Brandenburg travel destinations

Hiking in the nature park Hoher Fläming Village pond of Wiesenburg

Brandenburg travel destinations and Brandenburg excursion destinations

Discover Brandenburg travel destinations and Brandenburg excursion destinations for connoisseurs and slow travelers in this selection. Here you will find travel destinations and excursion destinations that we recommend.

Magnificent brick Gothic

Lehnin Monastery – a weekend in the monastery

The entrance to the Lehnin Monastery is easy to miss. There is no sign indicating this. Here I am talking about the actual monastery, not about the Lehnin monastery. We almost drove past it on our tour through Brandenburg. There is a place next to it that bears the same name. This is where the monastery lies. We ...
Museum Barberini - Potsdam Weekend with art and enjoyment

Tips for a weekend in Potsdam on the Havel

Enjoyment of art in the Museum Barberini in Potsdam We hope to have a Potsdam weekend with art and enjoyment by visiting the Barberini Museum on the Old Market. Since January 2017, Potsdam in Brandenburg has been enriched by an attraction for art lovers. The Barberini Museum is located in the Barberini Palace, a magnificent building on the Old ...
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Museum Lübbenau - a tour

The Museum Lübbenau in the Spreewald We were particularly impressed with our trip through the Spreewald the Museum Lübbenau. This was one of the attractions we visited during our three days in the Spreewald. We had no idea what to expect there. So we were all the more surprised by what you get there ...

Spreewald vacation - Three Days in Lübben, Lübbenau, Lehde and Burg

Tips for a Spreewald vacation Three days are a good time for a Spreewald vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the big city in the three most important places in the Spreewald about 70 kilometers south of Berlin. Easily accessible via the motorway, visitors can immerse themselves in a world that deals with its canals, ...
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Restaurants in the Spreewald

Four restaurants in the Spreewald On our short trip through the Spreewald we were on a tour of discovery through the gastronomy in the Spreewald in Brandenburg. What we discovered here, we present at this point: First of all - it was a journey that took me back to my childhood, us ...
Thermal pool in the Spreewald Therme Burg

Wellness oasis in the Spreewald: Experience the thermal baths in Burg

The Spreewald Therme in Burg is a highlight for wellness lovers. As travel bloggers, we have visited numerous thermal baths since 2001 and appreciate what the Spreewald Therme has to offer. With our experience in travel journalism and a focus on enjoyment and wellness, we can say that this thermal bath and the Hotel Spreewald Therme in ...
Beach house in the Spreewald

Spreewald sights

Sights in the Spreewald You can find out which sights there are to discover in the Spreewald in these articles about the towns of Lübben, Lübbenau, Lehde and Burg. Take a boat trip or visit one of the museums. Be sure to try Spreewald specialties. Find out more about life in this region. Spreewald map Map created using ...
Castle Wiesenburg

Schlosspark Wiesenburg im Fläming

We discovered Wiesenburg Castle and Park Wiesenburg Castle in Fläming when we were looking for excursion destinations for connoisseurs south of Berlin. There we experienced a couple of beautiful autumn days at the gates of Berlin in the region of Wiesenburg Mark, which made the trip unforgettable for us. Our trip to Germany took us to ...

Beach house Spreewald in Lübben

The Strandhaus Spreewald in Lübben and its Spa Suite During our stay in the Spreewald we are accommodated in the Spa Suite in the Strandhaus Spreewald in Lübben and have experienced this region in Brandenburg in a way that could hardly be more pleasant. Equipped with materials from nature ...
Hotel Mullerhof Caputh

Hotel Müllerhof in Caputh on the Schwielowsee

Hotel Müllerhof in Caputh The Hotel Müllerhof in Caputh, which we got to know on our last trip, is perfect for everyone who enjoys the beautiful region of the Havel lakes but doesn't want to spend the night in lively Potsdam. The four-star hotel is located in the village of Caputh in Brandenburg, which is only eight kilometers south ...


Are you looking for more tips for the area around Berlin?

Berlin outsideThen we have just the right travel guide for you. Michael Bussmann and Gabriele Tröger present destinations in Brandenburg that can be easily reached from Berlin. With their tips, you can immerse yourself in the region around Berlin and get to know it better. By observing the starry sky. On a paddle tour with obstacles. When you cycle on rails. Where the river takes the elevator. With a small train to the great poet. These and many more tips show you the surroundings of Berlin up close. You will get to know the soul of the Brandenburg travel destinations.

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Brandenburg travel destinations and Brandenburg excursion destinations
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