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Top gas grill recipes for beginners

Gas grill recipes for beginners that taste great make vacation at home a pleasure. You can use the gas grill recipes to prepare grill specialties from all over the world at home. For those who spend their vacation at home, grilling on the gas grill can provide variety. And for good food. We have this at Jägerhof Maar in Lauterbach in Hessen enjoyed. Did you know that you are with Grilling prepare the food gently and with reduced calories? If you combine meat or fish with grilled vegetables, you can't really go wrong. You can find out which recipe goes well with the gas grill here. These grill recipes are easy to prepare on the gas grill. Then that will picknick at home for pure enjoyment. Add a few salads, sauces and dips and the perfect summer meal is ready. With these picnic ideas here. you can your Trips to Savor relive at home.

Grill tips for the gas grill

The perfect grilling temperature for grilling with a gas grill

However, you should make sure that you use the correct grill temperature for your grill recipes. If you comply with these, it will work with the preparation of meat, fish and vegetables. You should know these temperatures.

What can you grill?

The guidelines are for:

Steak 230 - 280 degrees Celsius
Bratwurst 180 - 220 degrees Celsius
Poultry 140 - 200 degrees Celsius
Game 130 - 180 degrees Celsius
Fish 160 - 180 degrees Celsius
Vegetables 150 - 180 degrees Celsius

Ingredients for grill recipes - gas grill recipes for beginners
Ingredients for the recipes with gas grill


Stationary gas grills

If you are new to gas grilling, we recommend these top grills. They are quality products at affordable prices.

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Types of gas grills

There are two main types of gas grills: portable and stationary. Portable gas grills are small enough to fit in the trunk of a car. Stationary gas grills are large enough to cook a family meal.

Gas grill BBQ gas grill with 4,4kW - 2 burners
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Cooking tips for the gas grill

The grill should stand on a flat surface that is not flammable. Wooden balconies are not suitable for this. If the embers flare up, neither water nor beer are the right extinguishing agents. You need one for that Grease fire extinguisher *. Such fires usually occur when fat drips from the grill meat onto the gas burners. The best way to prevent this is to put the meat in one Grill bowl made of aluminum * sets. Here you should make sure that the bowl on the underside is clean. This also prevents the gas grill from smoking. This also enables beginners to grill the gas grill recipes.


Gas grill recipes for beginners - prepare sausages on the grill
Prepare the sausages on the gas grill

Grill tools to prepare the gas grill recipes for beginners

Additional accessories for the barbecue things

Grill maintenance


Grilling on a gas grill - tips for beginners

We propose you the best gas grill recipes for beginners. This is a subjective selection. We choose dishes that are easy to cook. We like them and we hope that you will like them too. Try them out and let us know how you liked them in the comments. You are also welcome to make new suggestions.



Gas grill recipes

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What can you do on the gas grill?

You can grill meat and vegetables on the gas grill. You can also cook and even bake on it.

Cooking on the gas grill is grilling with a difference

Cast iron cookware is particularly suitable for cooking on the grill. So you can even above that Campfire Cook and bake.

Cast iron accessories and cast iron pots
for cooking & baking on the gas grill


Recipes so you can grill properly on the gas grill

Typical grilled dishes on the gas grill are the following:

Cevapcici from the gas grill - one of the gas grill recipes from the Balkans

Cevapcici spiceMany recipes for the gas grill come from the Balkans. The grilled meat rolls made from minced lamb or beef can be found all over Southeastern Europe. In countries like Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Albania, they are considered a national dish. You can also find them on the menus in Romania and Bulgaria. Originally the chopping rolls are said to come from Persia. From there the Ottomans brought them to the Baltic states.

There is hardly a dish that is as typical for grilled food as Cevapcici. With us they often come to the grill in summer. You can buy Cevapcici ready-fried or Season your minced meat rolls with original spices from Bosnia *. These are usually frozen and only need to be fried briefly on the grill. A fresh salad and a garlic sauce. And the grill dish is ready. That fits perfectly Chimichurri sauce from Argentina.

You can also prepare cevapcici yourself. It is one of the gas grill recipes that are great for beginners. You need this for:


  • minced lamb, beef or pork
  • salt
  • pepper
  • savory
  • Finely chopped garlic



You mix these ingredients well. You use the meat dough to form meat rolls about the size of your thumb. You can let them soak in the fridge overnight. This way they better absorb the aromas of the spices. The next day you grill them briefly on the gas grill.

It goes well with lettuce, white bread and a garlic dip.

Spareribs gas grill recipes - that's how you grill in North America

WURSTBARON® spare ribs for gas grills Recipes for beginnersSpare ribs are also part of our gas grill recipes for beginners. The grilled ribs are a specialty from North American cuisine. They are an essential part of an American barbecue. A distinction is made between three types of ribs. There are baby backribs. This means chop ribs between the back and stomach. These are more tender, meatier and shorter than the actual spare ribs. These are the ribs from the pork belly. Finally there is that St Louis Cut. This is how the ribs from the pork belly are called. However, the cartilage part and the thin rib tip are cut off. This part of the ribs is more firm than the meat of the baby back ribs. These ribs also contain more fat and connective tissue.


Typical American spare ribs are first freed from the silver skin. Then you rub the ribs with one Spice mix * one. You let this rest for a while. We always put them in the fridge overnight and don't fry them until the next day. You can  Spare ribs * buy here.

Then grill the spare ribs on low heat (100 - 130 degrees Celsius) for four to six hours in the barbecue smoker, grill in the indirect heat or cook them in the oven. We like our spare ribs nice and juicy. Therefore, we then coat them with Barbecue Sauce *. However, some Americans also like them dry and eat them as they come off the grill.

A steak like in the Wild West - grill recipes for the gas grill

US Entrecôte Steak Ribeye 800g What would a barbecue be without a grilled steak? And yes, this is also one of our gas grill recipes for beginners. To make your grilled steak work well, you only need good meat, salt and pepper. You will not get this meat from the discounter. The best meat for steak is American entrecote. Why American, you ask? This is because the North American cattle grow up outdoors. They are also slaughtered there later than here. This helps to make their meat taste much more intense than German beef.

The best way to get good entrecote from North America is in the gourmet department at Galeria Kaufhof. You can do it too to order on the Internet *. It is more expensive than the steaks that you can get at the discounter. But its taste is worth every penny.


The next step depends on whether you prefer your crust to be crispy or tender. If the former is the case, take the steak out of the fridge about an hour before grilling and rub it with salt. Then you let the meat lie for about an hour before you put it on the grill. Although this removes moisture from the meat, it creates a crispy crust. If you like your meat tender, keep the seasoning until after the grilling process.

The grill must be very hot for steaks. It is best to turn all the burners on until you reach a temperature of around 300 degrees Celsius. The high heat ensures that the pores of the meat close quickly. This keeps the moisture in the meat. You put the steak on the heat and close the grill lid. Then you leave the meat on the grill for a minute. Then turn the meat on the same side 90 degrees and leave it on the grill for another minute. So you get a nice diamond pattern in the steak. You repeat this process on the other side of the steak. This leaves the steak on the grill for a total of four minutes at extremely high heat.

After grilling

Don't get irritated when it starts to smoke. This is the fat that drips onto the burners. The meat will not burn if you stick to this grill process.

Now you turn off the burners. Now put the steaks on the cooler side of the grill. This stores a heat of around 150 degrees Celsius. If you can lower the temperature even further to 100-130 degrees, that's good. At this temperature you leave the steaks on the grill until they have reached a core temperature of around 60 degrees. The best way to measure this is with a Grill thermometer *. Then the steaks are grilled well medium. Then let them rest next to the grill for about five minutes. This gives the juice an opportunity to spread out in the meat.

Now season the steaks with pepper (and salt if you haven't done this before the grilling process).

Add potato salad and a Barbecue Sauce* or a chutney *.

Sausages - recipes for gas grill with lid

Salsiccia Bratwurst for gas grill recipes for beginners Sausages can also be prepared well on a gas grill. However, there are some things to consider. Because: if you put the sausages directly on the heat, they burn quickly from the outside, but are not even lukewarm inside. These grill recipes for hooded gas grill prevent this.

If you want well-grilled sausages, split the gas grill into direct and indirect heat. To do this, you only switch on some of the burners. You leave the others off.

Prick the sausages several times with a fork. This will prevent them from bursting. Then you put the sausages on the indirect heat. Close the lid and leave it on the grill for about ten minutes.

Only then do you place the sausages on direct heat so that they get the desired color.

Our tip: Use exceptional ingredients for your gas grill recipes

Our tip for gas grill recipes: grill some other sausages. Have you ever Salsiccia sausage from Italy * tried? It is seasoned a little hotter than our bratwurst. It tastes great with potato salad. You can Sausage make it yourself with this recipe. Do you like merguez, a French-style bratwurst? It's a bit too hot for us, but maybe you like it. Or you can try one right away Assortment of sausages *. Then the variety of flavors on the grill plate is guaranteed. The selection of sausages is large. It is worth trying different ones.

We hope you have a lot of fun with these barbecue recipes for the gas grill and, above all, enjoy your meal.



Top gas grill recipes for beginners - grill recipes
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Source for gas grill recipes: research on ours culinary trips through the world.

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