Spreewald vacation - Three Days in Lübben, Lübbenau, Lehde and Burg

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Tips for a Spreewald Vacation

Three days are a good time for a Spreewald vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the big city in the three most important places in the Spreewald about 70 kilometers south of Berlin. Easily accessible via the motorway, visitors can immerse themselves in a world that, with its channels, which are called rivers, is very different from the hectic city life in Berlin. In addition, the distance from Spreewald Berlin can be reached by car in just over an hour. Perfect for one Enjoyment trip in the Spreewald in Brandenburg. So we pack ours suitcase for a Spreewald tour. With these Spreewald tips you can plan a weekend well.


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A must on a Spreewald Tour Schloss Lübben - One of our tips for a Spreewald vacation


Where exactly is the Spreewald?

The moorland of the Spreewald is in eastern Brandenburg. You can reach them halfway between Berlin and Dresden. There you will find the region with its canals and waterways, which still shape people's lives today.

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Where is the Spreewald most beautiful?

The most beautiful are the rivers - that's what the watercourses in the Spreewald are called. There you can experience the ambience of this landscape best. The places in the Spreewald are also worth seeing. We liked Lübben, Lübbenau, Lehde and Burg with its thermal baths.


The flat barge in front of the beach house Spreewald in Lübben is waiting for passengers - three days in the Spreewald
The flat barge in front of the Spreewald beach house in Lübben is waiting for passengers - tips for a Spreewald tour


Lübben - a good Starting Point for a Vacation in the Spreewald

We spend two days on our short vacation in the Spreewald Beach house Spreewald in Lübben, The wood-paneled hotel is located on the outskirts of the old town of Lübben, which is not so old, the Lübbener city gentlemen had resisted at the end of the Second World War against the capture by the Russians. However, they did not like that, and so they destroyed the beautiful old administration building in the center of the village. Today, Lübben Castle is in the center of the newly created castle island, which is a true recreational paradise in summer. The castle also houses a museum dedicated to the history of Lübben and its surroundings.


Do you like to travel by motorhome on vacation on the Spree?


Sights in Lübben

The hall of the coat of arms is worth seeing. You can visit it for a small entrance fee. It is not old - it originated only at the beginning of the 20th century. It is impressive, however, with its numerous coats of arms adorning the walls and reminiscent of the estates and noble families, that once guided the fate of the city. Opposite it is the district office of the place.


Saddle of veal steak with tarragon hollandaise
Veal steak with tarragon hollandaise and potato waffle in the beach house Spreewald


The Strandhaus Spreewald in Lübben, with its elegantly furnished rooms in white, gray and brown, is not only a great place to stay overnight - the overnight stay in one of the spa suites on the top floor of the hotel promises a special well-being experience. The café and the restaurant of the hotel also spoil their guests with excellent food prepared by the hotel's chefs. The menu offers new dishes every day, cooked mainly from local and regional produce - the kitchen at the Strandhaus Spreewald is known far beyond the borders of the region, and rightly so.


Morning mood on the river in Spreewald © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
Morning mood on the rivers in the Spreewald - Spreewald Holidays with overnight accommodation directly on the Spree


Where is it most beautiful in the Spreewald?

The answer is easy. The best way to experience the Spreewald is on a boat tour on the canals. The Strandhaus Spreewald is a perfect starting point for experiencing the moorland from the water. This is certainly one of the most beautiful ways to explore the area. Even today, the long and flat boats are used to move along the rivers of the Spreewald, as the waterways are called here.

When I ask what exactly rivers are, I first get a surprised look, but then the explanation that all waterways in the Spreewald are meant by that. In the past - and occasionally still today - the Sorbian farmers in the area transported their hay or their cattle to their destinations. And not only they use the flat boats. In Lehde, a lovely suburb of Lübbenau, a postwoman still brings the daily letters in the flat barge. And even the garbage is picked up by barge. Life by the water is still typical for the people of the Spreewald.



Haystack in the Spreewald
Spreewald Tips: Haystacks in the Spreewald – you will notice them when you come from Berlin in the Spreewald


We climb into one of the flat boats in front of the beach house, on which the passengers sit in front of small round tables, on which tablecloths and floral decorations create a cozy atmosphere. This is called a "Mummelkahnfahrt". Winter trips almost lovingly, although the word “mumming” also fits here, every guest receives a thick woolen blanket with which they can protect themselves from the wind and the winter cold in addition to warm winter clothing. So we get to know the tiles in and around Lübben, well warmed up. If that's not enough, you can stop at a hot spot on the way Mulled wine and lard bread. How beautiful one Boat trip at sunrise is, describes Cornelia from SilverTravellers.

However, we refrain from this, we are expected after our boat trip through Lübben in the restaurant Spree-view, a country inn in the center of the village, where we strengthen turkey schnitzel and fresh fish.


What do you have to do in the Spreewald?

  • The Lübben Castle Island
  • The Lehde open-air museum
  • The Willow Cathedral in Schlepzig
  • The Schinkel Church in Straupitz
  • The climbing forest in Lübben
  • The Dutch mill in Straupitz
  • Gherkin mile in Lübbenau harbor
  • The Wendish-German double church in Vetschau
  • The history café in Burg
  • and the Spreewald village of Leipe

Detailed information you can find it here.


Lübbenau - get to know the city of cucumbers on vacation in the Spreewald

"How did the cucumbers actually come to the Spreewald?" I want to know, and our companion explains: "It was the Dutch who brought them here." Spreewald cucumbers are still typical regional gifts, that are for sale everywhere.


The Lübbenauer Bierzeichen in the Dorfgasthof © Copyright Monika Fuchs, TravelWorldOnline
The Lübbenauer Bierzeichen in the Dorfgasthof


In contrast to Lübben, Lübbenau still has its historic city center. This looks all the more authentic with the newly made cobbled streets. In Café Zeitlos in the center of the city, we taste another specialty, a slice of "Kalter Hund" (cold dog): that is cake, that consists of biscuits and melted chocolate, which turn into a delicious afternoon snack.



In Luebbenau the Spreewald Museum is worth a visit.One has captured the life in the GDR in its exhibitions. A reconstructed shop shows, what goods were available in stores at the time. A shoemaker's workshop captures the lives of craftsmen. And costumes of the Sorbian minority show, how varied these can be. As we learn, the regional differences in costume depend on the wearer's affiliation with a particular church group.


Lehde in the Spreewald
Spreewald Tour to Lehde © Copyright Pyotr K, Flickr, CC BY 2.0


Holidays in the Spreewald in Lehde are perfect for a Spreewald holiday with children

The people live in pretty wooden houses in the small village of Lehde, which is only a few kilometers away from Lübbenau. The best views are also from the water. A tour through the village shows, how life is on the river. We learn that even the fire brigade comes by barge and see the fire department building of Lehde. Its gates are closed with orange-red canvases, behind which the barges are waiting for their next mission.



Anyone interested in the way of life along the canals can find out more about it in the Freilandmuseum in Lehde. Here you can see, how the pretty wooden houses look from the inside.

Holiday in Burg

Relax on your Spreewald holiday in the Spreewald Therme in Burg

After visiting the two towns of Lübben and Lübbenau, we are ready for a little relaxation. To do this, we continue our Spreewald Tour with a visit to the Spreewald Therme in Burg. An excursion to the Spreewald Therme in Burg is also interesting as a day trip from Berlin. You can spend the night comfortably in the associated thermal hotel. The rooms are all furnished identically and are perfectly equipped for wellness lovers. A bracelet serves as a key. This bracelet also serves as a means of payment. If the guest chooses a massage or a special treatment in the neighboring spa, for example, the data is stored. You only pay when you check out of the hotel.




Spreewaldtherme castle
Relax in the Spreewald-Therme in Burg - Tips for your Spreewald Tour - Spreewald Berlin: 1 h


A bathrobe corridor connects the hotel with the spa. Here, too, the bracelets serve as keys and allow guests access to the spa. Hot and colder pools bring the circulation in motion. In the steam sauna or in the graduation mill perfect deep cleansing of the skin is ensured. In winter, guests can relax in the 36 ° C hot outdoor pool, even when snow and ice are present. If you like it more sporty, you can use the exercise equipment on the first floor to combine relaxation with healthy exercise.


All these sports activities make us hungry. We can either eat in the thermal bath itself or in the brightly colored restaurant in the thermal spa hotel. The food is prepared with ingredients, preferably from the region. Our pork chop with mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts tastes excellent. A stay at the Therme in Burg is the perfect end to our Spreewald tour.

If you are looking for special restaurants in this region, maybe one of these restaurants in the Spreewald is, what you like?


Spreewald overnight stay

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Arrival to the Spreewald holiday

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Distance from Spreewald Berlin by car: a good one hour drive.

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Tips for the Spreewald vacation:

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Spreewald travel guide

This travel guide about the Spreewald not only focuses on the topic of cucumbers. On eleven hikes and tours through the Spreewald, the author Peggy Leiverkus shows you places that you shouldn't miss. But you will also find tips that are not so well known. Nature lovers receive excursion and hiking tips. She invites pleasure travelers to a spirits tasting. Paddle and bike tours are also part of their program, as are canoe tours through the river Spreewald.

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Source Spreewald Tour: On-site research at the invitation of TMB Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH. In any case, we thank you for the invitation. However, our opinion remains our own. Spreewald Berlin is well suited for a trip.

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Spreewald vacation - Three Days in Lübben, Lübbenau, Lehde and Burg

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