Beach house Spreewald in Lübben


The beach house Spreewald in Lübben and its spa suite

At our Stay in the Spreewald we are accommodated in the Spa Suite in the Strandhaus Spreewald in Lübben and so have this region in Brandenburg Experienced in a way that could hardly be more pleasant. Equipped with materials from nature and kept rather minimalist in decor, great importance was attached to the quality of the building materials when furnishing the suite. Natural wood, natural materials, natural stones and rooms full of light give the suite a character that brings the landscape of the Spree into the room.



Beach house Spreewald in Lübben
Located directly on the Spree - the beach house Spreewald in Lübben
View of the Spree
The view of the Spree from our Spa Suite - nice, right?

The Spa Suite

Our suite is located on the second floor of the hotel, which is located in the Spreewald beach house in an adjoining building. So we can enjoy the view of the Spree, the river and the boat drivers in peace from two of our balconies. The Spa Suite has a total of four balconies. Two of them give us a view of the Spree, the other two face the land side. They are all big enough to make yourself comfortable, read a book, watch the goings-on on the Spree with a glass of wine or watch the sun go down over the rivers. Pure quality of life! There are two such spa suites in Strandhaus Spreewald, ours offering the more beautiful view, but can only be reached via a staircase. The second suite can be reached by stairs and elevator.


Living room
The living room overlooks the Spree
Dining room
This is followed by the kitchen and dining area in the Spreewald beach house in Lübben


The suite in the Strandhaus Spreewald in Lübben has a living room with a seating area from which we can look out over the Spree through the window. This is followed by the kitchen with dining table, which we can easily convert into our office during our stay, as we enjoy our breakfast from the buffet and a candlelight dinner in the hotel restaurant.


Bedroom beach house Spreewald in Lübben
So you sleep in the spa suite in the beach house Spreewald in Lübben

The bedroom in the Spreewald beach house in Lübben

The bedroom is separated from the living area and bathroom by a sliding door and has a double bed with a comfortable mattress (why do hotel mattresses have to be better than the ones you have at home?). Behind the wall by which the bed stands is a closet area that offers space for our entire wardrobe. We can even put our laptops in the safe. There is also space for our suitcase in the closet. Everything has really been thought of here.


Bad beach house Spreewald in Luebben
The bathroom in the Spa Suite in Strandhaus Spreewald in Lübben
Sauna beach house Spreewald in Lübben
The highlight of the Spa Suite at Strandhaus Spreewald in Lübben: the sauna


The best thing about this suite is the bathroom. With a good 20 square meters, this is larger than my student apartment in Munich and consists of several rooms. The experience shower offers two shower places and takes up one room. The toilet and bidet are housed in an alcove, and the bathtub invites you to relax as soon as you step into the bathroom. The highlight of the pool is the sauna, which we make extensive use of after a day on the river and in the cities of the Spreewald.


At the end of our stay we regret only one thing: that the trip to the Spreewald was so short. And we are sure: we were not the last time at the beach house on the Spreewald. We will be back.

Beach house Spreewald in Lübben

Ernst-von-Houwald dam 16
15907 Lubben (Spreewald)
Tel. + 49 (0) 3546 7364
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Beach house Spreewald in Lübben

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