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Flädle soup recipe with a kick

Flädle soup is popular in Swabia. We also like it very much and cook it every now and then, when we come back from our trips to savor. Here we present you a Flädlesuppe recipe, which we refine with a few ingredients. This gives the soup a completely different taste.

Pepper recipe from southern Italy - Peperonata

With this paprika recipe for peperonata you can prepare the paprika vegetables like a housewife from Puglia, Calabria or Sicily. Everyone has their recipe that they swear by. It is not clear where the recipe originally came from. Some say it comes from Sicily. The others consider Calabria or Puglia to be the place of origin. One thing is certain: it tastes delicious and is easy to cook.

Baking bread without yeast is easy - how it works

With homemade yeast water you can bake bread without yeast. We tried baking bread on our pleasure trip to Texel. Since then we have been making bread ourselves at home. You don't always have yeast on hand. This method helps. Baking with yeast water requires a little more patience, but it helps if yeast is not available.

Tips for a weekend in Potsdam on the Havel

Enjoyment of art in the Barberini Museum in Potsdam We hope to have a Potsdam weekend of art and enjoyment by visiting the Barberini Museum on the Old Market. Potsdam has had an attraction for art lovers since January 2017. The Barberini Museum is located in the Barberini Palace, a magnificent building on the Old Market. The center of Potsdam thus offers ... go to Article

Ways to wine in the city of Würzburg

Wine tour Würzburg This wine tour Würzburg has to be part of a trip to savor in Franconia like a roast with dumplings or a Franconian Sauerbraten. Franconia is a region to enjoy, which offers tasty food, various types of beer and excellent wines. So what could be better than driving through the Franconian wine country on our motorhome tour ... go to Article

Romantik Hotel Scheelehof Stralsund - enjoy Hanseatic hospitality

The Romantik Hotel Stralsund Scheelehof is a hotel whose ambience takes us back to the days when the cogs of the Hanseatic merchants still shipped malt and grain from Stralsund to other Hanseatic cities in the Baltic States. The history of the Romantikhotel Scheelehof Stralsund goes back to 1383.

Holland tulips are in bloom from March to May

A trip to the tulips in Holland at Keukenhof 2020 Experience tulips in Holland at Keukenhof 2020 when they bloom. The time of the tulip blossom in spring is one of the most beautiful travel times in Holland. It blooms in the region west and north of Amsterdam between late March and mid-May. Tulips in all shapes and ... go to Article

Mainz Spundekäs is served with Wine in Rheinhessen

Mainz Spundekäs recipe We tried the Mainz Spundekäs from Rheinhessen for the first time on our culinary journey through Hesse. However, he actually comes from Mainz. There it is on the menu in every wine bar. The cheese specialty comes from Mainz, to be precise. But also in the Wiesbaden area and in the Rheingau on ... go to Article

Travel to Usedom - because of the music

Three Days of Usedom Road Trip with Music Traveling to Usedom - most do so to experience the Baltic Sea. Blowing the wind around your nose. Watching the waves calm down on the beach. Read a good book in the beach chair. Or admire the resort architecture in one of the imperial baths on the promenade. ... go to Article

Discover the most beautiful cities on the Rhine this summer

Discover beautiful cities on the Rhine There are many beautiful cities on the Rhine. We have seen this again and again in recent years. We particularly like the section in the Middle Rhine Valley between Mainz and Koblenz. These two cities are also two of the cities that we want to recommend to you in this article. We have … go to Article

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