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Potato Casserole from the Mühlviertel - Austrian Specialties

Mühlviertler potato casserole - specialties from Austria This Mühlviertler potato casserole is one of the Austrian specialties we would like to introduce. The Mühlviertler wasp nests combine potatoes with sweet ingredients. A rather rare way of processing the healthy tuber. The potato pastry was served to us during our visit to the monastery refectory in Schlägl Abbey in Aigen in the Mühlviertel. ... go to Article

Frankfurt's green sauce

The Frankfurt Green Sauce There are regional recipes for the Frankfurt Green Sauce that have been handed down for centuries in your own family. One generation passes on the recipe to the next and treasures it like a treasure. One of these recipes is the green sauce. How the sauce is made is something that ... go to Article

Hotel Seeblick in Klietz - A look into the cooking pots

The Elbe-Havel-Winkel The Hotel Seeblick in Klietz * opens its kitchen for us. We are back as a kitchen spy in the Altmark region. We were invited by the tourist authority Elb-Havel-Winkel. This is the region on the other bank of the Elbe. In fact, the area no longer belongs to the Altmark. The Elbe separates the Elbe Havel Land from the ... go to Article

Buy American food online - Click here

Here you can buy US products over the internet Are you just back from your trip to the US and want to buy American food? You also want pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast at home? At the thought of the pastrami sandwich in New York is your mouth watering? Or do you rather dream of ... go to Article

Rhubarb Crumble Recipe - Enjoy British

Rhubarb Crumble Recipe With this rhubarb crumble recipe, you'll even convince the biggest doubters that you can eat well in the UK. We tried it at home today because we bought fresh rhubarb at the weekend. Rhubarb I like since childhood. However, he must be fresh and crisp. That's why we put him ... go to Article

Prince Edward Island Oysters, Shells & Quahogs

Prince Edward Island Oysters Mussels and Quahogs Fresh from the Sea Seafood and shellfish play a big role in the cuisine of Prince Edward Island and the Atlantic provinces of Canada. No wonder! The sea is nowhere far away. Therefore, we took a closer look at the delicacies on this trip that ... go to Article

Traditional Christmas dinner in Canada

Traditional Christmas dinner in Canada is turkey. This is usually filled with a filling of bread and served with gravy. In addition there's cranberry sauce and root vegetables such as carrots, celery and pumpkin. At such a meal, the whole family meets. It often happens in Canada that the family members come from far away parts for Christmas. go to Article

Poutine, specialty from Quebec

In Quebec I really wanted to try poutine. I've heard a lot of this dish before, but I've never tasted it before: some describe it as disgusting as a potato pudding with gravy, the others are almost offended because they are not served in all restaurants outside of Quebec Poutine , The … go to Article

Plum Pudding Recipe - Christmas Pudding Yourself

Christmas in the English way It's part of traditional Christmas in the UK like the Christstollen with us - with this plum pudding recipe you can make the Christmas pudding yourself. And maybe a little more tasty than this traditional dessert is generally said. Because not even the British agree on whether the plum pudding now ... go to Article

Cep ravioli with garlic butter sauce

Mushroom ravioli with garlic butter sauce are among the Italian dishes that we like to cook for a quick lunch. Usually we do not make the ravioli ourselves, but buy ready-made ceps ravioli in the supermarket. If it's going to be fast, it takes too long to make the stuffed pasta yourself. We prefer to take the prepared ravioli from the ... go to Article

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