Autumn travel destinations - Germany, Europe and the world

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Autumn travel destinations in Germany, Europe and the world

Autumn travel destinations in Germany, Europe and the world

Autumn is a perfect travel time for slow travellers. Then the masses of holidaymakers on the coasts disappeared again. In the mountains, one no longer marches up the mountains in the caravan of wanderers. And the Cities explore with locals rather than travelers from around the world. In this collection of articles about regions that are particularly beautiful in the period from September to November, we show which autumn travel destinations are most worthwhile in Germany, Europe and the world.


Chiemgau Wellness short break at Lake Chiemsee - Autumn travel destinations Germany Autumn
Autumn destinations in Germany in autumn are at Chiemsee, for example

Autumn trips in Germany - autumn travel destinations from the Baltic Sea to Bavaria

Germany's regions are very popular as fall travel destinations in autumn. It doesn't matter whether it's hikes in the mountains, small towns with pretty town centers or pleasure experiences with products from farm shops, farms or factories - all of this attracts visitors and day trippers to autumn trips and excursions to these regions year after year.

the Devil's Bridge.

Kassel Water Show - You should know this, before you visit it

Kassel cascades: what you should know about the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe trick fountains A visit to the Kassel Wilhelmshöhe trick fountains begins with Hercules in Kassel. The water games begin at Hercules. From there you follow the water down the mountain. The Hercules towers over Kassel ...
Baltic Sea resorts & Hanseatic cities - Baltic Sea cities here Stralsund

Baltic Sea Resorts and Hanseatic Cities – Baltic Sea Cities in Germany

Baltic Sea Cities - Hanseatic Towns and Baltic Sea Resorts We discovered how fascinating Baltic Sea resorts and Hanseatic towns are on our trips to the Baltic Sea. The seaside resorts invite you to a holiday by the sea. Many of them are located on Baltic Sea beaches, which make a visit ...
Magnificent ceiling mosaics in the cathedral of Aachen

Aachen - a walk through the old town

Are you planning a trip to Aachen? Then you should definitely plan a tour of the old town during your Aachen sightseeing! Aachen's old town is a real treasure that will inspire you with its history and charm. A ...
Assmannshausen near Rhine in flames

Discover the most beautiful cities on the Rhine

Discover beautiful cities on the Rhine There are many beautiful cities on the Rhine. We have seen this again and again in our travels as travel bloggers over the last few years. We think the section in the Middle Rhine Valley is particularly nice for a holiday on the Rhine...


Wachau Vineyards in Autumn - Europe Travel Destinations Autumn
Wachau vineyards in autumn - one of the perfect October travel destinations in Europe

October travel destinations Europe

Austria, Italy, France, Slovenia - these are just some of the countries that offer October travel destinations in Europe. What do you think of pleasure hikes in the mountains? Or do you prefer the wine regions of Italy or France? Slovenia also has such to offer. On top of that, star chefs invite you to enjoyable short trips. Or do you prefer to explore cities? Castles and castles are also good autumn travel destinations, for example in Scotland.

Wine-growing regions Austria vacation - excursion tip Austria and Bavaria

Wachau Hotels on the Danube for your wine journey through the Wachau

Wachau Overnight stay at the winery The Wachau is a great travel destination for many reasons. The region is known for its breathtaking landscape, characterized by the high hills, the clear waters of the Danube and the endless vineyards. The Wachau is...
On a winery in the Alentejo

Alentejo Winery: The top 10 wineries you must visit

Discover a winery in the Alentejo for your wine trip Are you a wine lover? Then a winery in the Alentejo is just right for you. Get out there and discover the best wineries in the Alentejo. We have on our Alentejo...
Farmer's donuts, undressed

Donuts, Ausgezogene, Küchle or Bauernkrapfen

Ausging, Küchle or Bauernkrapfen They have many names: in Bavaria they are known as Ausging or Auszogne. In Franconia they are called Küchle or Kiachla. In Austria they are called farmer's donuts. In the Tyrolean area, they are also referred to as Knieküchle or ...
Andi Haller Permaculture Garden Kleinwalsertal

Permaculture garden in Kleinwalsertal by Andi Haller

Nothing grows here Everyone had told him: "Nothing grows here". Even his grandmother was convinced, as she had tried for years to prove to the locals that a garden in the Kleinwalsertal in Austria was possible. Vain! All of their attempts...


Autumn in Canada - autumn travel destinations for long-distance travel
Autumn in Canada for a long-distance trip - Canada offers perfect autumn travel destinations

Autumn travel destinations for long-distance travel

With its Indian Summer, Canada is certainly one of the best autumn travel destinations for a long-distance trip. You can also experience the colorful Indian Summer in the New England states of the USA. Or are you looking for autumn trips to warm areas? What do you think of a trip to South Africa's wine region around Cape Town? There you can combine a city trip with a pleasure trip to the wine region or a beach holiday on the coast. Check out this collection of articles for more ideas:

Sightseeing in Algonquin Park with canoes

Algonquin Park Sights: Highlights and Insider Tips

Algonquin Park and its attractions Algonquin Provincial Park covers 7.600 square kilometers and is located in the province of Ontario. Only about 200 kilometers separate him from the metropolis of Toronto. But in the provincial park you will find a different world. Density...
Sight of Portuguese seafarers

Storytelling is a tradition in Newfoundland and Labrador

Storyteller Marketing in Newfoundland and Labrador Storyteller Marketing has a long tradition in Newfoundland and Labrador. Whether in storyteller events, at parties with friends or in literature - the Newfoundland dogs tell stories. Willingly. Inventive. Adventurous. Newfoundland is made...
Canada Autumn - Indian Summer

Canada in the fall

Enjoying autumn in Canada When autumn arrives in Canada, the forests of Quebec and Ontario shine in a unique sea of ​​colour. Also known as "Indian Summer," the spectacle is triggered by a single freezing cold night. The exact start time leaves ...
The Gainsford House by 1833

Three attractions in Charlottetown, PEI

Three things to do in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island's capital, Charlottetown, isn't big. No wonder, since the province of which it is the seat of government is the smallest in Canada. Nevertheless, it played an important role in the history of the country: here the ...


Autumn decoration on a door in Salem
Fall decor on a door in Salem - Fall travel destinations in New England are especially beautiful during the Indian Summer

Fall travel destination questions and answers

Where is it most beautiful in autumn?

It all depends on what you're looking for. If you want to experience autumn in its most beautiful colors, then you can Eastern Canada and New England. The Indian Summer is famous for its beautiful foliage colors. On the other hand, if you want to travel to warm regions, then take a look at these autumn travel destinations:

Where is it still warm in October?

Egypt lures with one Nile cruise. As fall travel destinations in Southern California, the wait most beautiful beaches the American West Coast on you. But also Florida offers numerous travel destinations that are pleasantly warm in October. If you don't want to go that far, then a trip to the Alentejo in Portugal. In Italy is the region Brands worth a trip. If you like wine, then it's worth a trip to Slovenia in October.

Are you looking for other autumn travel destinations? Then take a look at MS|WellTravel. Marina has tips for Germans Excursions in autumn were collected.

Autumn travel
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Autumn travel destinations - Germany, Europe and the world

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