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Cep ravioli with garlic butter sauce

Mushroom ravioli recipes for Italian cooking at home Porcini ravioli with garlic butter sauce is one of the mushroom ravioli recipes that we enjoy cooking as a quick lunch since our enjoyment trips to Italy. We don't usually make the ravioli ourselves, but buy ready-made boletus ravioli in the supermarket. If it should go quickly, it takes ... go to Article

Baking bread without yeast is easy - how it works

Baking bread without yeast You can bake bread without yeast with homemade yeast water. We tried baking bread on our pleasure trip to Texel. Since then we have been making bread ourselves at home. You don't always have yeast in the house. In such cases homemade yeast water helps. You can ... go to Article

Potato Casserole from the Mühlviertel - Austrian Specialties

Mühlviertler Potato Casserole - Cooking with Potatoes in Austria You can easily cook this recipe with potatoes. This Mühlviertler potato casserole is one of the specialties that we brought with us from our trips through Austria. The Mühlviertel Wasp Nests combine potatoes with apples. An unusual recipe that uses potatoes, but very tasty nonetheless. The ... go to Article

Pasteis de Nata Recipe - Delicious Portugal

Make pasteis de nata yourself A pasteis de nata recipe to make yourself! The Portuguese pudding tarts are often there for breakfast. They tasted so good to us that we have been baking them at home ever since. We brought the recipe with us from our Genuss Reisen. This is how we experience the culinary delights of Portugal ... go to Article

Mainz Spundekäs is served with Wine in Rheinhessen

Mainz Spundekäs recipe We tried the Mainz Spundekäs from Rheinhessen for the first time on our culinary journey through Hesse. However, he actually comes from Mainz. There it is on the menu in every wine bar. The cheese specialty comes from Mainz, to be precise. But also in the Wiesbaden area and in the Rheingau on ... go to Article

Rillettes Recipe and Memories of Canada

Rillettes from the duck This is the first contribution of a new culinary series about the regional kitchens of the world, which we start together with Azlin Bloor from LinsFood. In it we will introduce you to regional recipes that we brought with us from our travels. Azlin is a cook and will show you in her videos how to ... go to Article

Savor original Swabian Maultaschen - at Home and in the Restaurant

Ad - To enjoy real Swabian Maultaschen, preparing the Maultaschen in your kitchen is not enough. Because the specialty is legally protected. Since 2009 only Maultaschen can be called Swabian, that go through at least one production stage in Swabia. They must either be produced, processed or manufactured there. The specialty is ... go to Article

Plum Pudding Recipe - How to prepare Christmas Pudding

Plum pudding in English style Plum pudding is part of the traditional Christmas festival in the UK like the Christstollen in Germany - with this plum pudding recipe you can make the Christmas pudding yourself. And maybe a little more tasty than this traditional dessert is generally said to be. Because not even the British agree on whether the plum pudding now ... go to Article

African Food - African Stew from Nigeria

Eating like in Africa Our African stew from Nigeria prooves, how well you can eat in Africa. I had eaten this for the first time many years ago in an African restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa. In Marco's African Place. Not far from the waterfront. The restaurant still exists today. Whether it is the ... go to Article

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