Buy a tent in the tent shop

Buy a tent in the tent shop

tent shop

In the TravelWorldOnline tent shop you can buy your tent for your camping holiday. Here you can buy cheap tents for 2 to 4 people and larger. If you want to spend a camping holiday at a campsite, we recommend choosing a larger tent. Then you can set up the tent comfortably. When trekking or hiking, weight is the most important thing. After all, you have to carry the tent during the hike. The easier it is, the better.



Find tent in tent shop by number of people

Buy cheap tent for 1 person

Ruckzuck tent buy 2 person man waterproof tent

Ruckzuck tent 1 2 person man waterproof tent Order here*

Buy a trekking tent for 2 people

Waterproof outdoor tent Ultralight trekking tent Order here*

Tent buy 2 people

Trekking tent in 2 sizes, ultralight, tunnel tent Order here*


Order a tent for 2 people

Tent buy 2 people

Buy a 1-2 person tent for trekking, camping and outdoors. Waterproof Order here*

Buy cheap trekking tents for 1-2 people

Buy a tent for 2 people – trekking tent for 1-2 people Order here*


Buy a cheap tent for 3 people

Coleman Darwin tent, sleeps 2-4

Coleman Darwin tent, for 2-4 people, waterproof WS 3.000 mm Order here*

Automatic 3 person instant tent pop up dome tent

Automatic 3 man instant tent. Pop up dome tent Order here*


Buy a tent for 4 people

Tunnel tent incl. canopy & floor

Tunnel tent incl. canopy & floor Order here*

CampFeuer tent Super+ for 4 people

Family tent, CampFeuer tent Super+ for 4 people Order here*

4 person dome tent with canopy

4 person, 6 person dome tent with canopy and waterproof 3000 mm family tent Order here*


Buy a tent for 5 people

Tunnel tent Gotland for 6 people

Tunnel tent Gotland for 6 people | Family tent with sewn-in tent floor, waterproof, 5000 mm water column Order here*

5 man tent with separate living room and bedroom

5 man tent with living room and bedroom. Easy to set up and waterproof WS 3000mm Order here*

5 person tunnel tent

Coleman tent Galileo 4/5. 4/5 man tent. 4/5 person tunnel tent. Camping tent, family tent with awning. Waterproof WS 3.000mm Order here*

Tent 4-6 people waterproof, pop up

Huge camping tent, double-walled, throw-up tent, shelter, 6-man tent with anteroom Order here*


Order a tent for 6 people and more

Automatic dome tent

Automatic dome tent for up to 10 people. Slightly waterproof. Immediate deployment. Order here*

Coleman Octagon with large windows

Coleman Octagon with windows, with 360° all-round view. Stable steel rod construction and integrated ground sheet. Easy construction. 100% waterproof Order here*

Family tent with 2/3 extra large sleeping cabins and anteroom

Buy Coleman Tent Vail 4/6 people. Family tent with 2/3 sleeping cabins and anteroom. Set up quickly. Waterproof WS 4.000mm Order here*


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What you should pay attention to when buying a tent

Not all tents are suitable for every type of holiday. It is therefore worth considering what suits your type of tent camping. You should consider these tips when buying a tent. It is important that the tent poles are flexible but not easily broken. The floor and inner tent should let air through, this works best if they are made of nylon. When it comes to the outer tent, you should make sure that it is made of tear-resistant, weather-resistant and waterproof material.

Buy a stable tent

You often take a tent with you for a longer stay. This is convenient because you can leave tents at the campsite. This means you can be independent by car or bicycle during the day. Excursions are so easy to organize. At the Caravan is that different So you always have your accommodation with you. However, you also have to prepare them daily for excursions, unless you do them on foot, by public transport or by bike.

When choosing your camping tent, it is important that it is stable. It's worth spending a little more money for. Because nothing is more annoying than when you have to fear that your tent will collapse on you in a storm.

water column tent

If you only need the tent for spontaneous short trips at the weekend, a look at the weather forecast is usually enough. If precipitation is announced, it is better to do without the tent camping if you only have a simple tent. However, if you want to go on a longer trip, it is important that the tent is waterproof. The tent descriptions contain information about the water column of the tent.

How high should the water column be in the tent?

Usually the water column in the tent starts at 3000 mm. However, tents with an even higher water column are better. The higher the better. The tent floor should have at least this value. The ground is most exposed to water. A water column of 5000 is ideal for the tent floor.

How long is a tent waterproof?

From a water column of 2000, an outer tent is considered waterproof. The tent floor is considered waterproof from a water column of 3000. But beware! The longer the tent is left in the sun, the more the material ages. This reduces the water column.

How do I waterproof a tent?

If the waterproofness decreases, you can make the tent waterproof again with a strong waterproofing agent. You set up the tent for this. Make sure this is dry. Then you spray the tent seams with waterproofing agent. Let the seams dry. Then you can do a test with water. If water still gets in, repeat this process until the tent is tight again.

How much wind can a tent withstand?

Professional folding tents usually withstand wind speeds of up to 70 km/h (wind force 8). However, they must be well secured to the ground. Weights alone are not enough for this. Additional guy ropes and pegs are also required.

Buy a bike tent

If you are traveling with a tent and bicycle, then you should buy a lightweight bicycle tent. Trekking tents are also suitable. The lighter the weight, the better. One-man tents, which are quick and easy to set up, are best. Water resistance is also important here. Because nothing is more uncomfortable than having to sleep in a damp tent after a bike ride.

Buy a quick pitch tent

Quick-erect tents are also very practical. They can be set up in minutes. A pop up tent is ready for occupancy in one minute.

Buy a large tent or tents with an awning - buying a tent for 2 people is not always worthwhile

If you go camping with several travelers, it is worth buying a large tent. It's best to choose a size that will hold more people than will actually travel. So each passenger has enough space. Tents with an awning are also suitable for this. Depending on the size, the awning can also be used as sun protection or shelter if it suddenly starts to rain. This makes the camping tent a pleasant place to stay.

How much does a tent cost? Buying cheap tents is not always optimal

Of course, if you want to buy a tent, the price also plays a role. The price of a tent depends on the size, the material and the equipment. There are simple 2-person tents from 40 or 50 euros. A 2-person tent without much chi-chi costs between 80 and 120 euros.

How long does a good tent last?

That depends on the material. A heavy cotton tent will last longer than a medium weight tent. Cotton tents are more durable than polyester tents. A medium-weight cotton tent can be expected to last around 150-350 days. Heavy cotton tents last about 200 to 500 days. You should therefore pay attention to the quality of the material when buying a tent.

How long does a polyester tent last?

Polyester tents are not very durable. It is assumed that they have a useful life of 10 - 20 weeks.

How big does a tent have to be?

So that an adult can sleep well in the tent, you should assume a width of about 70 centimeters per person. The size of the person is also important. It is best to add twenty centimeters to the height of the respective person. So the tent user has enough space. If you want to buy a tent for 4 people, then you take the tallest person as a measure.



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Buy a tent in the tent shop
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