Discover the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

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Assmannshausen near Rhine in flames

Discover beautiful cities on the Rhine

There are many beautiful cities on the Rhine. This is what we have experienced on our travels over the last few years travel bloggers seen again and again. We think the section in the Middle Rhine Valley between is particularly nice for a holiday on the Rhine Mainz and Koblenz. These two cities are also two of the cities that we would like to recommend to you in this article. But also the city Stone at the Rhein We really enjoyed it on our trip to Switzerland. The medieval town center and... the old Benedictine abbey, which is now a museum, inspires.

Another highlight that we discovered on the Rhine is the wine town Assmannshausen, which we visited on our country trip through Hesse. However, since we as travel bloggers cannot visit all the cities on the Rhine ourselves, we asked other travel blogger colleagues about their favorite cities on the Rhine. You have discovered even more recommended places along the Rhine. Here you will find good reasons why it is worth visiting this beautiful area in Germany.


Which cities are on the Rhine?


Discover the most beautiful cities on the Rhine. The Rhine is also famous for its wine regions and the sights that can be discovered along its course. Maybe you'll find some inspiration here for a weekend trip or even a trip along the Rhine.




Which holiday destinations on the Rhine are worth visiting?

Are you ready for a journey along one of Europe's most famous rivers? The Rhine, which winds from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea, is not only an important transport route but also a unique travel destination. A journey along the Rhine definitely leads through a landscape of lush green hills, gently flowing waters and charming towns and villages. On this trip you can enjoy the panorama and at the same time experience the history and culture of the holiday resorts on the Rhine.

Whether you are interested in medieval castles, modern architecture, famous museums or first-class restaurants - the Rhine offers all this and much more. From the stunning landscapes of the Rhine Valley to the multicultural riverside metropolises, there is always something new to discover.

Set off and discover which holiday resorts are on the Rhine and what they offer visitors.

Cologne – one of the most beautiful cities on the Rhine


Tips for city trips on the Rhine

The Rhine flows past fascinating cities that are perfect for a city trip. Explore Cologne and the impressive cathedral. Beethoven and a charming old town await you in Bonn. Then on to Koblenz: Here the Rhine and Moselle connect at the famous “Deutsches Eck”. Mainz delights with half-timbered houses and cozy wine bars. Afterwards, Speyer awaits with the impressive cathedral.

You can easily explore the cities along the Rhine by train or car. Take your time, enjoy local specialties and the warm hospitality. Every place has its own charms and tells its own story. Pack your camera, grab your travel guide and experience the diversity of the cities on the Rhine!

Cologne - beautiful city on the Rhine

Start your tour at Cologne Cathedral and enjoy the panoramic view of the Rhine and the city. You will not be disappointed! After that you can go on and reach the Rheinauhafen. This area is known for its modern architecture and the many cafes and restaurants. Here you can take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the view. If you like to go for a walk, then the Rheinpark is the perfect place for you. Here you will find a green paradise in the middle of the city with flower beds and a sculpture collection. And if you're lucky, you might even see some wild animals like squirrels or rabbits.

For a special evening, you should definitely take a boat tour on the Rhine. Here you will experience Cologne from a whole new perspective as the sun goes down and the city lights come on. If you have more time, you should also visit the Chocolate Museum, which is located directly on the Rhine. Here you can learn all about the history of chocolate and taste some of the best chocolate products in the world. All in all, Cologne has many beautiful sides to offer along the Rhine.


What you can do in Cologne on the Rhine

Other exciting things to do in Cologne* here.





Our special tips for Cologne

If you are in Cologne, you definitely have to try the local specialty “Himmel un Ääd”. This is a hearty dish made from black pudding, potatoes and apples. This goes well with a freshly tapped Kölsch, the local beer.

There are events in Cologne all year round. In addition to the famous carnival in February, the “Cologne Lights” fireworks display in July attracts many visitors. It's a spectacle you shouldn't miss. The city also offers numerous street festivals, markets and concerts.

For specific travel tips, I recommend a walk along the Rhine. There you will find many small cafes and boutiques. If you like art, visit the Museum Ludwig. It has an impressive collection of modern art. And if you ever need a break, sit in one of the many parks. Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park is ideal for a small picnic.

If you want to experience the real Cologne, then mix with the locals. Visit one of the many pubs in the old town and enjoy the Cologne hospitality.


View of the river near Koblenz
View of the river near Koblenz - beautiful cities on the Rhine


Koblenz at the north end of the Middle Rhine Valley

We take Koblenz because of its location at the mouth of the Mosel in the Rhine in our selection of the most beautiful cities on the Rhine. The "German Corner" is also the main attraction that makes the city worth seeing. From ours Hotel it is easy to reach on foot. The equestrian statue of Kaiser Wilhelm!. still towers over the confluence of the two rivers. She is a little too grand for me. The depiction of the emperor, however, apparently corresponded to the zeitgeist of those days. On the other side of the river, the Ehrenbreitstein fortress rises above the Rhine. From there you have a great view of the confluence of the two rivers. The fortress can be easily reached from Koblenz by cable car. Here you can find more information about the Sights of the city.



Our special tips for Koblenz

In Koblenz you should definitely try the “Weck, Worscht un Woi”. This is a combination of rolls, sausage and wine that is very popular in the region. Pair it with a glass of Riesling, which is grown in the surrounding vineyards.

As far as events go, that's summer Rhine in Flames Festival an absolute highlight. Fireworks light up the sky and the atmosphere is exuberant. But the Koblenz Oktoberfest and the Christmas market are also worth a visit.

I also have a few ideas for special travel tips. Explore the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, which you can easily reach by cable car. The view of the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle is impressive. A walk through the old town is also a must. You will find many small shops and cozy cafés there.

If you love nature, take a bike ride along the Rhine. The paths are well signposted and you can take a break at one of the many wineries along the way. And if you just want to relax, sit at the Deutsches Eck. This is the point where the Rhine and Moselle meet.


Assmannshausen - small, but one of the cities on the Rhine that is well worth seeing


Assmannshausen - one of the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

Even if other cities are better known, the small Assmannshausen in the Hessian Rheingau one of the most beautiful cities that we know on the Rhine so far. The town nestles against the steep vineyards on the Hessian bank of the Rhine. In this place you can experience the wine region in the Rheingau authentically. It is quieter here than in Rüdesheim in the south or in the larger cities on the Rhineland-Palatinate side. A walk through the vineyards above the village opens up wonderful views of the river. Assmannshausen is particularly beautiful in summer Rhine Festival "Rhine in Flames", More information about the Rheingau and Assmannshausen Is there ... here.



Our exciting tips for Assmannshausen

Assmannshausen am Rhein is a small but lively community in the Rheingau known for its wine production. The local red wine, a Pinot Noir, is a must for every visitor. This goes perfectly with a plate of “Rheingauer Rinderroulade”, a local specialty that you can try in the cozy wine bars. Or you already have tapas and wine tried?

Assmannshausen is not behind when it comes to events. The annual wine festival in September attracts many wine lovers. Here you can taste the best wines in the region and experience the local culture. But the “Rhine in Flames” event in July is also a highlight. Fireworks light up the sky and the whole community celebrates on the banks of the Rhine.

I also have some ideas for special travel tips. A Walk through the vineyards not only offers a great view, but also the opportunity to learn more about wine growing. If you want something a little more adventurous, you can take a boat trip on the Rhine. You will pass many picturesque places and can enjoy the landscape to the fullest.

Another tip is to visit Rheinstein Castle. This well-preserved castle offers interesting insights into the history of the region. And if you just want to relax, there are many small cafés and terraces where you can unwind with a glass of wine.


Bingen - one of the most beautiful cities on the Rhine
Bingen - one of the most beautiful cities on the Rhine


Bingen - one of the cities on the Rhine and Nahe

The town of Bingen is just a few kilometers south of it on the other bank of the Rhine. The place is located in Rhineland-Palatinate and lies at the mouth of the Nahe in the Rhine. Bingen am Rhein does not have a closed old town. There are restaurants and shops that are worth a visit. In the Museum am Strom, for example, you can learn a lot about the 2000-year-old history of Bingen. There is also an exhibition about Hildegard von Bingen. The Binger Kulturufer prides itself on being one of the most beautiful promenades on the Rhine. The excursion boats to the Loreley, to Koblenz and to Mainz leave from there. The Mouse Tower is also located near Bingen on an island in the Rhine. This tower once served as a defense and watchtower and was built as a customs station. Klopp Castle stands on a hill in the city. This is where the city administration is located. In summer you can climb the keep and enjoy the view.



Our personal tips for Bingen

You shouldn't miss a glass of local Riesling in Bingen. A plate of “Sauerbraten”, a local specialty that you can find in many inns, goes perfectly with this.

The highlight of the year is the Bingen Wine Festival in September. Here you can not only taste wine, but also the Rhenish Hesse hospitality enjoy. But the jazz festival in May also attracts music lovers from all over the region.

A trip to Klopp Castle offers you a great view of the Rhine and the surrounding vineyards. If you like hiking, the RheinBurgenWeg is a must. This hiking trail takes you through the picturesque landscape and past historic castles.

Another tip is to take the cable car to the Niederwald Monument. From there you have a fantastic view of the Rhine Valley. And if you just want to relax, there are plenty of cafes and wineries where you can soak up the local atmosphere.


Mainz - one of the cities on the Rhine
Mainz - one of the cities on the Rhine


Mainz - one of the beautiful cities on the Rhine

The city of Mainz in Rheinland-Pfalz We liked it a lot because of the historic half-timbered buildings in Augustinerstrasse and the cherry orchard. The cathedral of Mainz, in which several kings were crowned, is impressive. But what impressed us most was the hospitality and warmth of the people of Mainz. In this city you know how to enjoy - regardless of whether it's “Weck, Worscht and Woi” or a good glass of Rhine wine. They taste best in one of the city's wine bars or at the weekly market in Mainz, where the market breakfast in Mainz is a tradition in the summer months. More information about Mainz and its offers for connoisseurs can be found here. One of the cities on the Rhine that is well worth a visit.


Discover things to do in Mainz here*

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Our selected tips for Mainz

The Mainz Carnival is known far beyond the city limits and attracts thousands of visitors every year. But the St. John's Eve market in June is also a real highlight. Here you can buy local products and experience Rhineland-Palatinate culture up close.

I also have a few ideas for special travel tips. A walk through the old town is a must. You will find many historical buildings, small shops and cozy cafés there. If you are interested in history, you should visit the Gutenberg Museum. It offers exciting insights into the world of book printing.

If you just want to unwind, the Volkspark offers lots of greenery and space to relax.


Facade paintings in Stein am Rhein
Façade paintings in Stein am Rhein - not in Germany, but still one of the cities on the Rhine


Stein am Rhein (Switzerland) - one of the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

The city is only separated from Germany by the Rhine Stone at the Rhein in Switzerland. It is definitely worth a visit. From Radolfszell or Konstanz on Bodensee, is it easy to get to? Worth seeing is the Old town with their facades that bring history back to life. A visit to the Benedictine Abbey worth it. Today it is a museum. It is also fun to stroll through the alleys of the city and to put yourself back in the times when the pilgrims traveled here for the Council of Constance. It is not in Germany, but on the Swiss side, but is one of the cities on the Rhine that we highly recommend.



Our special tips for Stein am Rhein

In Stein am Rhein you definitely have to try “Lake Constance whitefish”. This is fresh fish from nearby Lake Constance, often served with potatoes and vegetables. Pair with a glass of local white wine. It's also worth keeping an eye out for culinary specials. We tried on our visit a meal like that served to pilgrims in the Middle Ages. 

When it comes to events, the Medieval Festival in summer is a real highlight. The whole city is transformed into a medieval setting with knights, jugglers and craftsmen. But the Christmas market in December is also very popular and attracts many visitors.

A walk through the old town is a must. The well-preserved half-timbered houses and cobbled streets make you feel like you've traveled back in time. If you are interested in history, the Lindwurm Museum is worth a visit. It shows rural life in the 19th century.

Another tip is a bike tour along the Rhine. The paths are well signposted and lead you through beautiful landscapes. And if you just want to relax, there are plenty of small cafes and beer gardens where you can enjoy the local atmosphere.


Cities on the Rhine - recommended by travel blogger colleagues


Constance Imperia
Constance Imperia - It's true! Constance is also one of the cities on the Rhine.


Constance - one of the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

The city of Constance is ... Right! At the Bodensee. But also on the Rhine, which flows from its source in Switzerland through Lake Constance and from Konstanz onwards towards Schaffhausen, where you can also take a boat trip from Konstanz via Stein am Rhein. I am always happy to be here because it is both traditional and modern. The Konstanzer Rheinbrücke is a link between the present and history. Today Konstanz is known primarily as a university, congress, shopping and connoisseur city. Historically it is best known for hosting the only council north of the Alps from 1414 to 1418. It was successfully concluded with the election of Pope Martin V, but is now more famous for the wicked lifestyle of those years, which the sculptor Peter Lenk enjoyed has focused in his Imperia. The huge sculpture in the harbor is the landmark of Konstanz today.

Stefan describes the old and new in his blog Konstanz in many articles.




Roman Park in Xanten
Römer Park in Xanten, one of the cities on the Rhine



The ancient Romans already knew that the Rhineland in Xanten on the Lower Rhine - just before the Dutch border - is particularly beautiful. And built here in 13 BC A warehouse - with traces that you can marvel at today in the city's archaeological park. In the Middle Ages, Xanten was again the focus of history - when Siegfried killed a dragon here and bathed in his blood (at least in the Nibelung saga ...). So there is quite a lot going on in nowadays tranquil Xanten. If you walk through the medieval streets within the city walls, you will find traces of Xanten's exciting history everywhere. But my favorite place is at the gates of the city in the "South Seas". In the Rhine floodplains, you can have fun cycling and rowing - or you sit on the South Sea beach with a tropical cocktail in your hand at sunset. By the way, you can also use a Rent a houseboat - and tell at home that they slept on a boat in the South Pacific ...

Andreas is the globetrotter behind it TRAVEL BLOCK, the travel blog for authentic long-distance travel. There he talks about his tours to Canada, South Africa, the USA and Australia (and many other countries in the world) and gives tips for travel planning.




Düsseldorf - one of the cities on the Rhine
Düsseldorf - one of the cities on the Rhine



You are young and urban, chic and casual at the same time. I have one year in Düsseldorf lived in NRW and especially fell in love with the lovely and open-minded people there. My favorite district "Zoo" is north of the old town with many hip cafes and restaurants and the beautiful Zoopark. But of course the Rhine is and remains an eye-catcher. What could be nicer than exploring the highlights of the city on a boat tour, marveling at the Media Harbor with the TV tower and chugging under the well-known Rheinknie Bridge. For me, however, it has the greatest charm to fly a kite with the children on the other side of the Rhine in the Oberkassel district on the banks of the Rhine.

cycling along the river to Kaiserwerth in summer, drinking a beer after work on the beach behind the Rheinturm or watching the sunset on the terrace of the Tonhalle. If you want a little more sightseeing, you can look for traces on Rathausplatz, the longest bar in the world and many old breweries can be found in the old town and of course you shouldn't miss the famous shopping mile on the Kö. The fact that even Heinrich Heine was once born in Düsseldorf is almost a minor matter ...

Tatjana, is a trained travel agent, social media manager and passionate globetrotter! She tries to combine “having arrived” with the house and children and “always wanting to leave again” and is happy about it! Her blog is all about her favorite places with that certain something and about traveling with kids individually and in style!




Bonn - the most beautiful cities on the Rhine
Bonn - the most beautiful cities on the Rhine


Bonn - the old capital is one of the cities on the Rhine

Former capital, last “big city” on the Rhine, Beethoven's home and one thing above all: really worth living in! Whether it's hip cafés in Wilhelminian style houses in the southern part of the city, a huge selection of restaurants in Poppelsdorf or trendy bars in the old town, you never get bored in Bonn. In addition, according to the official ranking lists, we not only have one of the most beautiful cinemas in Germany (Woki), but also the best ice cream parlor (ice cream laboratory). What more can you ask for?

Maybe the cherry blossom, many small districts with a village-like neighborhood feeling, Germany's northernmost vineyards or just a stone's throw away from hiking routes on the Ahr and Moselle as well as the Eifel? No problem! And if that's not enough, you can follow in the footsteps of Snow White behind the Seven Mountains (Siebengebirge) or the Nibelung hero Siegfried on the Drachenfels.
Still not enough? We still have one! Bonns is in no way inferior to its big neighbors on the Rhine during the fun time. Carnival is quickly passed over in body and soul for non-Rhinelander (like us) and has now become a real attitude to life.

"commrum travel“Is the travel blog with 4 eyes and 20 fingers. Nina and Malte are passionate about traveling, looking for individual highlights and, when in doubt, always let themselves be guided by good food.





Mannheim - one of the beautiful cities on the Rhine

The city of Mannheim is located in the heart of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and lies in the triangle of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse. It is considered the city of founders and inventors, because Karl Drais built the first two-wheeler in the city of squares in 1817, Werner von Siemens presented the first electric elevator in 1880 and the first automobile (Carl Benz) rolled down the streets in 1886. Two large rivers flow through with the Rhine and Neckar Mannheim.

The most famous sights are the Mannheim baroque palace, the water tower with Friedrichsplatz, the Luisenpark with telecommunications tower and the market square with the old town hall. The rose garden, the Christ Church and the Paradeplatz are also worth seeing. The art gallery, the Reiss-Engelhorn museums, the Technoseum, the planetarium and the many smaller museums and galleries are also worth a visit. The Mannheim May Market, City Festival, Castle Festival, Twilight Marathon and the Christmas Market are also popular.

Heiko writes on People Abroad about individual and active travel, hiking, cycling, outdoor adventures, city trips and road trips as a focus. Travel destinations are regions in Germany, Europe and countries on other continents.


Discover things to do in Mannheim here*

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Boppard Rheinschleife - Cities on the Rhine
Boppard Rheinschleife - Cities on the Rhine


Boppard - historic town on the Rhine near Koblenz

My hometown Boppard is on the romantic Middle Rhine, which makes a big S-curve here. The city is known for its delicious wine from the Bopparder Hamm, a beautiful Rhine promenade and the large, shady city forest. In addition to a stroll through the old town with its historic half-timbered houses, many cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlors, you will find interesting buildings such as a Roman fort, the electoral castle with the Boppard city museum, late classicist villas from the end of the 19th century and many other buildings that tell a story can.

A special highlight for us locals too is the ride up the mountain on the chairlift. The Gedeonseck offers you a breathtaking view of the largest loop in the Rhine. The Vierseenblick viewpoint shows a mirage, the Rhine as four lakes separated by mountains. Hikers love the Middle Rhine via ferrata or the many dream loops to breathtaking viewpoints. In the evening you can enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine or beer in a nice restaurant with a view of the Rhine.

Renate lives in Boppard on the Rhine, near Koblenz. On her Bog she reports on cities and sights in Germany and around the world. In addition to the domestic climes, she is also drawn to India, Nepal, Malaysia or the USA.




Dormagen, Zons, mill tower
Franzfoto, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Zons - the old customs fortress on the Rhine

When I moved to Dormagen a good 16 years ago, I was already happy to have the Rhine practically on my doorstep. However, I was even more enthusiastic about the gem “Zons”, which was only 4 kilometers away from my home base. Especially the old town of Zons is a recommendable excursion destination, at the weekend it is a popular travel destination on the Rhine. It lies between Cologne and Düsseldorf. This makes it a place to travel back in time.

Zons was first mentioned in a document in the middle of the 7th century. In the 14th century, Zons was a customs festival and thus collected the customs duties for the people of Cologne. The city wall, which has been almost completely preserved, dates from this time. For me it is one of the sights of the city. You can walk around the old town in around 30 minutes and discover two of the gates that have been preserved - the Rhine gate and the south gate in front of Friedestrom Castle.

I recommend visiting the Customs from the Rheintor. This is still well preserved and right behind it you will discover one of the oldest houses in the city. On the way to the center you pass the “Pfefferbüchse” and can discover a beautiful garden in the city center. The area of ​​Burg Friedestrom is also worth seeing. However, it is not always open. My highlight in Zons is the mill tower in the southwest of the city wall. Here a tower of the city fortifications was converted into a mill. It's a great subject at sunset.

Janett has been writing about short trips in Germany, Europe and sometimes all over the world on her blog since 2013. Over 1100 articles are about city trips, girls' weekends or excursions into nature.




Speyer on the Rhine
Speyer on the Rhine


Speyer – holiday resort on the Rhine with history

One of the most beautiful cities on the Rhine is my hometown Speyer in Rhineland-Palatinate. You can find them in the southwest of Germany. The A61 goes right by.

Speyer has a history going back over 2.000 years. Romans and Germanic peoples already settled here. It's impressive Imperial Cathedral, which was consecrated in 1061. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest Romanesque church in the world. The visit is a MUST. In addition to the interior and the huge crypt with the imperial tombs, you should also definitely climb the tower. From the viewing platform there is a wonderful view of the city and the Rhine. Not far away is the “Judenbad” next to the former synagogue. The underground mikveh is the oldest surviving facility of its kind in Central Europe. It's also worth taking a walk through the old town, where the river boatmen used to live.

During the subsequent stroll along the main street in the direction of the Altpörtel (a city tower that can also be climbed) with many shops and street cafes, you almost feel like you are in Italy. I especially like this atmosphere.

Katja is a passionate traveler with a panel van, author and journalist. On her motorhome travel blog she gives tips on beautiful travel destinations and tours - between southern Spain and the North Cape - and all about camping and motorhomes.



Conclusion: there are many beautiful cities on the Rhine

On a trip along the river you can definitely discover many cities on the Rhine. On a trip you will hardly discover all of them at once. However, each of them is worth a visit. Either on a road trip, a city trip or even on a river cruise. Beautiful cities on the Rhine also attract visitors all year round.


Questions and answers about the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

Which city on the Rhine is particularly beautiful and should you definitely visit?

That's hard to say, because every city on the Rhine has its own charm. But if I had to choose, I would definitely recommend Cologne - with the Cologne Cathedral, the Rheinpark and many other sights, the city is a real highlight.

Which city on the Rhine is perfect for a romantic weekend trip?

If you are looking for a romantic weekend trip along the Rhine, you should definitely go to Heidelberg. The old town with the castle ruins and the old bridge over the Neckar is definitely beautiful.

Where are the best vineyards on the Rhine?

The region around Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen in the Rheingau is known for its vineyards and fine wines. Here you can, for example, taste the wines of the region at a wine tasting and enjoy the picturesque landscape. Don't forget the regional specialties during a wine tasting. This is often served at a wine tasting.

Which city on the Rhine has the most museums?

This is definitely Cologne. With over 50 museums and galleries, the city definitely offers a wide variety of art, culture and history.

Which city on the Rhine is particularly suitable for a bike tour?

For example, Bonn is a good choice for a bike ride along the Rhine. The city has many beautiful cycle paths along the river as well as through the Rhein-Sieg district. There are also many sights to discover in Bonn, such as the Beethoven House or the Bonn Minster.

Do you know a historic town on the Rhine near Koblenz?

Yes, I know a historic town on the Rhine near Koblenz. This is the town of Boppard, which is known for the Roman fort and the Electoral Castle. The city also offers a beautiful view of the Rhine and the surrounding vineyards.

Travel guide for the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

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What is your favorite city on the Rhine?

Let us know in the comments.

Beautiful cities on the Rhine
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