Three treat tips for Slovenia

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Three different roasts in the Grand Hotel Toplice

These tips for Slovenia for connoisseurs make a tour through this country an experience for all those who love to enjoy excellent cuisine, like to relax in thermal baths and not only experience a meal with the palate, but also want to dine with a beautiful view . With these three indulgence tips for Slovenia you are well prepared for it.

Tips for Slovenia for connoisseurs

Granted, you have to drive around a bit in the country, if you want to experience these three things. But it's worth it, and not just because of the travel tips that we present here. Slovenia is also a country that invites you to discover its charming landscapes. Its rolling hills, green landscapes and small villages are waiting to be discovered. But these three enjoyment tips are worth a visit, if not worth the trip:


Ayurveda Wellness in the spa Lasko
Ayurveda Wellness in the spa Lasko


Tips for Slovenia spa lovers: Ayurveda lunch at Therme Laško

We spent one night of our trip in the thermal spa Laško in eastern Slovenia. Here connoisseurs and Slow Traveler well. The thermal bath is located in the Savinja valley, right on the river. From the balcony of our room we could watch the fog slowly being burned away by the sun. So a morning walk along the river aroused curiosity about what the thermal baths have to offer. The Romš used the thermal water of Laško. After that, missionaries came and the first thermal bath was built in the 19th century. The historical circumstances finally caused an up and down in the fortunes of the thermal bath. It was only expanded and modernized in the middle of the 20th century. Today it is a center of health tourism with many programs for health and wellbeing.

Far Eastern treatments using the methods of Ayurveda are offered in the treatment rooms, where the guests are queuing up when we arrive there. For example, you can sweat in a wooden steam bath. If you do not like it so hot, you can massage yourself instead according to the methods of Ayurveda. Then there's the swimming pool next to the spa to cool down. We ourselves are more familiar with the culinary side of Ayurveda.

What we have to imagine, we learn at our Ayurveda Lunch. We start our lunch with spicy samosas with dips. This is followed by a tongue plate with cream of horseradish, which proves to us that Ayurveda does not necessarily have to be vegetarian. Nevertheless vegetables and salad predominate. This is shown by the delicious peanut salad and a vegetable platter with tofu. Finally, there's a fruit salad, which is made with coconut sprinkles.


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Grand Hotel Toplice
Grand Hotel Toplice in Bled


Tips for Slovenia connoisseurs: Dinner with a view at the Grand Hotel Toplice in Bled

The fact that Bled is one of the loveliest places in Slovenia is well known to many visitors, who are regular guests in the elegant hotels. The top hotels on the lake attract international guests as well as tour groups. Above all, they want to enjoy the lake view. We do not take care of that. This is one of the reasons why we look forward to our dinner at the Grand Hotel Toplice right on the lake. From the hotel lobby, a magnificent panorama of the sunset behind the mountains on the other side of the lake opens up in front of us. One floor down, we have an elegantly laid table in the hotel restaurant.

On the way there we discover, which illustrious guests have already stayed here. From political figures to crowned heads, there was everything the world has to offer in celebrities. The hotel is proud of the rich history of the hotel. Meanwhile, it attracts mainly golfers and conference guests. In addition, wellness friends appreciate the spa of the house. Its pool is fed directly with thermal water, which is changed daily. The Grand Hotel Toplice is also one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

We feel that in the restaurant, where an elegantly laid table is waiting for us. A greeting from the kitchen with homemade bread and a pate is followed by a salad with various salmon pralines. Then there's the pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed oil a tribute to the near neighbor Austria. The main course is followed by various meats with vegetables and peas. Finally, we are served an intense fruit-flavored mousse with seasonal fruits. An elegant dinner like this makes every grand hotel an honor.


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Three enjoyment tips for Slovenia Gostilna Pri Lojzetu
Tips for Slovenia - evening mood in Gostilna Pri Lojzetu


Slovenia Gourmets: Pri Lojzetu Restaurant in Zemono Castle

The third and best of our tips for Slovenia is Gostilna Pri Lojzetu in Dornberg. The cuisine and service in this restaurant surpass anything we have experienced in upscale restaurants. We have not yet experienced what Chef Tomaz Kavcic offers us in his restaurant. A meal under his direction is a veritable firework of imagination and outstanding food.

It starts with the location of the restaurant. Zemono is located outside the village on a hill in a castle that once belonged to the noble family from the nearby village. From there you have a wonderful view of the valley below us and the mountains around us. We sit on the terrace and enjoy the evening sun. We share the view with the guests at the next table. From the rest of the restaurant guests we get almost nothing, because a lot of importance is placed on intimate and individual care of the guests.

It even goes so far that the boss always comes to our table and introduces us to his food. And not only that, he treats us as if we are longtime friends. The same courteous, friendly and unobtrusive care we learn through his staff. This is always ready to answer questions. This makes our dinner an impressive culinary event.

The food itself is as amazing as the perfect service and the location of the restaurant. Kavcic attaches great importance to preparing the ingredients as true to taste as possible. He pays attention to the "basic kitchen ingredients". His definition of good cuisine is to find the right basic ingredient. His culinary art is not to destroy their essence. The guest feels that someone was thinking of him while he was preparing the dish.

Only half an hour by car from Postojna, it is worth arriving for this culinary event.

More information about the Gostilna Pri Lojzetu here.


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Have a look at Petar's video about our Slovenia holiday for connoisseurs. There are more tips for Slovenia. That makes you want to get to know the country better:




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Three treat tips for Slovenia

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  1. Exciting - we got to know some completely different restaurants. In the thermal bath in Lasko we "only" had a beer tasting - were you there in the escape room?

    1. We do not know the escape room. What's this? However, we stayed at the spa in Lasko. As far as restaurants are concerned, it's always interesting to get to know different things.

  2. Dear Monika, I think this Slovenian travel tip is great! Is also great to do now in the fall / winter. I drive mostly in the direction of Croatia. LG, Meli

    1. Glad to be useful to you, Meli. And it's true, you can drive there in the fall and winter too. LG, Monica

  3. It's always exciting to discover places and culinary delights that are not on the screen in general. Thanks for the insight - even if I have to join Barbara in terms of budget. ;)

    1. Especially in Slovenia has apparently done a lot in terms of culinary in recent years. We did not expect that too.

  4. Hi monika,
    I did not know how good the Slovenian cuisine is! In the meantime one can hardly distinguish in which country one is (s) t! Thank you for your travel tip with the delicious cuisine!

    Best regards,

    1. In addition, there is also the Slovenian farmhouse kitchen, Alex. This is certainly heartier than what is served in the restaurants mentioned here. However, quite varied regional dishes are now on the table. The Cevapcici and Raznici from earlier I have not discovered on the menu on our trip.

      Best regards,

  5. Hello you Two, oh, I'm getting hungry right away, even though there are a lot of dishes that are not going to work for me anymore. I should ever go to Slovenia again. Greetings from Salzburg, Claudia

    1. Hello Claudia,

      yes, Slovenia is a country where the farm kitchen is quite hearty. But with a little search you should also find "smooth delicacies". Kind regards, Monika and Petar

  6. I like it very much if you are personally and individually treated in restaurants. Also enough space to the next table and thus a sufficient privacy I find pleasant. In this respect, especially the castle Zemono sounds tempting.

    1. The restaurant in Zemono Castle is really something special. There are rarely any restaurants where I feel as comfortable as there. And the food first ... that was properly celebrated.

  7. Dear Monika, dear Petar,

    that sounds all very wonderful, it would not be so miles away from my budget ... That's only with 15 Euro a day TOTAL and I assume that I do not get in more than one appetizer in any of the restaurants mentioned;) Too bad! I would like to have something really fancy ...

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Barbara,

      we can not afford that every day either. But it does not have to be. Therefore, we appreciate such delicacies in between all the more.

      Best regards,

    1. Yes, especially the wines from the Vipava Valley were great. We enjoyed them in the Gostilna Pri Lojzetu in Zemono. They serve almost exclusively wines from the local region, and they are great!

  8. We would also like to start the week. We want to try an Ayuverde meal for a long time. Sounds like that is largely milk-free ?! What does "driving around the country" mean in terms of time?

    1. I'm not so good with ayurvedic recipes, but what we ate was lactose free. Instead of cow's milk, soymilk or coconut milk is used, if I remember correctly. And how much time you spend on it, of course, depends on which route you choose. But if you drive from Lasko to Zemono and on to Bled, that costs about 3 car hours. By the way, Ljubljana is perfect as a central location for all three enjoyment tips, because no matter which side you come from, you always have to pass Ljubljana.

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