Wine Getaway in Franconia, Germany, on the Trail of the Wine

Take a vacation on the Main in Miltenberg

Wine weekend in Franconia at the winemaker or in the wine hotel

Excursions and tips for the Würzburgvisitor. Six wine villages in Franconia for a holiday with a winegrower in Franconia or for a wine weekend in Franken? Holidays in a wine region of Germany are possible in these places. There is no official Franconian wine route that bears this name. But a holiday on the Main with a winegrower comes very close to this experience. You will also find beautiful wine villages in Franconia a little off the Main.

We introduce you to six wine villages in Franconia. These are wine towns around Würzburg. They are located in the Mainfranken wine-growing region and are close enough to each other that you can easily explore them in two to three days. The driving distances between the villages are not far, so that there is enough time to take a closer look at the Franconian wine region. Above all, you can enjoy them at your leisure. You need time for such a trip to the wineries in Mainfranken. Not only to drink wine, but also to let the ambience of these wine towns in Franconia work its charme on you. What could be nicer in a wine region than tasting the wines of the local winegrowers with regional specialties. We begin our trip along the Main in these Franconian wine towns.


Landsknecht, councilor and wine prince - wine weekend Wine locations in Franconia
Landsknecht, councilor and wine princess from Volkach press the first grapes - an appointment for a wine weekend?


Enjoy a wine weekend in Franconia in the most beautiful wine villages in Franconia


Volkach is a Franconian wine town on the Mainschleife and only a few kilometers away from the Main island. Delicious red and white wines, for example, thrive here. The wines on the steep slopes on the other bank of the Main river are particularly good. The grapes get a lot of sun there. Volkach is also a historic wine-growing town where wine has been produced for centuries. It has a marketplace worth seeing. There are a few restaurants in its square where you can taste your first Franconian wines. Best with onion bread or Franconian sausages. A visit to Volkach is particularly nice when wine festivals are taking place. The people of Volkach also know how to celebrate their wine and themselves. You can easily combine this with a wine weekend. This is possible, for example, with

– Festival of the Volkach way of life Dates: 09.06.2023/10.06.2023/ and
- at the Franconian wine festivalin August. Date: Friday 11 – Tuesday 15 August 2023


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Weinfest Volkach for a vacation on the Main at the winemaker's
Wine Festival Volkach on the Mainschleife - perfect for a wine weekend, right?


Instead, the Franconian wine town of Sommerach on the Main island is smaller. There are places in the Franconian wine country that are particularly attractive. Sommerach is one of them. It was repeatedly awarded the gold medal in the competition "Our village should become more beautiful", as well as in the "Entente Florale", where it received the highest award for its floral decorations. Town houses as well as its half-timbered houses give Sommerach a very special ambience. Worth a visit is the wine shop of the Winzerkeller Sommerach. There you can not only taste wines. You can take wine tours through the vineyards. The wine school is fascinating. There you can learn a lot of interesting things about wine, for example. Or do you fancy a cooking course where you can learn which wine goes best with which food? Wine is also celebrated in Sommerach. Every year you can attend

– Whitsun wine festival taking place in the Weinreich Sommerach, Info: E-Mail: Date: 26.05.2023 - 29.05.2023/
– Silvaner by night, wine tasting in several wineries, 18.00 p.m. to midnight, dates: 24.00 | from 09.06.2023:18 p.m. to 00:00 a.m. and 00 | from 16.06.2023:18 to 00:00
– “Style and Fascination”, wine festival in the romantic town center around the village fountain; Tel. 09381/1229, Date: 07.07.2023 - 10.07.2023/
- "Experience and enjoy", farm open days, Tel. 09381 1229 or 09381 718 79 39, Date: 02.09.2023 - 03.09.2023


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Winzerkeller Sommerach for a wine weekend
Winzerkeller Sommerach - wine locations in Franconia for a wine weekend


The city of Ochsenfurt is not only worth a visit for the wine. It is also one of the must-see places in the Würzburg wine region. The city describes itself as the "City of Towers". This is because the city wall of Ochsenfurt is almost completely preserved. City gates and towers still watch over the city today and give it a medieval flair. The new town hall from the 15th century and the magnificent half-timbered houses in the city center contribute to this. With its two breweries, the city is not only popular with wine lovers. But of course Ochsenfurt also celebrates wine:

– at the German-Italian-French Wine Festival (28.07.2023 - 30.07.2023)


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Ochsenfurt - vacation at the winemaker in Franconia
Town Hall of Ochsenfurt



Würzburg am Main wine region

Although Würzburg is a bigger city, wine plays an important role there. This goes back to the time of the archbishops. They already had wine grown on their properties along the Main. But the city's hospitals also made a name for themselves with their wines. The Würzburg wine region is known for its good wines. In the Bürgerspital you can enjoy wine in the courtyard of the historic building, as they have for centuries. The Juliusspital also has a winery to this day. This is now causing a sensation as the VDP winery with its excellent wines. The Würzburger Stein, a grape variety for which the city is known, grows on the slopes of the Main river in and around Würzburg. There are definitely many wine festivals in Würzburg:

– Kelterhallen Wine Festival (March 31 – April 01, 2023 / April 05 – April 06, 2024)
– Culture days at the Juliusspital winery (May 13.05th – May 28.05.2023th, 04, 19th of May - 2024th May XNUMX)
– The Würzburg Wine Village (Friday, May 26th to Sunday, June 4th, 2023 / 29.05th May – 09.06.2024th June XNUMX)
– Bürgerspital Hofschoppenfest (June 08 – June 17, 2023 / June 13 – June 22, 2024 / June 12 – June 21, 2025)
– Hofgarten Wine Festival (June 30 – July 09, 2023 / June 28 – July 07, 2024)
– Wein am Stein 2022 (Wed. July 12 – Wed. July 26, 2023 / July 10 – July 22, 2024)
– Hätzfeld Schoffen Days (July 21 – July 23, 2023)
– Wine party at the Bürgerspital depot on Pfaffenberg (Fri. 28 July – Sat. 29 July 2023 / 26 July – 27 July 2024)
– Wine parade on the market square (next dates: August 31 – September 10, 2023 / August 29 – September 08, 2024 (dates subject to change))
– Stein Wine Festival at Wengert, (30 August – 09 September 2023)
– Night of the open wine cellars (November 25, 2023 / November 23, 2024)


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Würzburg - vacation at the winemaker in Franconia
Fancy a wine weekend in the Würzburg wine region

Miltenberg for a wine weekend

For the wine village on the Main on our wine weekend in the Franconian wine country, we first leave the river banks and drive to Miltenberg on the Main in Churfranken. Miltenberg is particularly interesting for wine lovers because - in contrast to the wine towns mentioned so far - more red wine is grown here. The region owes this primarily to the loamy and clayey Buntsandstein soils and the location in the basin between the Odenwald and the Spessart. This basin location also ensures a particularly mild climate. Therefore, Burgundy wines grow under perfect conditions on the Main slopes around Miltenberg. Of course, Miltenberg also celebrates wine.

- Burgstadt Wine Culture Night (10.06.2023)
– Miltenberger Weinherbst (Fri., 29.09.2023 – Tue., 03.10.2023 and from Fri. 06.10.2023 – Sun., 08.10.2023)


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Miltenberg am Schnatterloch - vacation at the winemaker in Franconia
Miltenberg at Schnatterloch

Iphofen for a romantic wine weekend in Franconia

How about a holiday with a winemaker in Iphofen? The picturesque town in the middle of the vineyards is the ideal place to take a break from everyday life and enjoy the best wine in the region. Here you can not only do wine tasting and explore the history of viticulture, but also hike or go cycling and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Iphofen also has many charming restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy Franconian cuisine. There are no wine festivals in Iphofen, but you can plan city tours in the old town, cellar tours, vineyard tours and wine tastings for your wine weekend in Franconia.


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Iphofen - one of the destinations in Franconia
Iphofen - one of the excursion destinations in Franconia


There are also wine festivals in Franconia here

  • Randersacker Wine Spring (March 18.03.23th, 19.03.23 – March 4th, 18, Saturday – wine tasting with 30 courses, starts at 11:13 p.m., Sunday – the best from 18 winegrowers from Randersacker, from XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX p.m
    Sonnenstuhl Halle, Am Sonnenstuhl, 97236 Randersacker,,
    for Saturday €75. Sunday 12 € box office
    Registration required for Saturday / Sunday at the box office 12 €)
    Book your accommodation in Randersacker here*
  • Rödelsee Wine Festival around Crailsheim Castle (30.06.23 – 03.07.23)
    Crailsheim Castle, Schlossstrasse 2, 97348 Rödelsee
  • Rödelsee Schlossschoppenfest (16.08.23, 14.00 p.m.)
    Crailsheim Castle, Schlossstrasse 2, 97348 Rödelsee
    Book your accommodation in Rödelsee here*
  • Wine Festival in Markt Einersheim (21.07.23 – 23.07.23)
    Old town / market square, market square, 97348 Markt Einemsheim
    Book your accommodation in Einersheim here*


Franconia Vacation at the winemaker (hotel) for a wine weekend in Franconia

Experience an unforgettable wine weekend in Franconia! Take a holiday with a winemaker in Franconia and taste award-winning wines in a picturesque landscape. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of winegrowing and get to know the passion and hospitality of the local winegrowers. Book your wine adventure now and discover the best that Franconia has to offer!

winemakers and wine hotels

- Villa Sommerach in Sommerach with in-house wine shop *
- Castle Hotel Steinburg in Würzburg * in the middle of the vineyards, the only one Weinberg Hotel in Wurzburg
- The Sonnenhotel Roemmert Winery * lies in the vineyards near Volkach. The sauna overlooks the vineyards.
- In the Hotel and winery Artur Steinmann* in Sommerhausen you can try Franconian wines at wine tastings.
- The Pension Weingut Schwab* offers accommodation within walking distance to Terroir f Thüngersheim.
- Further Wine hotels in Franconia we recommend here.

home of being

- On the Kernheim Winery* you stay at the winemaker in Seinsheim.
– In Seinsheim you can also use the Winery Schilling* stay.


- In the Winery Guesthouse Weigand* in Iphofen you can taste in-house wines at a wine tasting and visit the wine cellar.
- The Winzerhof Düring* near Iphofen is just outside the town and offers several holiday apartments.

Nordheim am Main

- The Winery Karl Braun* in Nordheim has its own hedge management.
- The Kirch winery in Nordheim am Main * offers holiday apartments.


Overnight stay in a wine hotel or inn for a wine weekend in Franconia

- The Guesthouse Ingrid* lies below the vineyard in Ramsthal.
Villa Geisenhof near Miltenberg * occasionally offers wine tastings.
- In the Adler country hotel* you spend the night in the town of Bürgstadt. The kitchen serves good slow food and Franconian wines.
- In the Bunghole – Hotel and Wine Restaurant* do you stay near the rococo gardens from Veitshochheim.
- The Gasthof zum Stork* in Prichsenstadt serves wines from its own vineyard.
- In the Swallow's Nest Wine Bar* in Karlstadt you get wines from our own winery.
- The Landhotel & Weingasthof Schwarzer Adler* in Wiesenbronn is a good starting point for hikes in the wine region.
- In the Pension Kirschberghof* In Sommerhausen you can also buy wines from Franconia.


What can you experience on a wine weekend in Franconia

Visit wineries and taste their wines. Celebrate with the winemakers. Wine and culture are closely linked. You can experience this at wine festivals. These begin in spring and continue throughout the year. When the winegrowers harvest their grapes in autumn, things get exciting in the wine regions. What was the summer like? How much sun did the grapes get? How will the new vintage be? A wine of the century, or rather middle class? These questions and more keep the vintners in the wine-growing towns on the Main busy at the end of the summer.


Excursion tip Austria and Bavaria - wine towns in Franconia for a wine weekend
Wine towns in Franconia - Ripe grapes


Then they like to celebrate. The beginning of the grape harvest. The first wines of the year. But also the end of anxiety. Fall is the time when the grapes are harvested. That's worth a celebration. Then they decorate the wine shops. Guests are very welcome. Wine and indulgence are celebrated preferably in the wine country of Franconia. The same applies to the Heckenwirtschaften, where you can enjoy the wine in a cozy environment with regional specialties such as a "Zwiebelblotz". There you can taste it directly from the winemaker. Therefore, a wine weekend in September or October is a lot of fun. But you can also enjoy a wine weekend in Franconia in spring and summer. Then you combine wine and culture at the wine festivals.


Wine weekend on the Mainschleife - wine towns in Franconia
Mainschleife - wine towns in Franconia for a wine weekend


Experience your wine weekend at the winemaker or at the wine festival

Franconian wine towns on the Main river are definitely perfect for a wine weekend for people, who like to savor their trips in Bavaria. In summer and autumn, the residents of the Mainschleife near Würzburg like to celebrate their way of life as well as their wines. They invite you to wine festivals in the towns on the Main. A visit to the wine shops is also worthwhile. There you can also find out more about the wines of the Main Region. Some even offer courses in which you can acquire special wine knowledge. The best thing is the wine tasting and the wine festivals, that you best combine with enjoying Franconian specialties. This is how to best experience the wine towns in the Main Valley in Franconia. That means traveling and savoring Franconia. The cities on the Main river are well worth a visit.


Activities for your wine weekend in Franconia


Our tip for a wine weekend in these Franconian wine towns on the Main? Be sure to take the time to enjoy yourself. Spend your holiday with a winemaker in Franconia and experience an authentic wine weekend in Franconia. In addition to good wine, these places also offer interesting sights. However, you cannot visit all of them in one weekend. Instead, pick the ones that pique your curiosity and come back next year. In any case, enjoyable days await you on a wine weekend in the wine country of Franconia.

Questions and answers for your Franconian vacation with a winemaker

Which wineries in Franconia are worth visiting?

Visit the winery Bürgerspital zum Hl. Geist in Würzburg, the winery Rudolf Fürst in Burgstadt or the winery Juliusspital in Würzburg. All three are among the top wineries in Franconia.

What are the best types of wine to try in Franconia?

Be sure to try the Silvaner, which is the most widely grown grape variety in Franconia, or the Pinot Noir, a red wine that is also very popular here.

What is the best way to organize a wine tasting?

It’s best to arrange a wine tasting with the winery of your choice in advance and ask if you can also do a guided tour of the vineyards.

What other activities can you do in Franconia apart from drinking wine?

For example, visit the historic cities of Würzburg, Dinkelsbuhl as well as Rothenburg ob der Tauber or take a boat tour on the Main.

Where is the best place to stay in Franconia?

It is best to stay at one of the many wineries in the region or in a hotel in the wine country of Franconia. This also gives you good connections to the sights for your wine weekend in Franconia. Our hand-picked wine hotels are also suitable for a wine weekend. These wine hotels in Franconia are very good and offer wine experiences.



Travel Arrangements

Arrival to your wine weekend

Arrival by plane, bus or train*. The nearest airports are Frankfurt as well as Nuremberg. It is also possible to travel by train or long-distance bus (to Würzburg).

Rental car in the Franconian wine region:

Hire your rental car here for your holiday with a winemaker in Franconia.

Accommodations for your wine weekend:

Would you like to spend the night in another wine town in Franconia? Then search for your favorite destination on this website, for example: Weinland Franken accommodation to savor* and go on holiday to the winemaker.

Camper Rentals:

Compare motorhome prices here


Do you like to travel to a wine weekend in Franconia in your motorhome?

– Do you want to rent a mobile home? Then you can find information here, for example booking options. Or would you prefer to stay overnight in a roof tent on the car? In addition, the overnight stay in camping tents is possible.
– Be sure to check our packing list for camperswhether you have packed everything for your motorhome tour. After that you are ready for your wine weekend in Franconia.
- You want to know where to go with a motorhome to stay overnight in Germany and are you looking for campsites? You can find information on this, for example, under this link. You can use it to explore the Franconian wine region.
– For example, we stayed at a campsite in Schweinfurt, one in Wipfeld, a campsite near Volkach, one in Kitzingen, in Veitshöchheim and a campsite in Karlstadt. For example, what do you think of combining hiking and wine in Karlstadt? There you can also have a good time after a day trip with a Dutch Oven or preparing your meal on the portable grill or maybe on a campfire after a day trip . Dutch oven accessories you can also find here. You shouldn't forget a backpack either.
-Why is a folding e-bike useful when camping?


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Wine hiking Franconian wine country: with Taubertal. 50 tours. With GPS tracks (Rother hiking book)
Wine hiking Franconian wine country: with Taubertal. 50 tours. With GPS tracks (Rother hiking book)
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Franconia: travel guide with lots of practical tips.
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Travel guide: The excursion seducer Weinfranken 2 - 20 gourmet tours in the most beautiful wine regions of Franconia (Würzburg, Franconian wine country, Mainfranken)
Travel guide: The excursion seducer Weinfranken 2 - 20 gourmet tours in the most beautiful wine regions of Franconia (Würzburg, Franconian wine country, Mainfranken)
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Vacation at the winegrower's on the Main
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Source Holidays with the winemaker in Franconia: research on site. For example, we have undertaken some with the support of the tourism authorities. We also financed others ourselves. In any case, our opinion remains our own.

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