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Packing list hiking - hiking equipment for leisurely hikers

With this checklist you will never forget anything on your hikes. The packing list hiking is intended for pleasure hikers. The hiking equipment is enough for a day tour. Depending on the weather conditions and the nature of the route, you will need additional equipment. A packing list hiking for printing is also available.

Packing list beach vacation - what has to be in the suitcase?

Packing list beach vacation You can find what you need for a beach vacation by the sea in our packing list beach vacation. It makes a difference where your beach vacation is going. In this packing list beach vacation we put together the things you need for a vacation on the beach, where you want to take a beach vacation in warm regions. What … go to Article

Walking shoes for wide feet

Which light hiking shoes are best for wide feet and where can you buy them? This article answers these questions. It also contains the latest test results for lightweight hiking shoes. Here you will find everything you need to know.

You want to buy a hiking backpack? You better clarify that before buying

You want to buy a hiking backpack Do you want to buy a hiking backpack that meets your requirements? Which fits for your hiking equipment? Then it is important that you first understand what your hikes usually look like. Before you buy, you should ask yourself a few questions so that you can choose the right hiking backpack for you. Not everyone … go to Article

Detective stories set in Provence

When I read a crime thriller set in Provence, I smell the sea. Then I see the white horses of the Camargue. I remember the flamingos in the nature reserve. Think of the boules players who roll their balls in the market square of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Dreams of the sandy beaches where the waves run smoothly. Buy your Provence thriller here.

Picnic accessories - what do you take with you to a picnic?

Time to get picnic supplies. The sun is shining. Flowers bloom. The deciduous trees are green again. Birds chirp and nature lures us outdoors. We have already discovered some picnic locations where we can enjoy this during our pleasure trips. But what do you take with you to a picnic? You can find the answer here.

Cool backpacks

Cool backpacks for city trips are also chic accessories for a city tour. A backpack for shopping works well. They have to be practical and look good. And, if possible, still perform certain functions that you need on city trips. Here is a selection.

Suitcase, trolley or backpack?

Suitcase trolley or backpack? What is best for the trip? Suitcase trolley or backpack? We asked ourselves the questions for a long time on our travels. Because we travel so often, our luggage has adapted to the duration and type of travel. We now know what is practical and pack accordingly. Maybe you are interested ... go to Article

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