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Ideas for a perfect picnic

Picnic ideas
Perfect picnic tips


This will make your picnic a pleasure

Eating outdoors is trendy. You can find tips for a perfect picnic here. How much fun a snack in the park, at a rest area in the forest or at one Hike in the mountains, many are discovering. You can take a break in many places. In the nature. But also at home in the garden. In the forest. At a lake. In a meadow full of wild flowers. Or on a rock by the wayside while hiking in the mountains. There are many places that lead to one Brotzeit invite in nature.

You can plan a simple sausage sandwich picnic. However, it is much nicer if you make an effort. You can prepare salads and dips at home. You can prepare sausages or steaks at home. It's even nicer if you grill them on site. You can enjoy them on site with baguettes or cheese sticks. With fruit you always have a dessert ready. Why not serve it up as a salad? A piece of cheese or even a cheese platter close the stomach. You can even have your food grilling. This goes well with a good glass of wine, with which you can enjoy the landscape.


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The trappings are also important

Of course, when eating outdoors, the ambience is also important. With a picnic basket you can transport everything you need for your meal in nature. Arrange everything on a blanket that is big enough and offers space for you and all your companions. If you want it to be even finer, then arrange your food on a table. Either you take a folding table with you from home. Or you are looking for a place that has everything ready for your enjoyable meal in nature. That requires more planning, but also guarantees more enjoyment. Here we collect ideas and tips on how you can best organize such a snack in nature.


Ideas for your snack
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