Lake Bled Camping – a selection

View of Lake Bled from the campsite

Bled Camping

In Slovenia, Lake Bled Camping offers a range of options for camping Motorhome vacation. There is a large campground at the west end of the lake. This is Bled Camping. We present this camping area in these photos. Here you will find opportunities for 5-star camping at Lake Bled as well as glamping offers of varying comfort. The Lake Bled camper place is not located directly on Lake Bled. However, this can be reached in a few steps. You will also find several offers for camping pitches and glamping in the area around Bled. We present River Camping Bled and glamping possibilities in the info boxes.


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Here you spend the night a little above the lake. You can choose between a two bedroom tree house with balcony, a riverside tent with shared bathroom, a glamping tent with jacuzzi, a duplex apartment with jacuzzi, a glamping tent with outdoor wooden bathtub, a luxury tent with outdoor wooden bathtub and a tree tent.
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Lake Bled camping in a mobile home
Lake Bled Camping in a mobile home at Camping Bled

Camping Bled Slovenia

At Camping Bled Slovenia, on the campsite at the southwest end of Lake Bled, you have a choice of accommodation options. The most comfortable accommodation is a mobile home with a kitchen and bedroom. The bedroom has a wall of windows opening onto the campsite view.


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With the Pibernik family you can stay in a quiet location just outside of Bled either in the guesthouse or in glamping accommodation. Glamping comes in standard bungalows and in the luxury version of bungalows. This is Lake Bled Camping in Slovenia away from the lake.
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Camping Bled cottage
Camping Bled cottage

Camping Bled cottage

The Lake Bled Camping Cabins reminded me of my travels through the Yukon. You sleep in very simple accommodations. These actually only consist of a roof over your head and a few wooden stools. Outside there is a sweat lodge like I've seen among Indians in America. A Camping Bled cabin is therefore accommodation for everyone who is looking for a nature experience. Comfort is completely absent here.


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Glamping Ribno offers Lake Bled camping away from the lake in the valley of the Sava Bohinjka, a small tributary of the Sava. It is about three kilometers to Bled Castle. You can spend the night here in a tree house with a wooden bathtub or in a luxury glamping house, which offers a sauna as well as a wooden bathtub.
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Glamping cottages for Lake Bled Camping
Glamping cottages for Lake Bled Camping

Glamping cottages at Bled Camping Slovenia

The glamping cottages at Bled Camping at the south-west end of Lake Bled are also easy. The cottages contain a bed for two people or two single beds. The cottages are insulated and heated. This includes a parasol, two loungers and a coffee table in front of the hut. Breakfast is included.


Book simple glamping huts at J-Max*

Just outside of Bled (not directly on the lake) J-Max offers basic glamping cabins. The beach can be reached in 16 minutes on foot. There is a shared bathroom with a jacuzzi.
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Glamping at the southwest end of the lake
Glamping at the southwest end of Lake Bled Slovenia

This is how the glamping cottages at Bled Camping are laid out

In addition to the simple glamping cottages, Bled Camping at Lake Bled also has cottages with an outdoor wooden bathtub. In a glamping cabin there is a jacuzzi and a private bathroom. The food is served in a picnic basket in the morning.


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These cabins are located away from the lake. It is about five kilometers to Bled Castle. Guests stay in a double room with garden view. There is a washing machine, a kitchen and a shared bathroom with bathrobes.
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Breakfast comes in a picnic basket
Breakfast comes in a picnic basket

Fancy breakfast at Lake Bled Camping Slovenia?

Breakfast is delivered at Bled Camping in a picnic basket. There is coffee or tea, bread with sausage and cheese, yoghurt, milk and fruit. On the table in front of the hut you can have breakfast in nature.

Of course you can also camp with a motorhome at Bled Camping. The parking spaces are located in the entrance area of ​​the campsite. You will find the glamping accommodations at the back of the facility.

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Camping Lake Bled
Camping Lake Bled


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Lake Bled campsite
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Lake Bled Camping – a selection
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