Dutch Oven Sizes – Which One Fits Me?

Dutch Oven Sizes - Which is Right

 Dutch Oven what size should I buy?

Savor the Outdoors includes outdoor cooking. A Dutch Oven pot is suitable for many types of outdoor cooking. You can cook with such a pot in the gas Grill, on one portable grill and over an open fire. Some even use it in the oven. However, the fire oven is mainly used in the outdoor kitchen. Even the pioneers in the Wild West USA, on the Gold Rivers in the Yukon or the Voortrekkers in South Africa used the cast iron stove during their long treks over land. The latter have in her Potjiekos cooked. Today it has found its way into the outdoor kitchen. You cook with the Dutch Oven on the Terrace as well as on one Motorhome trip or on Campfire, if you with one Car with roof tent are on the way. If you want to buy a cast iron pot, you first have to know which pot sizes are right for you. This Dutch Oven Size Chart will help you decide.

Dutch Oven Size Chart

number of persons

Petromax Dutch Oven sizes in ft



1-2 native ft1 / ft1-t 1 liters 6er
2-4 native ft3 / ft3-t – ft 4.5 / ft 4.5-t 2 liters 8er
4-7 native ft6 / ft6-t 4 liters 10er
8-14 native ft9 / ft9-t 6 liters 12er
14-20 native ft12 / ft12-t 8 liters 12 deep
14-20 native 8 liters 14er
20-28 native ft18 / ft18-t 10 liters 14 deep
20-28 native 12 liters 16er

Buy Dutch Oven – Buy Dutch Ovens

Grillfürst Dutch Oven approx. 2 liters

Grillfürst Dutch Oven approx. 2 liters Order here*

Lodge Logic Camp Dutch Oven (approx. 5,7 l)

Lodge Logic Camp Dutch Oven Pot (approx. 5,7 l) Order here*

Dutch Oven Set [6L]

Set Dutch Oven 6l Order here*

Black Bull BBQ [The Original] - Dutch Oven Set 7L

Black Bull BBQ – Dutch Oven 7 liters Order here*

Petromax Dutch Oven FT9-8,0 liters

Dutch Oven Petromax ft9 - 8,0 litres Order here*

BBQ Dutch Oven [The Original 9L]

BBQ Dutch Oven [The Original 9L] Order here*

Grillfürst Dutch Oven approx. 9 liters

Grillfürst Dutch Oven 9l Order here*

Dutch Oven 9L

MARINDO Dutch Oven 9l Order here*

BBQ Toro fire oven set

BBQ Toro Dutch Oven Set 8 pieces Order here*

9-piece Premium Dutch Oven Set

TALK-POINT Georges BBQ Series 9-Piece Premium Dutch Oven Set Order here*

Swivel Grill Grill Dutch Oven Set

Swivel Grill Grill Dutch Oven Set Order here*


Dutch oven for gas grill

Most Dutch Oven sizes that we offer above are particularly suitable for cooking over a campfire or on an open grill fire. For the gas Grill we recommend Dutch Oven without feet instead.

Dutch oven gas grill

Petromax fire pot ft4.5 (Dutch oven for gas grill) Order here*


Cast iron dutch oven set

Dutch Oven Set cast iron approx. 4 L Order here*


FireRocket Dutch Oven 6qt 5,5L without feet

FireRocket Dutch Oven 6qt 5,5L without feet Order here*


Overmont cast iron pot gas grill

Overmont Cast Iron Pot Dutch Oven for Gas Grill Order here*


Dutch oven accessories

A Dutch oven is robust and can withstand great heat. Nonetheless, it needs to be properly cared for. Otherwise the dish will burn quickly in the oven. Especially with large Dutch Oven sizes, you should make sure that the entire pot is treated. You also need tools to be able to use the Dutch Oven on the grill. Here you will find a selection:



What is a dutch oven?

The Dutch Oven is an all-purpose cooking vessel that works well for baking, roasting, sautéing, braising, steaming and cooking. It has a tight-fitting lid that locks in moisture and flavor while allowing heat to circulate freely.

A Dutch Oven is ideal for baking bread, roasting vegetables and slow cooking stews and soups

There are different types of Dutch ovens, each with their own unique characteristics. The size of the pot depends on how much food you want to cook at once. If you need a large capacity, choose a larger diameter model.

What should I look out for when and after buying a cast iron Dutch Oven?

This table shows you which Dutch Oven sizes are suitable for your outdoor kitchen. Cast iron is a material that is porous. It is therefore essential that you burn it in before you use it for the first time. This seals the pot and ensures that your food does not burn and the food cooked in the pot does not take on the flavor of the first dish. There are suppliers whose Dutch ovens are already branded.

Burn in the Dutch oven

The best way to sear a cast iron pot is in the oven. To do this, first clean the newly purchased Dutch Oven with a little washing-up liquid and water. Then you rub the Dutch Oven with oil (e.g. sunflower oil). The best way to do this is with a brush. You should make sure that all areas inside the pot are rubbed with oil. This is not always easy with larger Dutch Oven sizes. Then put the Dutch Oven upside down in the oven for one hour at the highest temperature (280°C). You can also do this on a gas stove on high or over a well-lit barbecue grill.

After cooking, simply clean the Dutch Oven with warm water and a soft cloth. If you use washing-up liquid, you have to season the Dutch Oven again, as such agents destroy the protective layer. Depending on the size of the Dutch Oven, you will need more or less paste.

We wish you a lot of fun with your Dutch Oven sizes Enjoy outdoors. You can find recipes for your Dutch Oven in our Collection of one pot recipes. More tips about Cooking and baking in the mobile home and when camping here.

Dutch Oven Recipes

One of our favorite Dutch Oven recipes is Potjekos with beef. You can find out how to prepare it in South Africa from the recipe I linked here. Also Spaghetti with meatballs can be prepared well in the Dutch oven.


Dutch Oven
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Dutch Oven Sizes – Which One Fits Me?
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