing list for the motorhome vacation needs to be well thought out. In the Packing List Motorhome PDF you can print out the list with the most important accessories.

Useful for the mobile home

Kitchen Equipment - Packing List Motorhome Vacation


In the packing list for the motorhome vacation in summer, bedding and covers are sufficient. However, in autumn or spring there can be nights that are still quite cold. Then we are happy if we have extra blankets with us for cold nights. We only take a sleeping bag and pillow with us when camping in winter. These provide additional warmth when the outside temperature is cold. For the bathing bag for showering on the campsite, we use waterproof bags that you can hang up in the shower stalls. So we have all bathing accessories at hand.

Basic motorhome equipment

Caravan equipment for sleeping & living - what should not be missing in the camper?


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We make sure that the equipment is as practical as possible. A flashlight and headlamp have proven to be indispensable. If you have to leave the motorhome again at night, a flashlight is good to illuminate the paths. We also take a headlamp with us when we have to work on the camper at night. This leaves us both hands free for work.

Caravan Household equipment and tools



Motorhome travel software belongs on the Motorhome packing list

A cable reel should be available in every motor home. The nearest power outlet is not always close at hand. She does a good job there. The same goes for the watering can and water hose. Sometimes the pitch is further from the tap than the hose is long. Another time you spend the night on a pitch without a fresh water connection. In such cases, a watering can can help. With a water hose you should make sure that it is available with tap connectors of different sizes. Only then can you be sure that you can connect the hose to the tap everywhere. Drive-up wedges are useful when the surface of the parking space is uneven. This will straighten the motorhome. Chocks let us sleep more easily when the mobile home is on a mountain slope. The level check for the gas bottle is also important. This tells you how much gas is left. On hot summer days, an odor improver is good for the sewage. Otherwise smells can quickly become unpleasant.


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Living and Cooking - Packing List Camping Motorhome
Packing list camping motorhome for living and cooking


If you are planning a longer trip with the motorhome, it is worth taking camping chairs and a camping table with you. So you can make yourself comfortable in front of the motorhome. This is perfect with an awning carpet and an awning or a parasol that protect against the sun. What is a camping tour without a barbecue? You should make sure that not every campsite allows the use of charcoal grills. With a gas grill you are on the safe side. This packing list for the motorhome holiday gives an overview of what you need for it.

Checklist camping mobile home for the camper vacation

Basic motorhome equipment for breakdowns and safety

A solar power bank has often served us well on our travels. We always have them with us. Also on city tours or hikes. Since it constantly charges itself, we never run out of power for electronic and digital devices. In cities, it often proves helpful to have a scooter or bike with you. Campsites or parking spaces are usually located on the outskirts or outside the city. If you want to buy fresh bread or fruit and vegetables, it is practical to be able to do this with a mobile stand. Otherwise there are often long footpaths with heavy shopping bags.

Also important for your camping caravan packing list

Even if a motorhome looks big at first glance and seems to offer a lot of space, you should think about what to pack. We made the mistake of taking way too much clothing with us on our first tour with the motorhome. Space for clothes is limited. You have the compartments above the bed for this. In our mobile home there was also a small cupboard underneath where we stowed our bags. If you have more with you, and if the motorhome is equipped with your storage room, you can use it Case accommodate. But think carefully about whether you want to leave the motorhome every time you are looking for something specific. On our next tour with the motorhome, we prefer to limit ourselves to what we can put in the shelves. There are places where you can wash in the campsites. This is much more practical than constantly looking for things.

You can leave elegant dresses, jackets and shoes at home. Are better walking boots, raincoats and light outdoor clothing suitable for hiking and being outdoors.

Take a look at ours too Motorhome accessories online shop past. There you will find further equipment for motorhome trips. We hope the packing list for camping with the motorhome will help you with the planning.



packing list for campers
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