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Where can I sleep in a motor home in Germany?

Parking lot with a view of the Bavarian Forest. Are pitches or campsites optimal?
Where can I sleep in a motor home in Germany?

Where can you spend the night in Germany in Corona during Corona? Are pitches or campsites optimal? The answer to that question answers this page.

Where can I sleep in a motor home in Germany?

"Where can you stay in a motorhome in Germany?" - that is the question we are asking ourselves. Are pitches or campsites better? Can I spend the night in a motorhome on the side of the road? We think about one Motorhome trip by Germany to. As is the case with travel types that have not yet been made, questions arise that we want to clarify before deciding on such a trip. Among them was one that is not so easy to answer: Where can you stay in a motorhome in Germany? "Well, at the campsite," you say? You have your right. But there are other options. We want to introduce these to you in this article:

Stay at campsites in Germany in the motorhome

Of course there are campsites where you will find everything you need for your motorhome trip through Germany. Power connection, water connection, ways to get rid of his wastewater. You have to take these things into account when planning your trip. Not all motorhome parking spaces in Germany offer the possibilities for this. Campsites include washing and toilet facilities. Often there is also a café or restaurant where you can get snacks. A shop that sells bread rolls in the morning is often included. For facilities like this, campsites of this type, you have to pay accordingly. At camping sites in Germany, two adults and one child pay an average of € 27,90 for a car or caravan parking space, electricity, hot showers and tourist tax per night. According to RP Online, this is even five euros less than in the rest of Europe. But it is still cheaper.

On RV sites

There are often special motorhome parking spaces in holiday regions that are set up by the localities. These offer parking options, on which you can usually stand for a limited time with the motorhome. How long is determined by the local government. Sometimes there are electricity columns at parking spaces where you can charge the battery. Water supply or sewage facilities are less common. The parking space fees fluctuate between zero and 15 euros per night. They are often located near sights, near swimming pools, on a river or other body of water, on a farm, at a mountain railway, a marina or a winery. It is worth looking out for. A good source for all of Europe is, for example, the page Stellplatz.info.

You can spend the night in a motorhome in public parking lots in Germany

In Germany, the law allows you to spend the night in public parking spaces in the motorhome "to maintain driving ability" as long as you do not set up your camping chairs and start barbecuing in public. That means if you get tired from the trip, you can sleep in a public parking lot to wake up again. Otherwise you claim a special right of use that is not available in public parking lots. If you only spend the night in a motorhome, you can do so in public parking spaces that are not expressly blocked for motorhomes. You can stand in these parking lots for one night and then move on. But beware! Such parking spaces are often visited by thieves.

Parking lots of supermarkets or shopping centers are not included. These are private parking spaces. It is possible, for example, in parking lots on the motorway or at parking bays and rest areas on federal highways where there are no prohibition signs for campers. In such parking lots, overnight stays are usually free of charge, unless you park your motorhome in a paid parking lot.

Here you can stay in a motorhome in Germany

It is possible to stay in a motorhome in Germany at these locations. One should only know what rights and obligations are involved. And of course, how high the prices for such overnight accommodations are on average.

Addendum after the trip:

We did the motorhome trip along the Main as planned. We really liked it. We stayed overnight at campsites as well as on pitches and campsites without running water or electricity. We did the latter in places where no campsites were available. Since we had a shower in the motorhome, we found that the water supplies would quickly run out if you didn't refill them every night. That's why we sometimes drove a bit off the route we planned to get to campsites with better equipment. Stopping for one night on a pitch was not our choice for overnight stays on camping trips. We almost always looked for pitches and campsites with more convenience.

Motorhome parking spaces Germany - Here you can stay overnight in Germany in the motorhome. Are campsites ideal?
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  1. Antje
    | Reply

    Last year we did a Womo tour and stayed only on pitches - right next to a spa, that was ideal. Electricity and water / sewage I found important, especially because we had a mobile shower and there is the tank quickly empty. Where is it going, to the north or rather to the south?

    • Monika & Petar Fox
      | Reply

      We think about a tour along the Main. As a start, so to speak, to try it out. Let's see if it works.

  2. Sabine
    | Reply

    We are also happy sometimes with the caravan on the road and I have campsites - outside the season, mind you - learned to appreciate.

    Although staying in public parking spaces is partly permitted as described by you, for security reasons it would never be out of the question for me.

    I am very curious how you will like such a journey. What I like best is that you meet a lot of open people with whom you can talk endlessly about traveling.

    LG, Sabine

    • Monika & Petar Fox
      | Reply

      We are also very excited, Sabine. The first time is always exciting :).


  3. IsasWomo
    | Reply

    Hello Monika, Hello Peter,

    Well, I'm curious how you two feel the journey with the camper. Last summer I also spent almost 3 months in Germany, and discovered many great spots. I have clearly stated in the time, Germany is so beautiful, it does not always have to be abroad!

    I wish you a lot of fun and a crush-free ride!

    LG Isa

    • Monika & Petar Fox
      | Reply

      Hello Isa,

      We are also very curious if everything works out as we imagine. It's getting interesting.

      Monika and Petar

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