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Alentejo - Of Fish, Shrimp and Coriander

We enjoyed Portuguese fish specialties on our trip through the Alentejo. Fish was on our menu in every restaurant on this trip on the fishing path through the Alentejo. There was dogfish soup in Evora. Eel stew then awaited us in Cais Palafítico. Açorda de Marisco we ate in Sines.

Spaghetti aglio e olio recipe

Spaghetti with garlic and oil is a pasta dish that comes from the cuisine of southern and central Italy and is quick to prepare. There are regions in which the dish is cooked a little more spicy than the original recipe. Here are suggestions on how to vary the dish.

Plum Pudding Recipe - How to prepare Christmas Pudding

The plum pudding is part of the traditional Christmas festival in Great Britain like the Christmas stollen here - with this plum pudding recipe you can make the Christmas pudding yourself. And maybe a little tastier than is generally said of this traditional dessert.

Plum cake recipe with almonds

Whenever I bake this plum cake recipe with almonds, I think back to my childhood. This plum cake recipe with almonds was already baked by my mother. It is easy and quick to prepare and tastes delicious.

Cooking in a motorhome or houseboat

Cooking in a motor home or houseboat needs to be carefully considered. Because there is only little space in the galley as well as in the kitchenette of a mobile home. During our trips with the motorhome and the houseboat, we have gained experience of what to look for in a small kitchen.

Mango-mint smoothie with tortellini salad

Recipe for a mango-mint smoothie with pizza tortellini salad. We tried the recipe for the smoothie for the first time in the monastery kitchen in Altzella Monastery in Saxony. The herbs came from the monastery garden.

BBQ grill recipes with salmon and peanuts

Two BBQ grill recipes with salmon and peanuts; Salmon in a peanut crust and a peanut dip with grilled fish. These two grill recipes can be prepared well at home or at a picnic in the green or in a camper van kitchen. The perfect summer meal.

Plum cake from a tin with sprinkles

This recipe for a plum cake from a tin with marzipan and almond crumbles can be prepared well with frozen plums. The plum cake is made with batter.

Harvest elder flowers for a day for connoisseurs

From the end of May to July, elder flowers are not to be overlooked on the edges of the forest. Then their flowers shine between the green of the bushes. You can find an elderberry location on every excursion into nature. These elderflower blossom recipes make the trip a pleasure.

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