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Comfort food recipes from all over the world

Comfort food is food that reminds you of childhood. Nostalgia is one factor that makes food feel good. The news is less good for those who like to live healthy. Because comfort food is hearty food with a lot of calories and carbohydrates. Here we present comfort food recipes from all over the world.

Become an influencer - how does it work?

Lately we have been asked again and again: become an influencer - how do you do that? In any case, it should be clear to everyone who aims to build a foothold as an influencer: It is not easy. Here you can find our tips and recommendations.

Advertisement - The Glass Road in the Bavarian Forest

Advertisement - The Bavarian Glass Road extends over a distance of 250 kilometers from Waldsassen to Passau. It leads through the Upper Palatinate via Neustadt an der Waldnaab through the Bavarian Forest to Passau. There are many places and options along the Glasstraße where you can find out more about glass.

How to experience Vienna sustainably

We present here where you can discover Vienna sustainably. We stayed in a hotel that is committed to sustainability. Only a few steps away we discovered a shop that sells fresh products without packaging. We also show where you can eat sustainably in Vienna.

Discover good food on a food tour in Miami Beach

We discover good food on a food tour to the best restaurants in Miami Beach. We let Kelly Woodward introduce us to the secrets of Miami Beach's cuisine. We discovered restaurants in Miami Beach where the locals eat.

Mouthwatering Wine Tasting in Slovenia - Discover where you can find it

Discover Slovenia travel destinations for wine lovers with us. We experience Malvasia wine and more Slovenian wines in the Vipava Valley Slovenia. Green hilly landscapes invite you to go on excursions. Winemakers open their cellars to wine lovers. Wine routes attract with landscapes and restaurants.

Beautiful Perchten from Ebensee

In Ebensee am Traunsee in Upper Austria there is a lot going on on January 5th. People are waiting for an event that takes place every year on the last Raunacht, the night before Heilig-Drei-König in Ebensee: the Glöckler run, the Schön Perchten von Ebensee in Upper Austria.

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