Culinary stroll through Passau

Town hall window in Passau

In which Passau restaurant can you eat something?

We visit Passau, one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria. Which restaurant in Passau offers which cuisine? We have that with ours Enjoyment trip asked in the old town of Passau. One thing quickly became clear to us. Passau Essen is diverse. You can discover which restaurant Passau has in store for you on our tour of the gastronomy of the three-river city.



We drive to the three-river city of Passau and want to get to know the city's culinary delights on the border with Austria. We start from Römerplatz for a stroll through the gastronomy of the three-river city. The cruise ships that sail along the Danube dock at the banks of the Danube. They bring guests from all over the world to the city on the Danube, Inn and Ilz. The town hall of the city rises opposite the landing stage.


Sardinian fine dining
Passau Essen - cuisine from Sardinia in a restaurant in Passau


Dine the world in Passau restaurants

During our stroll through the city, we discover restaurants whose menus indicate gastronomy with dishes from all over the world. Antipasti from Sardinia are advertised on a slate of a restaurant. We discover chestnut cream soup with scallops. Or do you like lava stone grill octopus with zucchini cream? Pasta, fish and meat dishes complete the menu from Sardinia.


Passau town hall
Passau town hall - in the area you will find your Passau restaurant


Passau restaurants - Austrian cuisine inspires

A few steps further there is a starter of roast beef with oyster mushrooms and tartar sauce. Or does the goat cheese sound better with thyme honey? The head chef of this restaurant loves Styrian cuisine. On his card is a fried chicken on cucumber. He also serves leafy salads in salad dressing and pumpkin seed oil. There is also a beef steak from Styria with balsamic onions. The dessert is also inspired from Austria. There are curd dumplings with plum roasters. Even if you just want a little something, you get Austrian.  You can choose from a bacon plate with bacon from the Weinviertel and horseradish. Or do you like the smoked Duroc pork from the Innviertel? Spiced with garlic and chilli butter?


Pancake soup in a Passau restaurant
Pancake soup in a restaurant in Passau


Lower Bavarian dishes

Lower Bavarian cuisine paired with specialties from Austria can be found in the next tavern. Caspress dumplings swim in the beef broth. But there is also a potato soup like in Lower Bavaria. Vegetarians can choose between Schupfnudeln with spinach and cherry tomatoes from Bavaria. Or do you prefer a salad plate with spinach dumplings, cheese dumplings and pasta bag with nut butter and parmesan? That's how we know her from Austria. If we look further down the menu, we even discover “Kaiserin Sissi” pot dumplings.


Empress Sissi
Empress Sissi


Empress Sissi - in the restaurant in Passau

The Empress of Austria is very popular in Passau. On our stroll through the city, we keep seeing things that remind us of them. There is the relief on the town hall that shows Sissi. Or the excursion boat on the Danube that bears her name. The Empress is also paid homage to in the Passau cuisine. This is how we discover the Sissi Prosecco rose truffle in a pastry shop on Domplatz. The imperial couple is even immortalized on souvenirs.



Glasses from the Bavarian Forest
Glasses from the Bavarian Forest in Passau restaurants


Glass art - in the restaurant in Passau

In the area of ​​Passau and in Bavarian forest one finds traces of the Glass craftsman. These helped the region's economy flourish. They found the conditions for their craft in the woods. There is wood there that they needed for the smelting furnaces. Since 1650, glass production has been one of the economic sectors in the area around Passau. It is important to this day. Pressed glass and glasses are used in the farms and restaurants of the region. Glass factories, which were often owned by the nobility, also produced glass art. This found its way to the imperial family in Austria or to the world exhibitions in Vienna or Chicago.


That must be in the suitcase for the visit to Passau

  • Comfortable walking boots, because in Passau it goes up and down. There are also cobblestone streets.
  • Forget comfy Pumps not, because in some Passau restaurants you eat in an elegant ambience.
  • A backpack, in which you can store all the utensils for a day.
  • A Camera* for the numerous photo motifs that Passau offers. We recommend Nikon* because it delivers great photos and is lightweight.
  • A Passau city map * for orientation in the city.


Bread dumplings with roast pork
Bread dumplings with roast pork in a Passau restaurant


Old Bavarian cuisine on the banks of the Inn in Passau

But we still wanted to get to know the offer of restaurants on the banks of the Inn. Here we finally come across cuisine from Bavaria. Our lunch in the Golden Ship begins with one Pancake soup. This is followed by roast pork with bread dumplings. For dessert there is apple cake with vanilla ice cream. On the way back to the banks of the Danube, we pass a pastry shop that pays tribute to customers from all over the world by offering cupcakes and macarons served. Perfect for an afternoon coffee break.




Anyone planning a visit to Passau is spoiled for choice when it comes to a Passau restaurant. There are recipes from the world's kitchens. We even discovered dishes from the Orient. So everyone can find what they like here. Kitchen off Bavaria as well as from other regions of the world.


Eat well in Passau

Best restaurants in Passau

  • The Culinarium Restaurant at Lederer Gasse 16 offers Mediterranean cuisine with a view of the Inn
  • The WeinGut at Theresienstrasse 28 serves international Central European cuisine and good wines.

Restaurant in the old town of Passau

  • The best Italian restaurant in Passau is Ristorante il Monastero at Schrottgasse 5.
  • In the executioner's house at Milchgasse 2 you can get Austrian-Central European cuisine with art.

Restaurants in Passau city

  • Bavarian delicacies are available at Königlich Bayrisch at Hoellgasse 22.
  • The Goldene Schiff, Unterer Sand 8, serves German cuisine.

Restaurant in Passau and surroundings

  • German and Central European cuisine is available at Hacklberger Bräustüberl, Bräuhausplatz 7.
  • German is eaten for lunch and dinner in the Andorfer Weisbrau brewery on Rennweg 2.


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Passau food
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This article originally appeared in the magazine “Die Junge Donau”.

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Culinary stroll through Passau

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