Wellness hotel in the Bavarian Forest

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Bavarian forest wellness hotel

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Bavarian forest in a wellness hotel

In the wellness hotels in the Bavarian Forest you experience pure deceleration. There are many offers for that for the whole family inner peace in Bavaria to guarantee. No matter whether you spend your vacation in a yoga hotel or wellness with a child in Bavarian forest want to experience. Everyone will find a wellness hotel in the forest regions of Eastern Bavaria, where they can relax for their very own Trips to Savor.

The wellbeing of the guests is the maxim of a group of 25 hotels. A wellness hotel can take different forms. You can stay with the whole family or with friends in chalets that can accommodate many people. If you prefer to be more private, then one of the suites in the wellness hotels in the region might be a good choice for you. There you will find plenty of space for two to enjoy the forest air. Or are you looking for relaxation for yourself? What do you think of a yoga hotel where you can experience the natural world of the Bavarian Forest up close?


Bavarian forest in a wellness hotel
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Wellness vacation in a natural world with culture and tradition

Many of these wellness hotels are located on the outskirts or even alone in nature. A view of the forest and meadows relaxes there, as does a walk through silent woods. Let your mind wander. Sit on a stone and dip your feet in a mountain stream. Listen to the birds singing their song in the trees above you. Get involved in nature and take a deep breath. This works particularly well in a yoga hotel where you are close to nature.

Hiking in the Bavarian Forest

Do you like to go hiking? Then a trip to the Bavarian Forest National Park is worthwhile. You can reach the hiking regions comfortably and environmentally consciously with the forest train or the hedgehog buses. Open up and explore the region's primeval forests on your own or on one of the guided hikes.

Here are three tips for hiking in the Bavarian Forest on your own. There are hiking trails for sports hikers, but also for pleasure hikers:

  • If you have a good physical constitution, then one is Hike around Rachelsee a good possibility from Sankt Oswald. The entire hike is a good sixteen kilometers long. On the way you master a height difference of 630 meters. You should plan a good five hours for the tour around the lake.
  • It is moderately difficult Round the Blockmeer at the Lusen. With a good level of fitness, you can tackle the eleven kilometer long hiking route in three and a half hours. On good hiking trails, for which you need sure-footedness, the path leads 460 meters up and down.
  • An easy hike is that Hike through the Höllbachtal. You walk a good hour from the Lösmühle on easily accessible hiking trails. The path across the Höllbach Bridge is about four kilometers long. On the way you overcome a slope of 70 meters.


Glass museum in Frauenau
Glass Museum in Frauenau - a tip for the Bavarian Forest in the wellness hotel

Excursion tips for your wellness vacation

Do you want to experience more? Then choose a hotel in the center of a village. There are also wellness hotels in the Bavarian Forest in the middle of town. Experience village life and get to know the “Waidler”. Country life in the Bavarian Forest is authentic and shaped by a love of home and the region.

If you feel like it, you can also combine your wellness holiday in the Bavarian Forest with excursions in the area.

  • What do you think of a tour along the glass road? This holiday route runs from the Upper Palatinate through the Bavarian Forest to Passau. Worth a visit are the numerous shops where crystal glass from the region is sold or watch one of the factories how glass is made.
  • In the glass village of the Bavarian Forest in Arnbruck, you can experience all of this in one place. There you can watch glassblowers making glass. You can see how glass is cut and engraved. Have you ever heard of glass fusion? Glass is reused. This technique creates fashion jewelry as well as artistic glass windows. You can watch florists arrange flowers in beautiful vases. There are exhibitions for trophies and chandeliers. Swarovski-Stones give them a very special shine.
  • The glass museum in Frauenau is also worth a visit. There you will find out how glass production came to the Bavarian Forest. You discover how she developed from simple beginnings into a craft whose products inspire the world today. Bavarian Forest in the wellness hotel can be designed so interesting.


Wild herb salad with shallots Strawberry dressing and Grissini Hessian specialties
Wild herb salad with shallot strawberry dressing and breadsticks in the wellness hotel in the Bavarian Forest

Enjoy culinary delights in the Bavarian Forest in the wellness hotel

The Bavarian Forest is not just a paradise for nature lovers. Wild herbs and porcini mushrooms grow in its forests, which the region's cooks prepare for delicious dishes. Dandelions, wild garlic and other plant species are served as a salad. Fish and meat from the region come with tasty potato dishes as the main meal. Wild berries such as blueberries or cranberries can be collected in the woods. These are perfect ingredients for desserts. Holidays in a wellness hotel in the Bavarian Forest are not only holidays for wellness lovers, but also for gourmets.


Find inner peace in the Bavarian Forest
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Wellness hotel in the Bavarian Forest

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