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Walking shoes for wide feet

Wide hiking boots - What should you pay attention to when buying? Lightweight walking shoes for wide feet are hard to find. If you, like me, have strong feet that swell quickly when you walk for a long time, you know how difficult it is to find suitable walking shoes for wide feet. That's why I spent a lot of time searching. In normal shoe shops or ... go to Article

A hat when the sun is shining outside

A sunhat with neck protection is the perfect protection against blazing sun. Do you know that? Outside, the long-lost sun is shining from the sky, and you can not get enough of it. After the winter months, you are looking forward to spending time outdoors again. However, you are no longer used to the intense sunshine. There you get ... go to Article

Cool backpacks

Which city backpack women love? Do you know which city backpack ladies love? I do not know how you are? But on city trips, I always like to have a backpack with me, where I can store all my utensils for the day. However, I do not like taking my standard backpack, which is handy when traveling, ... go to Article

Which rain jacket is the best? - A selection for ladies

Which rain jacket is best for which purpose, we present you here. This packing list contains offers for rain jackets that you can order online. This one does not need only for hiking trips. There are travel destinations, because rain is just one of them. Ireland for example. Whether you are in Dublin, Cork, Northern Ireland or in the ... go to Article

Holiday for two with a suitcase

Granted, in the past we had a lot more luggage on our travels. What we did not pack everything on our first holiday for two: several pairs of shoes, books that we did not have time to read on the way, thick jackets - "it could be cold" -, elegant clothes for a nice evening, towels, washing powder , ... go to Article

Suitcase, trolley or backpack?

Suitcase trolley or backpack? What's best for the trip? Suitcase trolley or backpack? The questions we asked ourselves for a long time on our travels. Due to the fact that we travel so often, our luggage has adapted to the duration of the journey and the way of traveling. In the meantime we know what is practical and pack accordingly. Maybe you are interested ... go to Article

Trolley or travel bag - what is more practical for a train journey?

What is more practical - trolley or travel bag on the train? Display - Trolley or Travel Bag - What's more convenient on the train? On our journey from Munich to Cesenatico in Italy, we were also traveling by train. From Bologna airport we took the shuttle bus to the city's main train station. From there we continued ... go to Article

Nikon D5300 - Perfect travel logger camera

The perfect travel logger camera If I had not got the Nikon D5300 for my birthday, I would wish for Christmas. It is the (almost) perfect travel logger camera. It can do everything that makes my life as a travel blogger easier: it delivers high-resolution photos in outstanding quality. I can shoot video scenes with her. ... go to Article

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