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Ceilidh Trail: on to the Cabot Trail

The Ceilidh Trail We explore the Ceilidh Trail in Nova Scotia and discover real insider tips. Do you know that, too? You drive to a country that you do not know, and choose the most famous places as destinations. On the spot, you realize that there are many nice and interesting things to do on the way there too ... go to Article

Glockner High Alpine Road - Hohe Tauern by car

Experience Glockner High Alpine Road and the Hohe Tauern by car on a road trip The Glockner High Alpine Road is Austria's most beautiful scenic road. When the sun is shining outside, the deep blue sky awakens longing for beautiful landscapes. Whenever possible, we get into the car and drive out looking for interesting regions that are ... go to Article

Killarney Secrets

A real insider tip is to go hiking at Killarney Provincial Park. Hiking at Killarney Provincial Park is an experience where you can really feel Canada. The Killarney Provincial Park (map) is hardly known in this country - wrongly, I think. Hiking in Killarney Provincial Park is a real outdoor experience. Just nature lovers ... go to Article

Rota Vicentina hiking on the fishing path Portugal

The Rota Vicentina Hiking on the fishing path Portugal On the ancient paths of the Rota Vicentina the fishermen walk over the fishing path Portugal to their fishing spots. It leads from Porto Covo along the west coast down to the Algarve. Sometimes the path runs comfortably above the cliffs. Another time steep ascents and descents to the ... go to Article

Sankt Lambrecht Hiking - Slow Travel in Styria

Walking in Sankt Lambrecht is enjoyable hiking In and around St. Lambrecht is Slow Travel in Styria, as we like it. We are neither summiteers nor hikers who need to reach the summit cross. When hiking we are looking for no sporting achievements. On the contrary. Hiking uphill is a horror. This is partly because ... go to Article

The Chiemgau Alps experience on an Alpine panorama tour

Roadtrip with a view of the Chiemgau Alps The Chiemgau Alps offer a great sight on a tour through the foothills of the Alps. Sunny weather lures us out to an Alpine Panorama Tour from Lake Waginger to Nussdorf im Chiemgau. It is the 15. August. Holiday in the Catholic regions and municipalities of Bavaria. You celebrate the Assumption. First think ... go to Article

Camargue France - Experience the home of horses and bulls

The Camargue France Us the Camargue lures France. We ride on one of the Camargue Tours in Provence on our river cruise along the Rhone. It is the southernmost region on our journey. It is not possible to continue. At Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, we look out over sandy beaches and the vastness of the Mediterranean. In the … go to Article

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