Baking pizza in the mobile home - Omnia oven recipes

Bake pizza in the mobile home

When we made our first camper trip a few years ago, we were absolute camper novices. While camping trips were not new to us, I have been guiding camping tours throughout the United States and Canada for seven years. We made our honeymoon many years ago through Canada and the USA in a tent. However, cooking while camping does not prepare us for our motorhome trip. Camping trips with the Caravan are different. On the one hand more convenient. On the other hand more complex. that pizza bake in the mobile home I wouldn't have thought it was possible at the time.

Bake pizza in the Omnia oven

At first it was clear to me that it was better to think about what to prepare in the camper kitchen beforehand. We knew that the kitchen in our RV was very small. Cooking events with many pots were no longer necessary. However, we only found out over time that you can also bake in a mobile home kitchen. Without an oven like we are used to at home! With Omnia oven recipes like this, it is also possible to bake pizza in the mobile home. Chris shows us how in his  camper_culinaric videos.


Chris in his camper kitchen
Chris in his camper kitchen - He shows us how to bake pizza in the camper.

Chris from camper_culinaric

I met Chris Instagram , where I noticed his recipes. I noticed that in his videos he uses his chef's knives like a pro. After some back and forth, it turned out that Chris actually learned to cook from scratch. After training as a chef, he was drawn out into the world. One year in New Zealand and nine months in Canada and the USA. Always on the road with the mobile home. With breaks in between as a cook. So a pro! This made me curious about the recipes he prepares in his RV kitchen. We will present some of them to you here in the near future. At the beginning, Chris shows us how to bake pizza in a mobile home.

This is how to bake a pizza in a mobile home

In his video, Chris shows us how he prepares his "pizza bomb" in the Omnia oven. I like the ingredients he uses. They make preparing the pizza in the camper very easy. But see for yourself:



If you want to bake the pizza in the mobile home, here's the recipe.


  • pizza kit
  • Salami
  • ham
  • onions
  • Corn
  • cheese,
  • pepper

Baking a pizza in a mobile home - Here's how

First, peel the onions and cut them into fine slices. Cut the ham and salami into cubes. Then you roll out the ready-made pizza dough. Spread the pizza sauce from the pizza kit on top. You season this with pepper from the mill. Then you distribute onion slices, corn from the can, ham and salami cubes on the dough. Finally, sprinkle grated cheese on top. Then you roll the dough into a roll. This is easy to do by using the parchment paper to roll up the dough.

Now you cut the dough roll into slices. You put these next to each other in the silicone mold of your Omnia oven. Put all the ingredients that fell out when you rolled them up on top of the pizza rolls. Sprinkle some grated cheese on top.

Then place the Omnia oven on your hotplate, put the lid on and bake the pizza for about 25-35 minutes.

Pizza baking in the mobile home is possible with an Omnia oven

Omnia oven for the camper
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We would like to thank Chris very much for the recipe and wish you a lot of fun baking pizza in the mobile home.


Baking pizza in the mobile home
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Source camper_culinaric. Thanks also to Chris for the recipe.

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Photos: © Copyright Chris and Camper_Culinaric

Baking pizza in the mobile home - Omnia oven recipes
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