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Discover Franconian wine country

The region along the Main offers numerous possibilities for enjoying your tour through the Franconian wine region. You can travel culinary, explore the region on hikes, take part in wine festivals or choose the wines that you like best from winegrowers.

The most beautiful (small) cities in Germany

We wanted to find out whether city trips in Germany always only have to be big cities. Therefore we asked around among travel bloggers. These small towns in Germany are worth the trip. It's worth taking a look! There are real insider tips.

Vianden - a castle in the Ourtal

Vianden Castle sits enthroned like an eagle's nest on a steep cliff above the Ourtal in the Ardennes. A sight that amazes us in disbelief. Vianden Castle is one of the most impressive castles in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg - a charming city of short ways

Luxembourg and its old town will surprise you. Instead of splendid and spacious places of power, we found a city center with winding streets and short distances. Discovering Luxembourg City is fun. The Luxembourg sights are close together.

Three tips for a weekend in Prien am Chiemsee

We're spending a weekend in Prien. We spend one day of that in Prien am Chiemsee, one of the places from which Herrenchiemsee Castle is easy to reach. You can get there easily on a boat trip. There is also a culinary tip and a suggestion for wellness fans.

Luxembourg Specialties you should know

Do you want to try Luxembourg specialties? There is Grompere Kichelcher, Kuddelfleck, Andouillette, Träipen, Kallefskaap and more. Can't you imagine anything by that? Then this article will help. Here you will find a glossary and culinary recommendations what you can enjoy in Luxembourg.

Italian hard cheese from Emilia Romagna

Italian hard cheese from Emilia Romagna An Italian hard cheese comes from the region around Sogliano al Rubicone. Fossa cheese is a special cheese, which owes its name to the way it is made. Slow Food Emilia Romagna interests us in the surroundings of Cesenatico. If on our trips the opportunity arises to taste regional food, ... go to Article

Enjoy the Principality of Liechtenstein - where is that possible?

A Liechtenstein holiday for connoisseurs means eating and drinking well. The number of award-winning chefs is very high in relation to the number of residents. But not only gourmets will find something here. Anyone who likes regional products and specialties or enjoys hiking has come to the right place in Liechtenstein.

Bad Kissingen Attractions for Slow Travelers

These Bad Kissingen sights are perfect for all slow travelers who like to travel slowly through Bavaria. You come to the spa in Franconia to enjoy a break. To recharge your batteries. Or to relax in the city, its parks and its grounds. “Discover the time” is the city's motto.

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