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Dips for grilling - a selection

Dips for grilling make a barbecue evening really tasty. These taste best if they are homemade. At the same time, they ensure that the grilled tastes different every time. At this point we collect barbecue sauces and dips recipes with which you can make your barbecue party varied.

The best gas grill recipes for beginners

Gas grill recipes for beginners that taste good make vacationing at home a pleasure. Grilling on the gas grill provides variety for summer meals. These grill recipes can be easily prepared on the gas grill. Add a few salads, sauces and dips, and you're done eating outdoors.

Comfort food recipes from all over the world

Comfort food is food that reminds you of childhood. Nostalgia is one factor that makes food feel good. The news is less good for those who like to live healthy. Because comfort food is hearty food with a lot of calories and carbohydrates. Here we present comfort food recipes from all over the world.

Chakalaka recipe from South Africa

  Chakalaka recipe from South Africa This Chakalaka recipe in its present form probably originated in the kitchens of the townships and mining settlements in and around Johannesburg in South Africa. The dish is still quite new. It is said that it originated in the hostels in which the men in the townships lived. The miners lived there ... go to Article

Christmas dinner - ideas and recipes

A goose is part of a traditional Christmas meal in Germany. But there is also another way of doing things, as we experience on our travels through the world. To do this, we collect recipes and ideas from the world's kitchens. With these you can make your Christmas dinner varied.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Best Cookies ever

How did the Chocolate Chip Cookies become one of the most popular types of cookies in the world? You can find out in this article. Of course, we will also provide you with the recipe so that you can bake them yourself at home. We wish you good appetite.

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