Stay overnight in a mobile home in Germany and Europe

Parking with a view of the Bavarian Forest

Stay overnight in a mobile home in Germany and Europe in times of Corona. Are pitches or campsites optimal? The answer to this question answers this page.

Stay overnight in a mobile home in Germany and Europe

“Where are you allowed to stay overnight in a mobile home in Germany and Europe?” – that is the question we ask ourselves. Are parking spaces for RVs or campsites better? Can you stay overnight in a mobile home on the side of the road? We're thinking about a motorhome trip through Germany. As is the case with types of travel that one has not yet done, questions arise that we want to clarify before deciding on such a trip. Among them was one that is not that easy to answer: Where can you stay overnight with a motorhome in Germany? "Well, on a campsite," you say? You are right about that. But there are other options. We want to present them to you in this post:



Stay overnight in a camper van at campsites in Germany and Europe

The most comfortable way is to stay overnight in a mobile home on a campsite. Of course there are campsites where you can find everything you need for your motorhome trip through Germany. Electricity connection, water connection, ways to get rid of your sewage. You have to take these things into account when planning your trip. Not all motorhome parking spaces in Germany and Europe offer the possibilities for this. Campsites include washing and toilet facilities.



Often there is also a café or a restaurant where you can get snacks. A shop that sells bread rolls in the morning is often also part of it. At a campsite you can relax on a portable grill Your dinner in one Dutch Oven prepare. You can also find Dutch oven accessories you can find here. For facilities such as those offered by campsites of this type, you have to pay accordingly. Two adults and one child pay an average of 27,90 euros for a car or caravan site, electricity, hot showers and tourist tax per overnight stay on campsites in Germany. According to RP Online, that's even five euros less than in the rest of Europe. But it's even cheaper.


Motorhome pitches and campsites in Germany

Where can you stay overnight with a motorhome in Germany - on motorhome parking spaces

Where can I stay overnight with a mobile home? This can be done, for example, on parking spaces specially designed for mobile homes. In holiday regions there are often special mobile home parking spaces that are set up by the villages. These offer parking spaces where you can usually stay with the mobile home for a limited time. How long is determined by the local authority. Sometimes you will find electricity on such spaces where you can charge the battery. Water supply or sewage facilities are less common.

The fees for such parking spaces vary between zero and 15 euros per night. They are often located near attractions, at outdoor pools, on a river or other body of water, on a farm, at a mountain railway, a marina or a winery. They are worth keeping an eye out for. A source for the whole of Europe is, for example, the site. It answers the question: where can you park your motorhome in Germany.


Motorhome parking spaces - spend the night in a motorhome in Germany

Where can you stay overnight with a camper - in parking lots: sleep yes, camping no

In Germany, the law allows you to spend the night in a mobile home in public parking spaces "to maintain your ability to drive", as long as you don't set up your camping chairs and start barbecuing in public. This means that if you get tired from driving, you can sleep in a public parking lot to rest. Ten hours are considered acceptable to restore driving ability. If you stay longer in a parking lot and even unpack camping chairs, you are claiming a special right of use that is not allowed in public parking lots.



Where can you stand with the roof tent?

If you like to travel and you have your roof tent with you, you are probably wondering where you can stay overnight. The good news is that there are many options, but there are also some limitations that you should be aware of. First of all, it is important to know that staying overnight in residential areas is prohibited in Germany. So you should always look for special campsites or suitable pitches. There are many campsites that are specially equipped for rooftop tent campers. Here you will often also find sanitary facilities and power supply.

are you with one Car with roof tent on the road, you can sleep in a roof tent on public parking lots – as long as your tent does not exceed the width of the vehicle. You can stand in these parking lots for one night and then have to move on. You should also limit yourself to sleeping in the roof tent in these parking lots. Setting up picnic tables, etc. is not permitted there. But beware! Such parking spaces are often visited by thieves.

You should also always be careful not to cause environmental damage and respect nature. Don't leave litter behind and avoid loud music or noise at night. Overall there are many options where you can stay overnight with your rooftop tent, but it is important to follow the rules and protect nature.



Parking lots of supermarkets or shopping centers are not included. These are private parking spaces. It is possible, for example, in parking lots on the motorway or at parking bays and rest areas on federal highways where there are no prohibition signs for campers. In such parking lots, overnight stays are usually free of charge, unless you park your motorhome in a paid parking lot.

Fines for a violation can be high. Here some examples:

  • If you violate a ban, a fine of 10 euros or more will be levied
  • If a parked motorhome hinders others, the fee is from 15 euros.
  • If the motorhome is parked in a blind spot, it costs 35 euros.
  • If the motorhome hinders others at the same time, the fine increases to 55 euros.


  • If you camp in forbidden places with the mobile home, it costs between 10 and 200 euros, depending on the federal state. "Camping" differs from "parking". You camp when you set up your camping chairs, grill in front of the motorhome or extend the awning. Parking means that you park the mobile home unchanged from the outside. Inside you can stay and, if necessary, sleep to restore your driving ability. Even staying overnight in the same place several times is considered camping.
  • If you camp in a nature reserve, the fine (depending on the federal state) is between 15 and 1500 euros.
  • Camping in a nature reserve is also prohibited. If you violate it, it costs between 50 and 2500 euros, depending on the state.


Motorhome pitches and campsites in Germany


The dimensions and weight of the motorhome play a role if you want to stay overnight in the motorhome outside of campsites in Germany:

  • If you park the motorhome on a parking lane, you have to make sure that you do not hinder anyone or pose a danger to others.
  • If a motorhome is allowed to park on a sidewalk, this only applies to motorhomes with a total weight of up to 2,8 tons.
  • There are parking spaces where campers can stay longer. Such places are marked with the signs 365-67 and 365-68 or the addition 1010-67.

What about motorway rest stops? Where can you stay overnight in a mobile home in Germany?

It gets difficult here. If only truck and car parking spaces are signposted, a motorhome combination may not legally be parked anywhere. The truck sign allows parking for vehicles weighing more than 3,5 tons. However, the towing vehicle must not be a car. It is better to find another parking space.

An alternative are truck stops. Parking there may cost something as truck stops are privately operated. However, you will often find disposal stations there that are useful for campers.

Can caravans be parked in motorhome parking spaces?

That is not allowed. A motorhome parking space is not permitted for trailers, unless a sign expressly authorizes this. If the sign only shows a mobile home, the parking space is only permitted for mobile homes.

Motorhome parking spaces and campsites in Germany - stay overnight in a motorhome in Germany


Where can you stay overnight in a mobile home in Germany? There are free parking spaces in Germany here

There are places, winegrowers or restaurants that attract tourists, customers and visitors to their restaurant with free parking spaces for mobile homes. Very few are completely free. Some ask for donations for the maintenance of the place. At others, a visit to the restaurant is a prerequisite for being able to use the parking space. In these places you can spend the night in a camper or spend the night in the car park with the mobile home.


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Yes we camp! City Camping
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Motorhome parking spaces and campsites in Germany - stay overnight in a motorhome in Germany
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Motorhome parking spaces and campsites in Germany - stay overnight in a motorhome in Germany
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The Bordatlas * lists the most popular parking spaces in Germany and Europe. You will find over 7000 motorhome parking spaces and large-format maps in this parking space guide. 3800 parking spaces are listed for Germany. The rest is spread across 35 countries in Europe.

Bordatlas parking space guide 2022


The question "Where can I stay overnight in Germany with the mobile home?" is therefore not that easy to answer. Overnight stays in a mobile home in Germany are possible at the locations mentioned. One should know what rights and obligations are associated with it. And, of course, how high the prices for such overnight accommodations are on average.



Addendum after the trip:

We made the motorhome trip along the Main as planned. It was a real pleasure trip. We stayed overnight on campsites as well as on parking spaces and campsites without running water and electricity. We did the latter in places where regular campsites were not available. Since we had a shower in the RV, we found that the water supplies run out quickly if you don't fill them up every night. Staying overnight in a mobile home in Germany can be more pleasant.

As a result, we sometimes drove a little off the route we originally planned to get to campsites with amenities. Staying overnight on a parking space is fine, but not our choice for overnight stays on camping trips. We were almost always on the lookout for parking spaces and campsites with comfort. So it was good to know the answer to the question: "Where can you stay overnight in Germany with a motorhome".

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Spend the night in a motorhome in Germany - camping pitches
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Stay overnight in a mobile home in Germany and Europe

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