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City gate in Karlstadt

We get to know the city of Karlstadt am Main on a trip with the motorhome through the Wine region in Franconia know. It is one of the Wine towns on the Main, in which the wines of the region are celebrated at wine festivals. Camping in Karlstadt means spending the night on the banks of the Main. The old town is a short walk from the riverside campsite. The campsite is outside the city walls at the gates of the city. This is still entered through the city gates. We take a stroll through the city center and let us Franconian cuisine taste in one of the restaurants. But there is more to discover in the city and its surroundings.

Discover the idyllic Karlstadt am Main in peace and quiet, from there explore the varied surroundings and follow the Main again and again: The triad of city, country and river makes up the special charm of the Franconian wine country.


Karlstadt am Main djd / City of Karlstadt
View from Karlsburg on the other side of the Main to the old town of Karlstadt am Main Photo: djd / Stadt Karlstadt

The city of Karlstadt am Main

The best way to get to know Karlstadt am Main itself is to take a guided tour. The highlights include the Romanesque-Gothic parish church, the historic town hall, the gates and towers of the city fortifications and the town houses with their half-timbered facades. There are many points of contact for Franconian cuisine, which offer both fine dishes and hearty dishes, to be tested. And one or two glasses of good Franconian wine should not be missing.

"Eleven fifty-five!"
There is an open city tour for everyone

from May to October
every Saturday
Start: 11.55 a.m. in front of the Karlstadt Tourist Information, Hauptstrasse 56
Price: € 4,00 per person, children up to 14 years free
Duration: approx. 60 min.
suitable for wheelchair users


A popular meeting point is the “Lügenmäuerle” located behind the main gate, which can tell many stories right on the river. In the Karlstadt Museum, which is located in a building steeped in history from the 14th century, original wall paintings from the 2022th century can be seen from 16, including sayings and coats of arms of Franconian noble families.

Karlsburg near Karlstadt am Main
Karlsburg near Karlstadt am Main

The country around Karlstadt am Main

Although Stetten is a district of Karlstadt am Main, you still have to drive a few kilometers south from the old town to visit it. The “terroir f” vantage point is located 130 meters above the Main in the Stettener Stein vineyard. The panoramic view extends to after Würzburg and far into the Spessart. In 2020 the vantage point was named "Most Beautiful Franconian Wine View". Otherwise, the immediate vicinity of Karlstadt is characterized by many nature reserves with rare plants and the first foothills of the Spessart.

For many, a short vacation also includes a detour to a larger city with culture and shopping - no problem from Karlstadt am Main: The city of Würzburg with the UNESCO World Heritage Residence and the Marienberg Fortress is only 25 kilometers south. In the west one is quickly in Aschaffenburg with its castle Johannisburg, in the east in Schweinfurt, shaped by industry and art.


Wild geese on the Main
Wild geese near Karlstadt am Main

The river near Karlstadt

Karlstadt is also connected to the three cities by the Main. The river shapes the entire Franconian wine country. Around 3.500 winegrowers grow the famous Franconian wine, mainly along the Main, on an area of ​​around 6.000 hectares. Anyone who follows the river from Karlstadt am Main - no matter in which direction - can stop off in many historic cities and romantic villages.



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