Things to do in Inverness Scotland

Inverness Scotland

Things to do in Inverness Scotland

Inverness is the capital of the Highlands of Scotland. As a Scottish city, Inverness is part of the United Kingdom. It is the only place in the Highlands that has the status of a "city". Inverness is a place with a long history. There is evidence of prehistoric settlement. In the 6th century, where the Old High Church of Inverness now stands, was one of the main Pictish castles. In the 11th century Macbeth reigned in the castle. However, he did not do this quite as bloodthirsty as Shakespeare portrayed him. The area is also steeped in history. Not far from here, in Culloden, the last battle between Jacobites and English government troops took place in 1746. We want to discover the points of interest & sights of Inverness in Scotland.

An Inverness Scotland vacation is Nessie and more

Inverness Scotland was the starting point of our journey to Loch Ness in Scotland. The city is not only interesting because of the legends of Nessie. It is also the largest city in the Scottish Highlands and home to many landmarks in Scotland. It is on the Moray Firth. This is a bay that extends from the North Sea inland. The River Ness flows into this. With average temperatures between 4 and 14 degrees Celsius all year round, the climate is warm and temperate. Snow is seldom here. However, rainfall is high, even during the driest month in April. You can tell from the vegetation. The almost 47.000 inhabitants of the city appreciate this. Visitors also like to use these conditions for trips to the region all year round.


Surroundings of Inverness
Surroundings of Inverness

Explore Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, with us

We take a stroll through Inverness and explore Scotland's capital of the Highlands. We've collected all the tips and tricks you need to find the perfect attractions in this vibrant city. A real Scot accompanies us. Cameron knows the city well as he lives there. He also shows them to guests from all over the world. Apparently he's very well known in his town. Not only that people from the city constantly greet him and shake his hand. No, even overseas visitors get excited when they see it. "You are THE Cameron? Wow! I did not expect to see you in person, “says one of his fans, who has apparently just arrived from the United States. No wonder! Cameron stands out. Because he proudly wears his kilt on this September morning when it is drizzling. A Scot as it is in the book. Finding a better travel guide is difficult.


Our guide Cameron
He shows us the sights of Inverness Scotland - Our guide Cameron in the cemetery of the Old High Church


Discover Inverness in the footsteps of a local

From its lively pubs to interesting sights, Inverness offers the perfect opportunity to explore Scotland's Highland capital. With a range of attractions and activities on offer, whether you're looking for outdoor adventures or just wanting to soak up the atmosphere, you can experience first-hand why locals love this city.

A stroll through Inverness Scotland

Discover the historical and cultural attractions of Inverness Scotland

Inverness is packed with historical and cultural attractions, from the Castle to St Andrews Cathedral. Stroll the cobbled streets of the old town and soak up the atmosphere on the streets for a glimpse of the city's past. You can also take a guided tour of some of Scotland's most famous monuments. There is something for everyone in this cultural capital!


Inverness Castle towers over the city - one of the Things to do in Inverness Scotland


We begin our tour of Inverness at

the Scotland Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle is perched on a hill overlooking the River Ness. Today it houses the Sheriff's Court of Inverness. However, there are plans to open the castle to the public. So far, only the North Tower as a lookout tower and the parks are accessible. From here you have a good view of the river and the city.

The Castle and Macbeth

The castle, as it stands today, was created in 1836. Before that, however, there were other castles and palaces that stood at this point from 1057. Malcolm III. built the first castle, after Macbeth killed his father Duncan I in a castle about a mile from here.


One of the castles in the region
Inverness Castle - one of the Things to do in Inverness Scotland


Mary Stuart and the Castle

The castle also played a role in the life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. She visited the castle in the year 1562. However, she found the gates locked. This was done by order of George Gordon, the Fourth Earl of Huntly. Only when the clans of Munros and Frasers flocked to the queen, the tide turned. They besieged the castle and finally conquered it after three days. Mary spent four nights at the castle and then moved on with her train. Alexander Gordon, who had denied her access, was executed for treason.

From the castle our way leads past the Inverness Museum & Art Gallery to the High Street. The Town House, the city council, is on the corner of High St. and Castle Wynd.

We follow Church Street and come by Hootanany, a pub that plays live music in the evenings.



We turn off to the cemetery at the

Old High Church

It is one of the churches in Inverness. It is remarkable because its pulpit is located between the two entrances to the church, not - as is usual - in the front part of the church building. In the church cemetery there are graves whose tombstones are damaged. These are the graves of people who committed some crime in their lifetime for which they were not held accountable. In Inverness in Scotland they make sure that they do not find eternal rest.


What to Pack for a Scotland vacation?

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At the back of the church we reach the shore of the River Ness. There the

Bouncing Bridge

or the Greig Street Bridge, how it is officially called, turns to the right. Its nickname is well picked. The closer we get to the center of the bridge, the more we feel the swinging of the bridge.


Inverness Book hotel here *


Our guide Cameron - a rascal - tells us the story of St. Columba, who is said to have been the only one to have seen the Loch Ness monster in 565. The monk, who came to the region from Ireland to convert the Picts, watched the monster try to devour one of them as he swam across the River Ness. He struck the sign of the cross and instructed the monster: "You will not move any further and you will not touch this man. Back off immediately.” The monster ostensibly obeyed and continued swimming into Loch Ness. "Who knows, maybe things are still going on there today - or something?" Says Cameron with a wink.

On the other bank of the river we turn left. We pass the Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Center, where you can find out more about the craft of kiltmaking. From there our path leads to Strathness House. The Beatles stayed at this hotel in the early 60s. It is said that they wrote one of their songs here. Opposite is the


St Andrews Cathedral in Inverness Scotland
St Andrews Cathedral in Inverness - one of the Things to do in Inverness Scotland


St. Andrew's Cathedral

The cathedral was inaugurated in 1869. It was built at the instigation of Bishop Robert Eden and was built according to plans by Alexander Ross. Worth seeing is the church interior, which impresses visitors with its light effects. The Episcopal Church offers services. Several times a year they take place in Gaelic. Since 2017, the Scottish Episcopal Church offers ecclesial marriage to homosexuals.


St Andrews Cathedral Interior Inverness Scotland
St Andrews Cathedral Interior in Inverness


Sample the local cuisine and pub scene

When it comes to enjoying some of Scotland's finest delicacies, immerse yourself in the exciting flavors and experiences that Inverness has to offer. For example, take a break for a traditional food at a Highland pub – try dishes like Cullen Skink or Haggis with neeps and tatties. You can also do some of the best whiskeys of Scotland sample in local bars and pubs – keep an eye out for exclusive brands like Glenmorangie, made in nearby Tain. Afterwards, end your evening with live music in one of the city's cozy traditional pubs.

Our route takes us from St. Andrew's Cathedral back to the Ness Bridge, over which we once again reach the city centre. Just in time for a lunch break


Pork belly on pumpkin puree with red wine sauce
Pork belly on pumpkin puree with red wine sauce


Number 27

a pub restaurant where we enjoy our lunch: pork belly on pumpkin puree in a red wine sauce. This gives us strength for exploring Loch Ness in Scotland and Urquart Castle and around Inverness. If you want to know more about Scottish food and drink, you can find a blog post about it here.

Visit some of Inverness Scotland's unique boutiques and galleries

If you are looking for something special, Inverness has many unique boutiques and galleries to explore. Be sure to take a stroll through the city center to discover some hidden gems like the Kensington Art Gallery or the Fringed Kilt Boutique. Both shops have a range of beautiful artwork and designs from local makers. Why not grab a souvenir to remember your Scotland Inverness vacation?


Scottish costume
Scottish costume

Enjoy outdoor activities in the beautiful Highlands

If you're looking for outdoor fun, Inverness and the surrounding area offer plenty of activities to keep you busy. Take a riverside stroll to the Ness Islands, for example, or challenge yourself on the Inverness Sky Trail - the longest ropes course in Scotland! There are several mountain walks to explore, from moderate climbs up Craig Phadrig or Tomnahurich Hill to more challenging routes to Sgurr na Coinnich and Beinn Fhada in the Inverness area of ​​Scotland. Of course, no trip to Scotland is complete without fishing - visit local rivers like the River Ness and River Lochy if you fancy catching salmon.

Inverness Stone Circle

The city would not be in Scotland if it weren't for a stone circle nearby. This one is even one that made it into the novel "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon. It achieved film fame in the movie adaptation of the novel. The stone circle of Inverness with the split stone is about 20 kilometers outside the city and is signposted. From Inverness you can take a tour of the locations of the Highland saga. shows you where you can explore the region in the footsteps of Jamie and Claire. If you want to read the story of Jamie and Claire, you will find them in the Outlander saga by Diana Gabaldon*. Information about stone circles in Scotland and near Inverness can be found here.


Outlander attractions near Inverness Scotland

Learn the Inverness sights of the Outlander novels for example on a Outlander Day Tour * know. You will learn more about the stone circle of Clava Cairns and the inspiration for the Outlander novels.


Scotland Highlands Inverness

Inverness is on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. This makes it a good starting point for excursions in the region.


Petar is looking for the Loch Ness Monster
Petar is looking for the Loch Ness Monster


Take a trip to nearby Loch Ness

Spend the day exploring one of Scotland's most iconic locations - Loch Ness. Just a short distance from Inverness, this lake is home to a variety of stunning scenes and offers some fantastic photo opportunities. For example, take a boat tour around the lake to explore the beauty of the surrounding waters and stop at Urquhart castle for some magical moments. A walk along the coast can be very peaceful, especially on a sunny day!


Loch Ness Tour in Inverness Scotland

  • You can go on a Loch Ness Tour * in search of the sea monster or
  • if you want to rent a car in Inverness, you can rent one and do the Loch Ness tour on your own.


Sights in the Scotland Highlands


Travel organization:

Arrival Date

Arrival by plane, bus or train*. Inverness has its own airport. However, there are currently no direct flights from Germany. Flights to Scotland Inverness from Germany require a stopover. We are with KLM from Munich Traveled to Scotland via Amsterdam. Flights are also possible Frankfurt or Berlin with stopover.

Rent a car at the airport:

You can rent a car at Inverness Airport at Inverness Car Rental *.

Accommodation :

Book hotels in and around Inverness * here. We have stayed in the Kingsmills Hotel* in Inverness. We spent the third night in a B&B in Drumnadrochit. You can book Bed and Breakfast in and around Inverness Scotland * here.

Camping in Inverness

There are several campsites in the Inverness area. One of them is Bunchrew Caravan Park Ltd., Bunchrew, Inverness IV3 8TD. Everything you need for motorhome trips can be found here. Rent motorhomes you can here. With our Motorhome packing list you'll never forget anything again. Or would you prefer to stay overnight in a roof tent on the car? Also the overnight stay in camping tents is possible. Scotland and the Highlands are particularly suitable for motorhome holidays in nature.

Travel Guides

You can order a travel guide for Scotland * at Amazon.


Find information about current events in Inverness on this website.

You can get on-site information for your Inverness Scotland holiday from the

Tourist Information

36 High Street,

Inverness Scotland attractions

The sights in and around Inverness make the city a vacation destination for an Inverness Scotland vacation or for a long weekend break. For an Inverness vacation we recommend these attractions:

Questions and answers about your Scotland Inverness holiday

How many inhabitants does Scotland have?

Scotland has almost 5,5 million inhabitants (as of 2019). lnverness had a population of 2012 in 46.870, making it the largest city in the Scottish Highlands.

Is Inverness beautiful?

Inverness is on the edge of the Highlands on the River Ness. The city is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. There are numerous palaces and castles in the vicinity that are worth seeing. Loch Ness is not far from Inverness. Therefore, the city is an ideal starting point for excursions in the area and in the Highlands. Good destinations are Loch Ness, Urquardt Castle, Cawdor Castle, the Highlands or the Culloden Battlefield.

Is Inverness worth the trip?

Inverness has its own airport, so getting here is easy. Not only the city offers sights. Above all, the surrounding area of ​​Inverness is worthwhile for excursions to Loch Ness, to the Highlands, to the Culloden Battlefield, to Cawdor Castle, Elgin or Fort George.

Which river flows through Inverness?

This is the River Ness. It empties into the Moray Firth near Inverness.

How big is Inverness in Scotland?

The capital of the Highlands covers an area of ​​161,2 square kilometers.


Inverness Scotland holidays
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Things to do in Inverness Scotland

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