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Nutze die tollen Sonderangebote bei diesem Herbst Sale für die Aufstockung Deine Reise, Genießer, Outdoor, Wandern, Wohnmobil und Heim-Ausrüstung.

Which rain jacket is the best? - A selection

Which rain jacket is really waterproof? This is determined by the rain jacket test by Stiftung Warentest. Some of our recommendations are based on this test by Stiftung Warentest. This packing list contains offers for rain jackets that you can order online.

Gifts for campers and motorhomes

Which gifts for campers and motorhomes are outdoor fans happy? Holidays in camper vans and mobile homes are trendy. Therefore, gifts for RV fans can be needed all year round. Gifts for camping enthusiasts make their recipient happy not only for Christmas or for a birthday.

Gifts for Travelers - What are the Best Travel Gifts for Gourmets?

What are the best travel gifts for travelers? We ask ourselves the same question every year in the weeks before Christmas. Most of our friends love to travel as much as we do. So it goes without saying that travel gifts are the first thing we think of when it comes to Christmas gifts.

Bag or Trolley? How to Choose the Right Bag for Your Train Ride

Travel bag or trolley – which is more practical on the train? We investigated this question on a train journey from Bologna to Cesenatico. We present the advantages and disadvantages of travel bags and trolleys here. This makes it easier to make a purchase decision.

Thermal underwear for women for winter

What's the best way to keep warm in winter? This question occupies many in the cold months. Thermal underwear for women is always a good choice. A thermal underwear set made of merino wool for women is particularly good. Here's more information.

Packing list winter vacation - What is the best protection against the cold?

Icy cold is very noticeable. Therefore, you should know beforehand how best to protect yourself against the cold. Which winter clothing is the best. These tips will help with activities that are possible in winter. These tips are just as interesting for skiers as they are for traveling to regions with extreme cold.

Sandals for women wide and extra wide

It is summer! Time for sandals ladies far. Discover summer shoes that are cut loose. It is not always easy to find wide sandals for women that are also chic. Therefore you will find a collection of summer shoes in sizes that fit problem feet.

Cool backpacks for city trips for women

Cool backpacks for city trips are chic accessories for a city tour. They have to be practical and look good. And, if possible, still fulfill certain functions that are required on city trips. Here is a selection.

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