Tour of the port of Rotterdam

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The Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam

We want to experience the port of Rotterdam on a harbor tour. Even if this is not by the sea, this gives us an impression of one Holland vacation by the sea. Our ship casts off right next to the Erasmus Bridge, which looks like a harp. The sun shines from the sky and the wind blows around our noses as we set off for the Atlantic. We want to take a look at Europe's largest container port. The sea lies twenty-five kilometers from the Downtown Rotterdam .



The journey to the port of Rotterdam goes past waterfront promenades and houses. These look like they have been repainted. Like us Simone von insured, that's true in most cases. Because Rotterdam has dressed up a lot. On the other side of the river - the Meuse - there are skyscrapers. What I like best is a construction made of cubes with gaps through which the wind whistles. This building made of cubes looks unusual, almost as if Lego bricks were not put together correctly.


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Harbour Cruise
Harbor tour through the port of Rotterdam


Round trip in the port of Rotterdam

It doesn't take long before our boat sails past apartment blocks where social housing can be seen. The people wave to us friendly from the bank. A few meters behind this, the facilities in the port of Rotterdam begin with their dry docks and the warehouses for the fruit and vegetable deliveries from around the world. A noteworthy shipyard is a replica of a wooden ship. Not far behind there is one shipyard after the next. A ship on which a crane indicates that it is being used to build the oil platforms in the North Sea is particularly impressive.


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The MS Rotterdam
The MS Rotterdam in the port of Rotterdam


Permanently at anchor: the “Rotterdam” in the port of Rotterdam

Back towards the city center of Rotterdam we pass the container port where the metal containers are layered on top of each other. It looks motley here. We wonder about containers that have apparently seen better days. Before we set course again for the Erasmus Bridge, our excursion boat makes a dangling past the “Rotterdam”. It is the largest cruise ship that was once in the Netherlands was built. It then crossed the Atlantic for years on its voyages to North America. Today it has found a home in the port of Rotterdam and serves as both a hotel and an event location.

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Skyscrapers of Rotterdam
Skyscrapers at the port of Rotterdam


Impressed by the impressions of the world of seafaring with its merchant ships, container depots, shipyards and construction vessels used to construct and maintain the North Sea oil platforms, we return to the starting point of our boat trip, the Erasmus Bridge. This was a trip that gave us a taste of the port of Rotterdam in The Netherlands has mediated.


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Tour of the port of Rotterdam

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